Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Updates on my Army

So here is some pictures of my painted minis.  None of them are based, but they are painted fully.  I might go back and highlight if I have time before Bugeater.

They aren't anything special, but I am happy to have painted minis!  Let me know what you guys think.

 photo 02b3a217-8b42-4ea1-ab50-e0fb000a7cb5_zps5b3bde5f.jpg

My paint scheme for my Warriors

 photo 3ce86202-654a-492d-955e-94f976e03677_zps50b7aaa6.jpg

Backside of the Warriors

 photo 3f601ed6-25b6-4131-868d-2182ac0b4e64_zps91597a45.jpg

A Khymera finished

 photo f71574df-52df-4675-857d-8db41e1fffe0_zpsd7df5e9c.jpg

My Clawed Fiend model

Monday, April 29, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So yesterday was the Twin-Linked Team Tournament in Sacramento, CA.  My original partner, Big Ray unfotunately could not make it down.  So last minute I picked up a fellow gamign group buddy of mine, Matt Bess aka Fat Ninja.

Our list were as followed:

x5 Warriors, Blaster Venom
x5 Warriors, Blaster Venom
x10 Warriors, Cannon
Beast Squad

Thunderwolf Lord
Rune Priest
Melta Grey Hunters, Pod
Melta Grey Hunters, Pod
Melta Grey Hunters, Pod

Aegis Defense Line

So we had pretty solid lists.

First game we played against Blood angels and Necrons.  We pulled 17/20 because the Necron Overlord (Their Warlord) did come in until Turn 4 and if we would have killed him, we would have been awarded the other 3 points.  My Beasts assaulted his 15 man Warrior Squad and both times they made the LD tests to not get swept!  They wanted to argue that the Warlord Overlord could Outflank out of Ongoing reserves (we blew up the Nightscythe they were embarked in).  I went to Outflank and showed them where it says they cannot do that!  They still wanted to argue you could.  I also had to explain how multi-chargin and staying in unit coherency worked and how you cant place models wherever you want but you need to move closest to closest while still remianing in coherency.

Second game was a doozy!  We played agains Imp. Guard and Kroot Heavy Tau.   It started off with a bang as we Jaws'd the Riptide, 4 Guardsmen, and the Lord Commissar (their Warlord) out of existence!  There was debate on whether the line of Jaws could over the base or through the model.  I dont understand the debate and they wanted to continue to argue.  I wouldn't budge as the argument makes no sense!  We pulled a perfect 20/20 and beat them 18-11 in modified Kill Points!

3rd game came down to the wire!  Our opponents playeed Pague Marines heavy Chaos (26 marines!) and a Helldrake with Podding Space Wolves.  We seized on them and bought the fight to them before they could bring the fight to us!  When the dust cleared, we each had 1 Table Quarter but we won because we had killed more points than they did at the end of the game!  Great game and a great final opponent.  We managed to get a perfect 20/20!

We ended the tournament with 140/150 possible points!  We got 38/45 on Sportsmanship because our first and second opponents tanked us for being right on rules arguments.  Our second opponents marked us down for slow play because we got through 3 full game turns only.  They spend 15 mins before eahc round discussing what they were going to do.  The Riptide Jaws argument took abotu 20 minutes!  Rediculous.  Some people can't lose gracefully I feel. 

But we won the tournament and nabbed a $70 giftcard to split.  Much thanks to Mark for running the Twin-Linked and thank you to our last opponents for a great last game!  Thanks to my partner Matt too for playing very well!

Friday, April 26, 2013

My List for the Bugeater GT

So I have been playing quite a few games and have fell upon a list that I enjoy playing and isn't anythign special to look at, but has some very nice working parts.  I still hae 1 month until the tournament and we make the trek out to Omaha, Nebraska.  I still have some painting to do, but I am confident that I can get it all done and looking nice.

Onto the list!

The Baron- 105

x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100

x5 Beastmaster, Clawed Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Ravager, Nightshields- 115
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield Missiles, Flickerfield- 185
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield Missiles, Flickerfield- 185

Farseer, Bike, Doom, Runes, Spear- 128

x5 Fire Dragons, Exarch, Crack Shot, Tank Hunters- 112

x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser- 95

Night Spinner- 115

Aegis Defense Line, Quad-Gun- 100

Some basics about the list:

The Baron and Farseer join the Beasts to run down midfield and cause havoc.  Many people I see are running Vect or Eldrad, but they slow the Beasts down.  I use the Jet Seer because he's cheap, can keep up with the Beasts and allows me to Doom units down the field which helps my Venoms, Warriors and Spinner.

The Venoms pew pew while skirting the edges.

The foot Warrior squads are actaully pretty nice.  I like them being 10 man strong because it adds bodies.  Also, it takes more casualties for a LD check.  They can GTG and have a nice save as well.  Their combine firepower makes up for the 3rd Venom I usually run.  Also, with the Bugeater using Table Quarters in every mission, they allow me to capture multiple quarters more easily.

Ravager and Voidraven pew pew tanks or whatever needs killing.  The Voidravens can cause a boat load of Wounds with their missiles and still do some damage to tanks with them.

Dragons fire the Quad-Gun.  Necron Airforce and Helldrakes will be very abundant.  Lookign at Adepticon, I can see many people bringing similar lists.  I feel I need 3 capable units to take down fliers.  The good thing too is, the Dragons work nicely as air defense (though short ranged!) if the Gun goes down.  They also can rip up some Wraiths if they get close, but I dont forsee that happening even if I run across 18 of them.

Guardians cower in cover or behind Defense Line.  They are a cheap troop and allow me to plink off the last Hull Points off of AV 11 or a flier.  Nothing special, but in a practice game, they did do 5 Wounds (had 22 Drones) to a Riptide and killed in CC.  I love these little guys!

The Nightspinner is one of my favorite thigns in the game.  Sniping characters, slowing units, just a straight boss.  Doom helps it immensly.  I love immobilizing vehicles with it.  Lots of people run Defense Lines with Blobs and Heavy Weapon Teams, and this thing just destroys them all.  And it almost never dies.

All in all I think I have a solid list.  It isn't pretty to look at, but it works.  I have no problem with people underestimating the list or my skills.

Now my painting list includes:

Finishing 10 Warriors' guns
Building and Painting 11 Warriors
All ofm y Vehicles Weapons
Basing my entire army
Display Board
Highlights, detailing my vehicles

Thats a tall order.  1 month to do it!  It will get done.  i won't be winning any paint prizes, but hopefully it won't keep me from winning!

Let me know what you guys think of the list and how you think it will perform!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

40k Draft Update!

So I had my meeting last night with the players that were interested in playing.  I have 8 players with a possible 2-3 more interested.  I will meet with them this week to gauge their level of interest.

Here is a list of players and their armies:

Devon Adams- Tyranids
Sirus Chappelle- Blood Angels
Lyzz Foster- Chaos Daemons
Asian Dan- Space Marines
Mark Broughton- Eldar
Ryan McCall- Necrons
Anthony Villa- Tau (New)
Jason Jiru- Space Marines
 (Me)- Dark Eldar

I normally wouldn't play, but I want to contribute my army, and be able to play if there is an odd number of people.  For example, if 7 people show up, I will play the odd man.  If all 8 show up, I will not play.  I guess you could call me the ringer.

I have 2 others itnerested in playing, one plays Orks and another plays Chaos Space Marines.  I like that we have a diverse group of armies and a wide array of player ablities.  I know several of the people playing do not get to play in tournaments because of family or work situations so it is a relief to them that they can play in a type of 40k League. 

I will post missions I plan on using for the event so they can be critiqued and remade.  I am hoping I can showcase my ability as an organizer and as a mission designer. 

I will keep giving updates as I know more.  Next Wednesday will be the Draft and I will let you know how my draft goes and what units get drafted first.  Also, what kind of combinations some players will be privvy to.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New FAQs Are Out!

Since everyone else is doing their FAQ reviews I figure I might as well do mine.  I will throw up each FAQ for the BRB and the Codicies with a very brief synopsis of each.

Codex FAQ Changes


1. Hearlds of Tzeentch and Slaanesh get some Transport options- Not a big deal

This is a good thing, I guess?

Chaos Space Marines:

1. Abaddon cannot be a Spawn or Daemon Prince via the Boon Table- Thats good for him

2. Spawn or Daemon Princes from the Boon table do not carry over other Boon effects

3. Scrolls of Magnus make you a lvl 1 Psyker- Yay!

4. Hellbrutes dont lose additional Hull Points while being Immobilized and rolling Fire Frenzy- Thats good.

Overall nothing too huge here. Some minor buffs.

Dark Angels:

1. Courage of the Lion Warlord Trait only pertains to Codex: Dark Angels

2. Both Stasis Anomaly and Vast Stasis Anomaly cannot reduce you to below 1 for the characteristics

3. Power Field Generators embarked in a transport only effect the unit embarked on the transport- Huge blow for Dark Angels. No more 4++ Land Raiders and tightly grouped vehicles running around. Good for GW!

4. Asmodai gets a Bolt Pistol

5. Deathwing and Command Squad Termies get Lightning Claws for free or TH/SS for 5pts a model- Cool beans

6. Ravenwing Command Squad can add 2 additional Blackknights for 40pts. Then some random wargear stuff as well- This is pretty damn good for DA. Before, they could only have 3 models in the Command Squad, now they can have 5 + whatever characters you have. This makes the Banner more protected and allows for more survivability. I like this change.

7. Deathwing Terminators DO count towards the limit of units that can be in Reserve- HUUUUUUUGE! No one Null deployments by DA players. You have to follow the rules like everyone else. I'm ify on this as I think it made them unique, but at the same time glad they have to put stuff on the board.

8. The Banner of Devastation ONLY effects Bolters, Combi-Bolters, Hurricane Bolters, and TL-Bolters on bikes.... THATS IT! - Glad they clarified this, now we can get back to reality.

I think DA's got weaker in many areas but the Ravenwing got stronger in the Command Squad area.

Dark Eldar:

1. When Bladevaning, allocate wounds from where the Reavers stop- This is how I have always played it, glad it is clarified.

2. Lelith's attacks only ignore Armor Saves in CC- Makes sense, now the nonsense of throwing Grenades can go away

No real changes, just some clarifications on some simple things.


1. You can Look Out Sir! and take Cover Saves against Mind War- Dumb ruling but whatever. No one will use that anyway.

Nothing of note here.

Grey Knights:

1. Grand Strategy only effects Infantry, Jump Infantry, Monsterous Creatures, and Walkers only- Cannot use on ICs, Henchmen, or Mordrak's Knights. Glad they clarified.

2. Multiple Aegis' and Reinforced Aegis' are not cumulative- Iwould hope not

3. Mordrak's ability does not confer to Stormravens

Nothing huge here really.

Imperial Guard:

1. Remove Scout from Valkeries and Vendettas

2. Camo Cloaks for vehicles add +1 to the vehicles Cover Save

3. Psyker Battle Squads are Mastery lvl 1.

4. 4+ Chenkov and Al'Raheem's abilities to see which goes first

Again, nothing huge here.


1. The Monolith can use its Dimensional Gate when is Deep Strikes

2. Obryon doesn't scatter if within 6'' of Zandrekh- I like this ruling. Glad they did this.

3. Imotekh can hit Zooming Fliers and Flying MCs with his Lightning attack- Oh great, Necrons get another boost. This is a great boost for Necrons. Not fair.

Some nice changes for Necrons. They got boosted... again.

Space Marines:

1. You can Intercept the Drop Pod and the contents with anything with Intercept- Nothing shocking here. I always play this like this.


1. Crisis Suits can take 3 of the same weapon- Big deal, but cool you can theme the suits out.


1. Deff Koptas center the hole over a unit it passes over when they drop their bomb.

2. Weirdboys can shoot anyone but FMCs or Zooming fliers with Frazzle or Zzap.

3. Zogwort can reroll his Frazzle or Zzap power but cannot re-roll again if his re-roll comes up as Frazzle or Zzap- Some benefit now, but he still isn't worth taking.

So this is everything. Some very good changes and boosts for some, while other got worse. DA is one of those that got worse. They aren't very good to begin with, so now they are worse off. Necrons got better, and they dont need to.

Overall, I think this was a good round of FAQs. We got some good answers. I like it overall.
Big Rule Book FAQs

1. Vehicles can get Invuln Saves- Obvious to me and glad they could clarify for dumb people who thought otherwise

2. Cannot modify any stats below 0. Int cannot be reduce below 1- Good for people when fighting Daemons as Fiends -5 to your Int and would make you unable to strike

3. Small and Large Blasts can allocate wounds to units outside of Line of Sight- HUGE change! Before you could only pile on wounds but could kill the units you could not see. Now you can.

4. Boring Blind rule... No one cares

5. Split Fire does not allow you to shoot a unit that you just blew up in a transport- Good, that's how it should be

6. Aerial Support- Does not let you take fliers out of Reserve and put them in play.. Duh!

7. Declare you are going to Hover before anythign else happens

8. The non-vehicle model in base with the Gun Emplacement counts as stationary- So people can stop arguing over Snap Shotting the Quad-Gun and no more Vehicles shooting the Quad Gun.

9. Allies of Convenience are considered enemy models but cannot be targetted with Blasts, Psychic Powers, shot at, or charged directly. However, you can have Blasts cover part of the unit. Allies of Convenience are "friendly" only when capturing or denying objectives or for Pile Ins- Ummm... Pretty huge change here. You can kill your own Allies because they are consider enemy units. I think this will effect AoC and it actually made them better I believe.

10. The Relic is dropped within 1'' of the holder if they die or begin to fallback. Still follow the same rules for vehicles.

11. Cannot move through your own models unless you are Jump Infantry or Jetbikes.

12. Removed from play= Casualty- So necrons can get back from things like Jaws.. Yay for Necrons

13. Instant Deathing Swarms with Blasts only remove 1 model and not two- I liek this change because I thought before it screwed over swarms and made them neigh unplayable.

14. If you're a Gunslinger you CANNOT fire two Witchfires- makes perfect sense

15. You can Turbo Boost or Flat Out if you DS in.

16. Things that Shake, Stun, Immobilize, or Destroy weapons on vehicles but do not roll on the Vehicle Damage Chart do not remove Hull Points- Good move here. Drop Pods do not lose Hull Points when Podding in. Matt your wish has come true and I owe you a win at the BAO.

17. You CANNOT Flat Out if the unit inside shot from the vehicle- There was ambiguity here, but glad they clarified.

18. Models can only repair Hull Points on fliers if they are embarked upon it

19. You CAN attack an enemy Chariot- Thank God! Chariot rules are so fricking confusing, glad they clarified SOMETHING!

20. If your a Heavy Vehicle and you DS, HEavy Vehicle takes precedense over DSing in.

21. No double dipping on Warlord Traits, only your actual Warlord gets to use his Warlord trait.

22. Attacks, wargear, and abilities that effect enemy units DO effect Allies of Convenience- They reference Imotekh, which is awesome!

23. Fortifications Emplaced Weapons fire at the closest target even if that means two targets will be shot at- So a Bastion can shoot at two different targets if one gun is closer to an enemy unit than another Gun on the Bastion itself.

24. if two events happen at the same time, you 4+ to see which takes precedence- HUUUUGE! Mind Shackle Scarabs and challenges now gets to be 4+ instead of "controlling player decides what occurs..." Instead of having a player decide, the dice gets to decide, I like this change.

25. Fortifications do not need to be killed for you to table your opponent- makes sense as Fortifications are Neutral units

Wow... Some big changes I feel for things. I will go into depth on the Codices here soon. I dont understand all of them, but I will do what I can.

Friday, April 19, 2013

List Review Friday #7

Getting my 40k Draft League started, I haven't had much time for playing or modeling or painting.  So for this week, I would like people to submit lists to me via email or in the comment section and I can then review and critque them as follows.

I need to try and get more followers on my blog, so I should probably post more on Dakka or Warseer and post of other type of articles besides List Reviews.  I am in the middle of getting soe software for my computer to help edit the Battle Reports I have done on my camera, but with work, and everything going on, it is hard to find time.

So submit me some lists or ideas for an article you might want me to write.  If you have questions about anything, let me know! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Idea I Have

So I know that some people have done things like this in the past.  However, from what i've heard, it was either done poorly, or wasn't followed up by many of the players.

So what I am proposing is a 40k style Fantasy Draft.  For any of you who have played any of the Fantasy sports you will know the basics and how things are run.

The Basics

Players: 8-10
Cost: Free
Days: Wednesday Nights
Time: 6-10 (Game depending and player depending)

Things everyone would need to bring on Draft Day:

A paper with the following units (NOT THE ACTUAL MODELS....yet)

2 HQs
2 Elites
2-3 Troops (If your army has 3 different troops, but list each one out)
2 Fast Atack
2 Heavy Supports
1 Flex Option (This is an extra Slot from any of the above but must follow the rules listed below)

Rules for units:

1.  All units must be from ONE codex
2.  No named or upgraded characters allowed (Ex: Telion, Eldrad)
3.  You must own the models on the list
4.  No Forgeworld units or Imperial Armor units
5.  You CANNOT bring any duplicate choices (Ex: 2  Archons, 2 Librarians, etc.)
6.  You must be comfortable with other people playing with your models

A Sample List to bring:

Archon, Succubus
Incubi, Grotesques
Warriors, Wyches
Beasts, Reavers
Ravager, Talos

How the draft works:

1.  Players will choose a unit from the list that is brought from all of the players.  Once a units i chosen that unit can no longer be picked again.  However, Troop choices can be chosen twice before being erased.

2.  There is no order for your picking (i.e. You do not need to pick an HQ and 2 Troops first)

3.  Your FOC Chart is limited to:

1-1 HQ
1-1 Elite
4-4 Troops
1-1 Fast Attack
1-1 Heavy Support
1-1 Flex (A Flex pick is an extra choice of any of the following FOC slots up to a maximum of 2.  For Troops this is increased to 5)

4.  Players will draft according to dice off.  Highest roller goes first and so on and so forth.  The second round will then begin with the players who picked last and work its way back up to the person who picked first.  It looks like this:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- 1st Round
8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1- 2nd Round
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- 3rd Round

This will continue until all slots are filled by players.

5.  When you draft a unit, there are zero upgrades for it.  This is where your mastermind comes in.  If you want a dedicated transport, go ahead.  You want a lascannon, sure.  However, you must clear it with the person who owns the unit to make sure you have the models.

6.  Units that usually modify the FOC do NOT modify it for purposes of this League.  (Ex:  Haemonculi do not make Wracks Troops.  If you pick Wracks for your Elite, they stay as an Elite Choice)  However, this does not restrict models who make units scoring. (i.e. Grey Knight Grand Master)

Organizing your army:

1.  2000 point limit
2.  You are able to upgrade your units and models however you would like as long as the player who owns the models has the upgrades.  (Some leeway is allowed here, but not much)


1.  You will be allowed 1 Trade immediately after the Draft.  This DOES NOT need to be approved by me.
2.  You are allowed 1 trade a week, this must be approved by me.  (Lots of people like to trick people, I will not let this happen)


1.  Players will be using your models.  If you do not want them to, you have two options:  Dont bring the unit you dont want them to play with (Ex: I have a nicely converted squad of Grotesques, if I am afraid they will be broken, they will not be something I bring to Draft day as an option for people to choose) or just dont play.

2.  Bringing many powerful models from your army may seem cool, but fighting against them might not be!

3.  Please remember to contact the people who will using your models.  Remind them what you need.  i will have a sign up sheet for people to each have so they can have a copy of emails and phone numbers of all participating players.

4.  Players please remember to BRING the models that someone asks.  if you dont they can be up Shit Creek.

5.  Have Fun!

I am shooting for the beginning of May.  I am hopeful people will play as I know that Wednesdays are pretty dead at the shop.

If you have any questions or concerns or insights for the League let me know.  It will be my first event I will be running, I would like it to be well-run with little hiccups.  Dont be afraid to ask any questions on here.  Thanks!

Friday, April 12, 2013

List Review Friday #6

List review friday is back.  This week we have a new Tau list to review.  This coems from fellow Sac City Punisher, Devon.  He likes to play Ring around the Posey with armies.  He has come back to Tau for the second time and believes that this might be the army for him... Time will tell though.

Onto the list:

Ethereal- 50

Riptide w/ Ion Accelerator, x2 Missile/Shield Drones- 235
Riptide w/ Ion Accelerator, x2 Missile/Shield Drones- 235

x11 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ TL-Smart Missiles, Disruption Pods- 204
x11 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ TL-Smart Missiles, Disruption Pods- 204
x11 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ TL-Smart Missiles, Disruption Pods- 204
x11 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ TL-Smart Missiles, Disruption Pods- 204
x11 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ TL-Smart Missiles, Disruption Pods- 204

x2 Piranhas, x2 Fusion Guns- 100

x2 Broadsides, High-Yield Missile System, x4 Missile Drones- 178
x2 Broadsides, High-Yield Missile System, x4 Missile Drones- 178

TOTAL 2000pts

So lookign at the list, it doesnt seem like there is a lot of variety.  Coupel Riptides.  Some Devifish.  Some Broadsides.  Two Piranhas.  Lets dive in!

First off, I love Ethereals!  I think they are awesome and really give the army some nice buffs.  LD 10 bubble?  Yee!  Can make fire Warriors Stubborn, have a 6+ FnP, Snap Fire after running, or what Devon is using him for, shooting an extra shot at half range!  33 Pulse Rifle shots at 15''!  Insane!  He's cheap, but very fragile.  Keep him prtoected!  Also, he gives up extra VPs when he dies, so keep him doubly protected!  I know he wants to place him centrally and have as many Fire Warriors take advantage of his abilities.

**Side note**  I wonder how soem tournaments are going to play the Ethereal's rules.  I know at BAO they made weird rules only apply to the primary missions.  I wonder at the Bugeater GT what they will be doing.  I know NOVA sets the template for a lot of tournaments as well, so it will be interesting.

The Riptides are in my opinion, pretty damn good.  At first, I wasn't a fan. They have grown on me more and more as I think about them.  They are fricking resilient as hell.  5 Wounds and you can add 2 extra wounds essentially for 25pts a piece and they have 4++!  Entire armies will fire at these things and still not be able to bring it down.  The gun is also badass.  I would take the Ion Accelerator everytime.  I think the Heavy Burst Cannon is cool, but we dont need more Str 5 in an army.  Allowing the IA (Ion Accelarator) to shoot a Str 9 AP 2 Large Blast, Ignores Cover, Gets Hot! round is insane!  That can just decimate armies. I think in this army, it makes target priority difficult for opponents.  Are you going to shoot the Devilfish who will be in your face Turn 1 and disembarking Turn 2 or shoot the Riptides and probably not kill them?  They can sit back and just annhiliate entire units by themselves.  I like them in this list.

 The Firwarriors and their Devilfish will all be Flat Outting First Turn.  This will allow them to move 30'' and get in your opponents face.  Yes they need to weather some shooting, but they all have 3+ Cover Saves and all are carrying Fire Warriors who can kill any basic infantry and light transports.  33 Shots from each Fire Warrior team is they are in range of the Ethereal.  Because the buff can be used from the Hull of the Devilfish, the range is increased and should be able to get all of the units.  33*5 = 165 Str 5 shots!  DAAAMN!

The Piranhas help with AV 14.  With only 1 squad, they wont really do much.  However, they will be targets themselves and need to be taken out if the opponent is running Landraiders.  They also provide a great unit to screen the Fire Warriors.  Opponents will have to Assault around the Piranhas to get to the Fire Warriors.  The'yre cheap and another unit that can kill vehicles.

The Broadsides are in my opinion set up for success.  I think the High Yield Missiles are the way to go.  They are essentially a Quad Gun with only 36'' range.  Str 7 AP 4, Twin Linked.  On top of having two of those, you also have  4 Missiles Drones apiece that shoot 8 Str 7 shots.  16 combined Str 7 shots, 8 of which are Twinlinked from each team of Broadsides!  So much Dakka!  I know alot of people want Velocity Trackers, but I think at 20pts a pop, they are expensive and I think unneeded.  i believe that those Broadsides without the VTs will still kill a Necron flier and possible an AV 12 flier by themselves.  You can place them forward because if people really want to shoot them, that's fine, but they still have to deal with the Riptides and the 5 Devilfish with 55 Fire Warriors.

Overall, I really like this list.  I think this list can give lots of people fits because target priority is essential.  i would try and take care of the ethereal Devilfish first just to cut down the number of shots my army will be absorbing every turn.  Plus, the LD 10 will not be around if he is not.  I think this list could struggle against Horde Nids or Orks because of the bodies.  Yes there are a shitload of Fire Warriors, bu 6 Orks or Nids getting into CC will kill 11 Fire Warriors.

I give this list an 8.5/10


Friday, April 5, 2013

List Review Friday #5

I will be posting two lists for review today and let you guys decide which is better.  Both will be 1850pt lists and both will be for the Bugeater GT at the end of May.

The first list will be a changed list from the one i posted last week.  After testing that list, it didnt quite work for me, so I have modified it into something much more manageable.  Here it is:

The Baron- 105

x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
X5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125

x5 Beast Masters, x1 Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Ravager, nightshields- 115
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield, Flickfield- 185
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield, Flickfield- 185

Farseer, Jetbike, Doom, Runes, Singing Spear- 128
x5 Fire Dragons, Exarch w/Crack Shot, Tank Hunters- 112
x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser- 95
Night Spinner- 115

Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun- 100

Baron and Farseer goes with Beasts and they head right at my enemy.
Venoms provide supporting fire.
The foot Warriors grab Table Quarters/ Objectives and provide support fire.
Ravager blows tanks.
Voidravens come in and unload where they are most needed.
Guardians hide behind the Defense Line, hopefully on an objective.
Fire Dragons are on the Quad Gun. They are, to me the best AA in the game. BS 5, Ignores Cover, and i get to reroll armor Pen rolls... ANY rolls to Pen armor, even Glances. Very strong.
Night Spinner picks on weak units or picks out characters in units.

I think I have a solid base, but I am very unsure on the foot Warrior squads. I know in this GT they are doing table quarters and you control the quarters with more points in the unit than your opponent. The foot squads allow me to not only have an extra troop, but I can capture an extra quarter and combine them, if need be to create a more secure foothold in th table quarter.

The only other thing I am concerned about is massive armor. I can deal with 5-6 hulls. But if IG or Eldar or a MEQ army bring 8-9 hulls, I can be in trouble. Target priority will be key.

I think I can kill 3 Helldrakes, 2 Stormravens or Vendettas, but will struggle to kill 6 Necron fliers.

I think I can kill hordes or a large number of foot infantry.

I think i can deal with hybrid lists. I think I can deal with balanced lists.

What are my list's major weaknesses? What should I be scared of? What questions do you have on my list? Are there any questionable units?

The second list is my brother Space Marine/Space Wolf list he wants to bring to the tournament.  he has never used allies nor is the list in his comfort zone.  But, I feel the list covers all of the bases very well and allows for any type of list to be coutnered with his units.  Here is his list:
Pedro Kantor- 175
x10 Sternguard, x6 Combi-Meltas, x2 Heavy Flamers, Drop Pod- 335
x5 Scouts, Cloaks- 90
x10 Tactical Marines, Lascannon, Melta Gun, PW, Las/Plas Razorback- 275
Storm Talon w/ Skyhammer Missiles- 125
Storm Talon w/ Skyhammer Missiles- 125

Runes Priest, Chooser, Termie Armor, Living Lightning, Jaws- 130
x8 Grey Hunters, Plasma, Banner, Pod- 175
x10 Grey Hunters, x2 Plasma, Banner, Pod- 205
x5 Long Fangs, x4 Missiles- 115

Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun- 100

So his list incorporates 5 scoring units, 2 of which will almost exclusively Combat Squad every time (Sternguard, Las/Plas Squad).  2 Pods come in first turn, and my bet would be the Sternguard and the Runpriest so you can maximize the killing of the units. 

The Sternguard may seem awkward, but they can kill anything.  Split the Meltas evenly and throw one heavy Flamer in each combat Squad.  There is nothing in the game that can hold up against this squad besides a flier, but you still can shoot 6 Meltas at it.

He has a pretty good backfield support with the Fangs, Las/Plas, the Lascannon and the Scouts.  Not a lot of bodies but enough to be able to punish people who stray too close or are meched up. 

CC is a weakness, but the Grey Hunters help remedy that with the Banners and their Coutner Attack. 

I think this is a well balanced list.  When I fought it last night with the list above it, the problem i saw with the pods was that 20 guys can be dispensed rather easily.  So picking targets and eliminating them is huge.  target priority cannot be fethed up.

Let mek now what you think of both lists and how they can be improved on.  How do you think each list will perform?  What are nightmare scenario and lists that each one would not want to face?