Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend in Review

So I had a HUGE 40k weekend.  It started with the 40k Escalation League in Lodi California run by the Central Valley Commanders at The Launchpad.  I was pitted against my long term buddy Ray Barrera.  He happens to be my partner in the Twin-Linked tournament tha happened on Sunday.

My previous post showed the list I ran at the tournament so I'll save the time from posting it back up.  I would also give a Bat rep on the fight, but it wasn't much of one.  It did last all 5 turns, but Ray just couldnt handle the shots I was putting out nor the number of troops I had for his objectives.  Also, the Nightspinner was golden, love that thing!  I ended up taking the game and the tournament. 

Because there is a couple makeup games that could influence placing, I will have to grab my prize for the tournament next week after all of the games have been played.  I will probably get around $70 so that will be a Helldrake or Forgefiend to add to my collection of CSM.  But, if it turns out to be cash, I might want to spend that money on a Forgeworld order.  I am really likeing the Warp Hunter that Eldar has put out, but I am waitign on my brother to get the two Forgeworld books he ordered so I can get the stats and low down on all of the new stuff! 

On Sunday, the conclusion of the Doubles Tournament at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA.  Mr. Omegprime himself ran it.  Me and my buddy Ray or the Blumpkings as we're called came in down 1 point for the season.  To determine the winner, you take the top 3 scores of the season.  We needed to score a 137 to overtake one of the scores of the leader.

We opened up the first game against a couple, who played Nids and Grey Knights.  Their list included Coteaz,a Vindicaire, a Landraider, and a couple Strike Squads.  Te Nids ran a Flyrant, a Tervigon, 1 large stabbygaunt squads, a large Devilgaunt in a pod squad, and a Carnifex in a pod.

This team was doomed at deployment.  They deployed poorly and could have easily refused flanked us.  Instead they deployed and matched us and had a balanced deployment.  They were tabled turn 4.  High points included the Warp Spiders DSing and killing the Vindicaire, doubling out Coteaz, having the Exarch kill the Tervigon in CC, and overwatching and kill 6 Stabbys before they failed a charge!  We got a perfect, 20-5 victory.

Second game pitted us against Grey Knights and Space Wolves.  The Grey Knight player had Coteaz, 9 purifiers, a landraider, a rhino with 10 man Strikesquad, and an Acolyte squad with a Psyback.  The Puppy player had a Rune Priest with 30 grey Hunters, a Long Fang Pack with 4 lascannons, and a Defense Line.

Two good players and very smart.  The grey Knigt player wanted to sweep us up on side while the Wolves would hold off the Wraithguard and the shooting put down by my DE.  Poor shooting on my part and the most unlikely of circumstances lead to our defeat. 

It was the last round, and we held a 2 pt objective and had a denial unit on top of a 3 point objective.  We blow a Puppy squad off an objective and they fall back 9''.  They auto re-group (ATSKNF FTW!!!!!) 3'', then move through cover 6'' and run 5'' to be within 3'' of the objective we were denying with the Warp Spiders.  The Warp Spiders took 1 casualty from a couple stray Bolter shots and fled, giving the Puppies the objective.  We pull a 17-6 loss on the game.

Round 3 pitted us against a Chaos and another grey Knight player.  The Grey Knight player again had Coteaz, a Storm Raven, 5 man Strike Squad, a psyker battle squad with a Monkey, 5 man Termie unit and a tooled out Dreadknight.  The Chaos player had a beefed up Prince, 10 marines in a Rhino, 5 Termies in a Landraider.

Our opponents were awesome.  Had a great time playing them.  They didn't stand a chance however.  Left and right we were blowing things up.  We stunned their Stormraven from Intercept and it failed its Fortitude roll which caused it to Crash and Burn.  It went downhill from there.  the highlght of the game was, to table them I charged 3 Trueborn in on the last 2 Termies.  Caused 2 wounds and he rolled Snake Eyes.  he laughed about it and was very good hearted about it all and even encouraged it!  Awesome game and had tons of fun!  We won 20-5.

Overall we finished 6th  out of 18 teams.  Unfortunately we did not win the tournament for the season but took home 2nd place.  We got a $45 giftcard for our effort!   Next year will be the year of the Blumpkings!

Next up is painting for BAO.  Need to assemble some Warriors and my Night Spinner and then begi nthe arduous process known as painting!


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