Friday, March 22, 2013

List Review Friday #4

So to get things back on track, I wanted to do another List Review Friday!  Below will be a list i am going to try out for the BugeaterGT coming on May 31st.  I will be going with two fellow Punishers and takign the 22 hour drive with them to Omaha.  I am super excited and awaiting the final mission packet to come out so I can begin playtesting the missions.

Here is the list:

The Baron- 105

x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100

x5 Beast Masters, x1 Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield Missiles, Flickerfield- 185
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield Missiles, Flickerfield- 185

Farseer, Bikes, Runes, Doom- 125
x10 Guardians, x2 Fusion Guns, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Cannon- 217
x10 Guardians, x2 Fusion Guns, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Cannon- 217
Night Spinner- 115

Total 1850

Things I like:

1. 50 Scoring bodies!  Allows me to take multiple objectives.  Also, they will be doing Table Quarters at their event, so I can take Quarters easily as well.

2.  I have all the bases covered.  I have Anti-flier in the Voidravens and the Serpents.  I have AI with Venoms, Warriors, Spinner, Voidravens.  I have AT with the Voidraven, Guardians, Serpents.  CC is covered with the Beasts. 

3.  Balance!  This kind of goes hand in hand with #2, but this list is nciely balanced.  It doesn't have any inherent weaknesses I believe nor does it have a very hard counter.  I have an answer for any list i will see in some way.  (I imagine a lot of triple Helldrake and Necron airforce lists to be here)

4.  Target priority difficulites for my opponent.  I dont think there is a clear first thign to shoot at from my opponent.  Take down the Beasts?  Tough job to do.  Blow the Serpents?  Beasts and supporting fire will shoot you down.  Take care of the foot Warriors for First Blood?  Fine, my Beasts and Serpents move up unscathed.  I think target priority is difficult and I present you with multiple, viable threats, all of which can hurt you in multiple ways.

Things I dont like:

1.  No Ravager.  I love that thing, it is so good for its points.  I decided to drop it in favor of the Serpents.  It adds a ton of versatility and enables me to get First Blood very regularly.  This is by far the thign I liek least about the list, but I will see how it works.

2.  The list is fragile.  I know Eldar and DE aren't known for their durability, but when someone makes it rain on the list, it will pour.  If the Serpents blow, the Guardians die.  I have foot Warriors who need cover.  i am unsure on tables and their length of terrain so it is a big gamble.

3.  Extreme list difficulties.  Triple Helldrakes I think will be very difficult.  I have foot squads that will burn easily.  My Beasts just die to those things.  My AA is Str 6 from the Serpents so it is difficult apart from the Bombers to reliably kill them.  New Tau sound very promising and could pose some problems.

Overall I think it is a solid list.  There are things I like, and things that make my stomach upset.  I definately need to playtest it out and see how it functions.  No doubt there will be changes and such to the list in the coming weeks.

Let me know what you gusy think and ways to improve the list!  Thanks!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

BAO Games 5-7

Sorry for the long delay.  I have found out that my wife is 9 weeks preganant and we will be expecting another baby, so that took precedence over writing on the games I played tat he BAO.

I will recap the last 3 games of the tournament.

Game 5 vs Andrew Davis' Daemons

His list:
Herald of Nurgle
x9 Flamer
x7 Flamers
x6 Flamers
x9 Screamers
x9 Screamers
x3 Lascannon Sabre Platforms
Automated Hvy Bolters (Cannot remember the names)

Andrew had a very nicely painted Daemon army with a very nicely converted Vendetta he used.  Our mission was Kill Points with the Scouring.  The key to victory was avoiding his 3 Sabre Platforms he put in a corner.  I made his Daemons come to me and I shot them off the board and my Beasts absorbed tremendous firepower.  They actually triple-assaulted a unit of Screamers and two small Flamer squads.  They massacred them and that is what sealed the game for me pretty much.  I think I ended up winning by 4 KPs and had the Scouring.  I got a 9-1 victory.

He was a great opponent  and from the rival Wolf Brothers group in Reno/Sparks.  It is always nice to beat one of those guys!

Game 6 vs Lyzz Fosters' Daemons

So both 5-0 and I play a really good friend of mine, Lyzz Foster.  Reece comes by and tells us that whoever wins this game is playing for it all.... Oh thanks Reece appreciate the pressure!  he said two Zero Comp guys are doign the same, so no matter what, it will be a Punisher vs Zero Comp finale! 

Lyzz's List

Herald of Tz
Herald of Tz
x9 Horrors
x7 Horrors
x7 Horrors
x7 Horrors

I am glad one of us can make it to the final and am glad to be playing a very good friend.  We had played 3-4 practice games against each other and met at the Golden Throne GT last August as well as the CoC twice here in Sacramento.  She has never beaten me, nor came close in any of the games.  I felt confident, but I knew it would be tough.

We played Big Gunz and Relic mission.  She had no Heavies so I felt like I had the advantage with being able to score objectives.  I stupidly place my objectives on the ground, insead of on the hills deep in her deployment zone.  If I had done that, my Voidravens would have been able to capture.  Strike One.

Strike two is my Beasts kept getting stuck in combat and not killing Horrors or Screamers in one fell swoop.  They stayed locked in during her shooting and Assault phases makign my army take the brunt of hers.  Not a good move and one that would cost me.  The Beasts would kill things, but not fast enough.

Strike three would be turn 5.  Her Bloodthirster is in a corner, flying.  My Nightspinner is on one objective and my ravager on another.  Her Screamers are lying and waiting for one of those two to die so they can assault the other one.  My Beasts have the Thirster cornered and surrounded.  They are ready to pounce and eat up some Daemon goodness.  I shoot with everything I got at the Thirster.  My Ravager, beasts, Warriors, and Night Spinner all cause 4 different Grounding checks.  All are saved as well as the wounds i cause.  F***!!!  She proceeds to vector Strike my Spinner... BOOM!  The Screamers munch my Ravager.... BOOM!  Game, set, match... Lyzz wins and my chance at a GT final is gone.

Sad game, but very good.  It was very fun and laid back.  I was mad at myself for the game because I had several chances to do different things.  I honestly think I played too loose, but again, Lyzz played great and am glad that if I lose it is to someone in my own club!

Game 7 vs Douglas Johnson's IG/SW army

Doug is a member of Team Zero Comp and is currently rnked #1 on HQ Rankings.  I know he travels nationwide to events like Adepticon, NOVA, and he is on the ETC team.  I knew I would be in for a game. 

His List
Lord Commissar
Platoon with various weapons
x5 Lascannon Sabre Platforms
x2 Medusa Artillery Batteries (Forgeworld)
x2 Basilisk Artillery Batteries (Forgeworld)
        - Each had like 20 Crewmen
Vulture (Forgeworld)
RunePriest w/ Combi Melta
x9 Grey Hunters, melta, Pod
Defenseline w/ Comms Relay

A very Forgeworld heavy list with a lot of little guys.  His list relies heavily on those batteries to do damage.  To be honest, this game was over before it started.  i knew I could beat this list.  Once my Beasts make it into combat with the little guys, his guns are toast.

I had first turn and ran my Beasts right at him.  They are in a Ruin and receiving a nice 3+ cover save.  My Venoms and Raider knock off 4 Sabre Platforms for First Blood.  He realizes he cant do much now.  His batteries shoot, but scatter or I make my saves.  He kills minimal from my Beasts.  His Pod comes down in my backfield, and slags my Night Spinner.  Next turn will hurt for him ad his Wolves.

As the Venoms dont need to worry about his Sabres much, 2 of them come back to help with the Wolves.  No Voidravens come in.  The Guardians and venoms kill the wolves.  Beasts run up and assault the Basilisk Squad.  This is where the frustrating part began.  he didnt have his squads clearly marked, and spent abotu 15 mins discerning who from what squad.  I finally told him to take the closest 20 guys and to get moving.  To me, he was stalling, and I was not happy.  I dont slow play or stall and I hate people that do.  It was an obvious tactic and one I do not appreciate.  It was a sad attempt and one that made him look very bad.  Long story short, the Beasts munch through that squad and the Lord Commissar.  His Vulture comes on and targets a Raider! Umm... ok...  dont shoot my Beasts.  My Voidravens come on and kill the vulture and the infatry squad he had on his home base objective.  By Turn 4 (yes thats all we got through, and yes he did not move all game, so it was a sad endeavor) Doug had his CCS, and a squad of 7 Guardsmen on his homebase objective.  I had everything minus my Nightspinner, my entire Raider Squad, and some beasts.  Total domination. 

I knew I had to bring my A game to the match up because of the player I was playing.  What soured the water was him sitting there saying that my army was cheesy because of the Beasts and that its gimmick.  I dont like taking that shit from players, especially ones that cant lose graciously.  "My army is cheesy?  You had 2 giant Artillery squads from Forgeworld, 5 Sabre Platforms, and a Vulture.  Your army is plump full of it.  Be mad you lost, thats cool.  But dont call my army cheesy."  Thats what I said to him.  Dont discount my win because you think my army is cheesy (which I happen to think it isnt) and then pull some attitude shit with me. 

****This is taken out of context.  I had this feeling because I did not know Doug or how he actually plays people or talks with them.  I would like to say that I took the game too seriously to assume that he was being negative and slighting me.  After talkign with Doug online and seeing how he is with others, I took what he said the wrong way.****

I finish the BAO at 6-1.  I got 4th place out of 144!  I won best Dark Eldar General!  Lyzz won 1st!

It was an awesome tournament and I had a blast.  Winning was definately fun as well.  It was great to game with my huge gaming group and meet new people along the way.  Total fun and a great thanks out to Reece and Frankie for putting it on.  I will gladly be back next year!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

BAO Game #4 vs Tyranids

So here I am having only played 1 real game and having the other 2 just instantly go my way.  I am hoping that it hasn't been a fluke and I am meant to be 3-0.  My fourth and final game of Day 1 is against Levi Joos.  He is a member of Team Zero Comp and has brought his Nids.

If I could choose to play 1 army in all of 40k it would be Nids.  I have Runes for Psychic Defense which Nids rely on.  I have posion so I could care less about T6 or T9 MCs.  I have enough AI to utterly destroy little Gaunts.  I have Fliers for their Flying MCs.  I also have a great CC unit to combat anythign they have.

But Levi must be 3-0 to have gotten where is and must be very good with Nids.  I know that if I start the game over confident, I will lose because of my mistakes.  I knew I must stay focused and not let my happiness of playing Nids allow me to play poorly.

His list was:

Hive Tyrant, Wings, x2 Devourers, Hive Commander, some psychic powers
Hive Tyrant, Wings, x2 Devourers, some psychic powers
x3 Hive Guard
x3 Hive Guard
Doom, Pod
x10 Gaunts
x10 Gaunts
Tervigon, Catalyst, Claws
Tervigon, Catalyst, Claws
x15-20 Gargoyles, Poison
x3 Biovores

So looking at his list i see that I need to take down those Hive Guard.  Str 8 that ignores my Jink can be devastating to my Venoms and vehicles.  They need to die first, and fast.  The Biovores can potentially be devastating as well if my troops get shot out of their vehicle.

Mission: Crusade (Primary- 4pts)
              Emperor's Will (Secondary- 3pts)
              First Blood, Line Breaker, Warlord (Tertiary- 1pt each)

Deployment: Dawn of War

Nightfighting: No

Warlord Traits:  Yeeman: Useless/ Levi: Legendary Fighter

First Turn: Yeeman

I set up in my usual formation with Beasts leading and vehicles spread out.  Guardians hide out in a Ruin in the corner.  I deploy mainly in my corner as the objectives are all on my side so i plan to play defensively and let him come to me while I gun him down.  Levi deploys by putting Biovores in opposite corner, Gargoyles screen his Tervigons, Hive Guard behind some hills to grant a 4+, and the Flyrants in the corner to stop me from shooting them down first turn.  Both Gaunt squads are in Reserve along with the Doom.

Seize:  Nope.

Top of First Turn:  I move the Beasts into Area Terrain incase the Biovores want to strike.  I shuffle around and to take aim at the Hive Guard.  I move closer to the corner and short board edge because I measure and he will only be able to shoot with 1 Flyrant and his Biovores will only be able to shoot the Beasts.
Shooting sees me kill 2 of his 3 Hive Guard and wounding the last one.  His 4+ were hot and my Venoms were not.  They are out of synapse, but hold.  Nightspinner kills a couple Gargoyles.  Thats it for me. 

So I would have appreciated killing the Hive Guard for First Blood and reducing what he can do next turn.  That did not happen.  We will see how it goes.

Bottom of First Turn:  He attempts to cast Catalyst with with tervigons but Perils with each.  He mvoes the Gargoyles up.  Flyrants come forward but he realizes my movement and can only shoot 1 at a Venom.  everythign else moves forward.  Tervigons each spawn more than 10 Gaunts and dont burn out.
Shooting.  Biovores scatter off the Beasts.  Lone Hive Guard misses.  Other Hive Guard are out of range.  Flyrant shoots and vlows a Venom for FIRST BLOOD.  Squad with Shredder is Pinned.  Gargoyles attempt assault on the Beasts but with Overwatch, they fall short.

So no real damage to me this turn and i am rather happy about that.  i do not like that he has first Blood though.

Top of Second:  Doom a Tervigon.  Both Voidravens come in.  Beasts ready to assault the Gargoyles.  Shuffle the Vehicles around to both down the Flyrants and kill the lone Hive Guard.
Shooting.  Pinned squad shoots at Warlord Flyrant and Grounds him and he gets Wounded on the Test and from the shooting!  My raider Rapid Fires inside and kills the Tyrant for WARLORD.  Dessie shoots at lone Hive Guard and kills him after having to Wound on 5's.  Combined Venom fire downs the Doomed Tervigon and kills all the Gaunts spawned in the blast.  Night Spinner kills one Hive Guard of the other squad.  Guardians down the other Flyrant with the Scatter laser.  Voidravens blow some Gaunts up.
Assaults, Beasts go into the gargoyles.  They kill so many at Int 6 that my Int 5 guys cant consolidate in, but his Gargs get in and do a couple wounds on a Flock.  They stay locked.

Very nice turn for me.  1 Flyrant and Tervigon down.  Lone Hive Guard dead.  Other Hive Guard down to 2.  Second Flyrant has a wound on him.Gargoyles will be dead next turn.  I am worried about the Doom though.

Bottom of Turn 2:  Reserves and NOTHING comes in.  he attempts Catalyst again and Perils... again.  Flyrant Vector Strikes and fails to damage the Raider.  Hive Guard shuffle forward to pick a target.  Tervigon spawn 13 and burns out.  Tervigon moves to assault Beasts.
Shooting.  Flyrant targets the Raider and Wrecks it.  they pass Pinning.  Hive Guard aim at a Venom but poor rolls combines with Invulns stop it from blowing the Venom up and cause 1 Glance.  Biovores target and kill the Shredder squad.
Assaults see the Beasts decimate the Gargoyles.  Tervigon challenegs and I accept with a Beast Master.  Tervigon eats Beast Master.  I Hit and Run away towards Biovores.

So I am thinkign the game is over next turn.  Flyrant will die.  Tervigon will die.  Gaunts will be multicharged by Beasts.  Hive Guard will hopefully die as well.

Top of Turn 3:  Doom the Tervigon.  Beasts move towards Gaunts to multicharge.  Voidravens fly off in anticpation of the Gaunts and Doom coming in next turn and they done have any real good targets.  Raider squad moves to shoot down Flyrant.  Venom and Squads move to maximize damage.
Shooting.  Raider downs Flyrant and cause 2 more wounds from poison.  Guardians finish off Flyrant.  Wych Venom and Wych Pistols take down the Tervigon (only 4 Wounds remaining and was Doomed). Explosion kill the about 8 gaunts.  they fail LD and run off the board. other Venom targets the Hive guard and takes another one down and leaves 1 with 1 Wound..  Spinner tries to finish it off but fails. 
Assaults see the Beasts multicharge the 2 Turn 1 gaunt spawns.  One squad dies, the other fails LD but is not swept and runs to the board edge but not off.

So Levi currently has 1 Wound on 1 Hive Guard.  All 3 Biovores.  4 Gaunts left on the board edge.  I have this game no matter, but I know Levi wants to keep fighting.  He can try for Line Breaker and Warlord but will not capture any objectives.

Bottom of Turn 3: Reserves and both Gautns and Doom come in.  Doom DS between the Guardians and the Raider squad.  Gaunts move off edge to shoot at a Venom on an objective.  Falling back Gaunt squad rallies.
Shooting.  Hive Guard misses a Venom.  Both Gaunts shoot at Venom but they cause only 1 Glance combined.  Doom unleashes hell and kills 3 Guardians and 5 Warriors!  Both pass LD. 
Assaults.  levi attempts to assault with new Gaunts but I hav to explain that they cannot because of Reserve rules.  He is bummed.

So nothing really to note here.  Nothign happened to me other than some regular troops dying.

At this time Reece comes by and says dice down but we can finish the game if we want but if 1 person wants to quit the game ends.  I tell levi that if we play it out I will table him.  if we quit, he will actually receive more points.  it is 1030pm at this time and Levi decides he wants to keep playing but I pull the "I'm done" card and decide to end it.  He is bummed and tries to urge me to continue but I tell him it is already late and the outcome is decided.  I also remind him I am doign him a favor by allowing the Doom to live and get Line Breaker where if another turn happened, he would be dead along with the pod, the Biovores, and the Gaunts.  He is still bummed and shrugs hs shoulders in a whatever motion.

I can see where he would want to keep playing, but am I in the wrong here?  I am helping him by giving him a point he would not normally have.  Because BAO started late, we finished late.  He would be tabled next turn and there is nothing he could do about it.  The Doom would be doubled out from the Ravager, 2 Voidravens, or lose his 10 wounds from everythign else.

Please let me know if I am in the wrong for choosing to end it.  i really try not to table anyone unless they want it, but really?

So i win 9-2  Yeeman= (Primary, Secondary, Warlord, LineBreaker= 9)  Levi (First Blood, Line  Breaker= 2)

So I am 4-0 enterign the 2nd day and still available to play in the Championship.  I feel great and ready for a night out and ready to relax after a long day of Wargaming.

Out of 40 total Battle Points I have 36/40 after the first day.  Not too shabby if I may say so myself!

Friday, March 8, 2013

BAO Game #3 vs Eldar

So I am sitting pretty right now at 2-0 and defeated two very good opponents.  My next opponent is a quarky looking guy named Mike Entropo.  My buddy Ray tells me that he won best Eldar player the year before.  I am thinking I will be in for a good game against another tough opponent.

His List:


x9 Fire Dragons,Exarch, Flamer Serpent, TL-Cannon
x10 Fire Dragons, Serpent, Exarch, Pike TL-Cannon
x10 Fire Dragons, Serpent, Exarch, Pike TL-Cannon

x6 Dire Avengers, Serpent, TL-Cannon
x6 Dire Avengers, Serpent, TL-Cannon
x6 Dire Avengers, Serpent, TL-Cannon
x6 Dire Avengers
x6 Dire Avengers
x6 Dire Avengers

So a very unconventional list, but one that scares me.  Fire Dragons get saves against my Venoms and can absolitely dominate my Beast pack with the flamers and meltas.  Plus knowing he won best Eldar Player the year before makes me think he is a very good player.

Mission: Relic (Primary- 4pts)
              Big Gunz (Secondary- 3pts)
              Warlord, Line Breaker, First Blood (Tertiary- 1pt each)

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Nightfighting: Off

Warlord Traits:  Won't matter

First Turn: Yeeman

So I deploy with my typical set up with the Beasts in the front and the vehicles behind, all spread out. 

Mike deploys 3 Serpents touching eachother (2 Dragons, 1 Avenger), and 3 Serpents trying to all receive cover from behind a tall LOS blocking pole.  He deploys Eldrad and the Avatar in the middle of the board... in the open... ready to be shot.

Seize: Unsuccessful

So I shuffle everythign around and advance my Beasts into the center area terrain piece. 

Shooting occurs.  I shoot the Spinner at the grouped up Serpents.  I do not hurt to of them but on the 3rd one I rend and explode it killing 4 Dragons and Pinning them.  My Ravager takes ain and blows another Serpent out of the sky.  My 3 Venoms and Raider then take aim at the Avatar and Eldrad.  They go bye bye very easily with no Fortune up whatsoever.  Turn ends.

I have no idea what my opponent was thinking deploying like he did but he felt the force of my army turn 1.  I have Warlord, First Blood and have wrecked two Serpents.  I am feelign very confident.

His turn sees him move the Dragon Serpent behind the LOS pole forward and unload the Dragons in front of my Beasts.  The other Serpent that is alive by the pole moves forward as well but doesnt unload.  The Spinnered Serpent each attempt to move.  The Dire Avenger one is ok.  The Fire Dragon one immobilizes itself (thank you Night Spinner!). 
Shooting for Mike sees the Dragon unload into my Beasts, as well as the two nearby Serpents.  When the dust settles, I have lost 3 Beast Masters, 2 Flock, and 2 Khymera.  LD is passed.

Still feeling very good about the game.  he needed to cripple the Beasts this turn but now I will get a nice multicharge off and hopefully destroy him completely.

Reserves are rolled and 1 Voidraven comes in.  I Doom the Dragons that were Pinned last turn so my Venoms can eat them up.  My Voidraven comes on and has a nice place to shoot at with the Serpent, Dragons and Dragon Serpent all group up and asking for some missiles to be shot their way.  Everythign else shuffles around.
Shooting.  The Voidraven aims at the Dragons with two Missiles that catch both serpents and all 10 Dragons and the Void Lances.  The missiles blow the Dire Avenger Serpent and the combined shooting kills 8 Dragons.  My Raider gunboat squad kills off the Avengers inside.  The Dessie on the Raider kills the last 2 Dragons.  My Venoms kill the previously Pinned Dragons.  Night Spinner shoots and causes an Avenger squad to fail LD and fall off the board.  Beasts Multicharge and destory both the empty Dragon Serpent and the other Avenger-full Serpent nearby.  Turn Ends.

So my opponent has 9 Dragons in an immobilized Serpent, and 3 squads of 6 Avengers left on the board.

He looks at the board and begins laughing.  He tells me he has never been so utterly decimated in his life.  He then says that he sees how the game will end and he gives up.  Victory Yeeman, 10-0.

So after thoughts of the game are simple.  He lost this game in deployment.  Putting his Avatar and Eldrad in the open was ludicrous and just plain stupid.  I got lucky on the Nightspinner blowing up a Serpent and Immpbolizign another, but still.... Dont put 3 Serpent together touching front ends like that, again just stupid.  He was nice opponent and a good guy. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

BAO games #2 vs Space Wolves

I thought about writing up long winded battle reports for all of my games, but realizing I dont have pictures and how much tiem it will take to get everythign right, I will summarize and get in the key points of each one.

Game #2 vs Space Wolves

Matt Bess was my #2 opponent and a very good friend of mine.  He is also a fellow Sac City Punisher and rode up with me for the tournament.  This was his first big GT level event, but Matt is no slouch at 40k and is very skilled.  I actually have never beaten him in a tournament setting.... yet!

Matt's list was as followed:

Rune Priest, Combi- Melta, Termie Armor, Chooser, Jaws, Living Lightning
Wolf Lord, Talisman, TH/SS, Termie armor, EW thing, just a a bad ass

x10 Grey Hunters, x2 Plasma, Banner, Pod
x10 Grey Hunters, x2 Plasma, Banner, Pod
x10 Grey Hunters, x2 Plasma, Banner, Pod
x6 Grey Hunters, Melta, Banner, Pod

Dread, Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Pod
Dread, Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Pod
Dread, Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Pod

Mission: Scouring- Primary
              Purge the Alien- Secondary
              All 3 Bonus- Tertiary

So a very good SW Drop Pod list.  The game was frickin bloody.  Highlights included his Wolf Lord and Grey Hunters destroying my Beasts in CC (Wolf Lord doubled out the Baron and a Flock) and I fled for the rest of the game until I went off the board.  One of his Dreads moved up next to my Guardians but could not flame as he could not see any of them, and couldnt charge as well.  He would however the following turn, and make it with a 9'' charge!  What actually won me the game was his 3rd Pod going in Difficult terrain and Wrecking itself and giving me First Blood and a Kill Point.  By the end of the game, I had ONE Warrior on a Scouring objective and my Night Spinner alive, 2 Guardians who rallied from CC and a Venom... Thats it!  He a had 3 Pods and a Dread alive.... THATS IT!  We tied on Killpoints 12-12.  I had Scouring, Warlord, Line Breaker, and First Blood.  This gave me a 7-2 Victory.  Without the tournament FAQ ruling that Pods Wreck if they fail their Difficult Terrain test, I would have lost.  Very close game against a very good friend and comeptitor. 

Dont feel too bad for him though!  He finished 8th overall and took home best Space Wolf Player!  Congrats man!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Game #1 BAO Dark Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

So I will put up one or two battle reports a day from the Bay Area Open.  I will list out their army and a turn by turn analysis.  I will try and incorporate any pictures I have into the Bat Rep.

The first day started off slow as registration brought us to 90 mins over the start time.  Frontline Gaming was understaffed for the event and just couldn ot handle the influz of people.  If they could have had 4 stations to register I think it would have been fine.  Also, the Fairgrounds it was held at decided to close the front gates so no one knew where to go.  Logistics were bad, but we got through it and Reece even gave us a beer to make up for it!  This is the last year at this location for the Bay Area Open, so I look forward to next year and where it will be.

First up was Mike Bass.  Mike is from a rival gaming group called the Wolf Brothers who play in Sparks, Nevada.  the Punishers and Wolf Brothers have a nice rivalry going between each other at the moment, so a victory either way would mean bragging rights.

Just as a refresher, here is my list i brought to the BAO:

The Baron- 105

x5 Wyches, Haywires, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Shredder, Venom- 115
x5 Warriors, Blaster,  Venom- 125
x10 Warriors, Cannon, Raider, Racks, Dessie- 170

x5 beast masters, x1 Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Ravager, Nightshields- 115
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfields, Flicker- 185
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfields, Flicker- 185

Farseer, Bike, Rune, Stones, Doom, Eldritch Storm- 165
x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser- 95
Nightspinner- 115

A picture of my army below:

Mike's Chaos Space Marine List


x5 Terminators, MoN

x10 Zombies
x11 Zombies
x7 Plague Marines, Melta, Flamer, Rhino
x7 Plague Marines, Melta, Flamer, Rhino

Helldrake, Flamer
Helldrake, Flamer

x3 Oblits, MoN
x5 Havocs, Votlw, x4 Autocannons
x5 Havocs, Votlw, x4 Autocannons

I am trying to find a picture still of his painted army.

Mission:  Emperor's Will (Primary- 4points)
              Crusade (Secondary- 3 points)
              First Blood, Warlord, Line Breaker (Tertiary- 1 pt each)

Deployment:  Dawn of War

Warlord Traits:  Nothing of importance

First Turn:  Yeeman

Mr. Bass puts his Emperor's Will objective in a corner under a ruin.  I place my objective in the same side of the table just in my deployment zone.  So 36'' separates the primary obejective.  The Crusade objectives were placed all in a line outside of our deployment zones, 12'' apart (this was part of the mission rules).

Preliminary Thoughts:  It is HUGE I got first turn as his Havocs and Oblits could utterly destroy my entire army first turn if need be.  I need to cripple him badly before the Helldrakes come in and roast my army.

Deployment:  I deploy my Guardians in a ruin with my EW objective.  Line my Beasts up on my deployment edge and ready to pounce on his EW objective.  Venoms, Raider, and Ravager spread out behind in case of being seized.  Nightfghting is a go!  he deploys his Zombies in the ruin on his EW objective protected by the Plague Marines in their Rhinos.  One Havoc squad on top of the ruin with the EW objective.  His other Havoc squad and oblits sit in a crater ready to shoot the shit otu of me.  Typhus and Termies are in Reserve.

He rolls to Seize..... Fails!  *sigh*

Top of First:  I run my Beasts straight ahead to launch an assault next turn on his Zombies.  Vehicles shuffle to get LoS on things. 
Shooting leads to one Havoc squad being destroyed totally.  The other Havoc squad ,llosing all 4 Autocannons (couldnt see his sergeant) and him losing 2 of his 3 Oblits and them failing Morale, but staying on the board.  Nightspinner blows a Rhino.

So a pretty damn good turn.  Mike's saves were very bad.  I rolled average, his saves just were not there.

Bottom of First:  He rallies his Oblit.  Moves his Rhino up and moves the busted Plague Marine Squad forward to try and block the Zombies.  He doesnt get far enough.  Shooting sees 1 Beastmaster go down.  His Oblit Snap Shots (from rallying) at my  Raider and strips two Hullpoints off from the Ass Can.

So I have lost nothing thus far, and the hurt is about to occur for Mr. Bass.  Voidravens can possibly come in and this game will basically be over after this turn provided I do what i need to do.

Top of Two:  1 Voidraven comes in.  It Zooms straight ahead in preparation of dropping missiles.  I Doom the front Zombie unit.  Beasts move within 1'' of the Zombie in preparation of charging.  Vehicles shuffle.
Shooting sees the Oblit go down.  The Rhino blows from the Voidlances on the Voidraven and a couple Plagues and Zombies die from missiles.  Posion shoots at the Plague Marines and leaves about 3-4 left in 1 squad.
Assaults see the Beasts crash into both sets of Zombies.  I kill so many at Int. 6 I cannot consolidate in at Int. 5 to kill them all (which is what I wanted so I can avoid the helldrakes next turn).  He can push up his 3'' and swing but does nothing.

So Mike is down to 2 Zombies, 3-4 Plague Marines on the table.  The Helldrakes are coming in and so is Typhus.  I am worried he can roast my vehicles and Typhus can backfield disrupt as well.  We will see!

Bottom of Two:  1 Helldrake and Typhus comes in.  Typhus scatter into my Guardians and goes back into Reserve.  His Helldrake comes on and looks to take aim at my Raider and 2 of my Venoms.  (I grouped them up!) 
Shooting sees his Bale Flamer shoot all 3 of the vehicles.  He does absolutely zero to all 3 of them.  No Glances or Pens.
At this point, he decides to call the game.  He says his dice weren't there (They weren't at all!) and this way we can go around and see how our buddies are doing.  I dont think it would have matter playing it out so, I agree.

10-0 victory for Yeeman!

Aftergame Thoughts:  I know Mike is a good player so I figured it would be a tough game.  His dice screwed him over and getting a great first turn turned out to be the tipping point.  He had no shooting left to do anything with and it would be an uphill battle from there on out.  I think he probably should have placed Typhus and the termies to try and deter the Beasts or draw fire away from everythign else.  I wouldnt have shot at them as they are not a threat to me first turn.  I would have kept the same targets, bu screening the Zombies ith them would have left them intact and havign to get through some termies and Typhus would not be an easy task.

Again, great opponent and great guy.  Mike would gather his dice in the later games and finished 15th overall!  So that is great!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Back from the BAO

Just wanted to let everyone know, that I am back from the Bay Area Open.  It was a rough and long weekend, but very well worth it!

I finished 4th out of 144 players!  Very happy!  I took home best Dark Eldar Player for my endeavors.  I missed out on 3rd by 1 pt and to a friend Paul McKelvey.

I am happy to report though that the Sac City Punishers went to the Bay Area Open and whooped some ass!  Our very own Lizz Foster won the entire event!

I will be back tomorrow to write some battle reports and post the overall rankings of the players.