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New FAQs Are Out!

Since everyone else is doing their FAQ reviews I figure I might as well do mine.  I will throw up each FAQ for the BRB and the Codicies with a very brief synopsis of each.

Codex FAQ Changes


1. Hearlds of Tzeentch and Slaanesh get some Transport options- Not a big deal

This is a good thing, I guess?

Chaos Space Marines:

1. Abaddon cannot be a Spawn or Daemon Prince via the Boon Table- Thats good for him

2. Spawn or Daemon Princes from the Boon table do not carry over other Boon effects

3. Scrolls of Magnus make you a lvl 1 Psyker- Yay!

4. Hellbrutes dont lose additional Hull Points while being Immobilized and rolling Fire Frenzy- Thats good.

Overall nothing too huge here. Some minor buffs.

Dark Angels:

1. Courage of the Lion Warlord Trait only pertains to Codex: Dark Angels

2. Both Stasis Anomaly and Vast Stasis Anomaly cannot reduce you to below 1 for the characteristics

3. Power Field Generators embarked in a transport only effect the unit embarked on the transport- Huge blow for Dark Angels. No more 4++ Land Raiders and tightly grouped vehicles running around. Good for GW!

4. Asmodai gets a Bolt Pistol

5. Deathwing and Command Squad Termies get Lightning Claws for free or TH/SS for 5pts a model- Cool beans

6. Ravenwing Command Squad can add 2 additional Blackknights for 40pts. Then some random wargear stuff as well- This is pretty damn good for DA. Before, they could only have 3 models in the Command Squad, now they can have 5 + whatever characters you have. This makes the Banner more protected and allows for more survivability. I like this change.

7. Deathwing Terminators DO count towards the limit of units that can be in Reserve- HUUUUUUUGE! No one Null deployments by DA players. You have to follow the rules like everyone else. I'm ify on this as I think it made them unique, but at the same time glad they have to put stuff on the board.

8. The Banner of Devastation ONLY effects Bolters, Combi-Bolters, Hurricane Bolters, and TL-Bolters on bikes.... THATS IT! - Glad they clarified this, now we can get back to reality.

I think DA's got weaker in many areas but the Ravenwing got stronger in the Command Squad area.

Dark Eldar:

1. When Bladevaning, allocate wounds from where the Reavers stop- This is how I have always played it, glad it is clarified.

2. Lelith's attacks only ignore Armor Saves in CC- Makes sense, now the nonsense of throwing Grenades can go away

No real changes, just some clarifications on some simple things.


1. You can Look Out Sir! and take Cover Saves against Mind War- Dumb ruling but whatever. No one will use that anyway.

Nothing of note here.

Grey Knights:

1. Grand Strategy only effects Infantry, Jump Infantry, Monsterous Creatures, and Walkers only- Cannot use on ICs, Henchmen, or Mordrak's Knights. Glad they clarified.

2. Multiple Aegis' and Reinforced Aegis' are not cumulative- Iwould hope not

3. Mordrak's ability does not confer to Stormravens

Nothing huge here really.

Imperial Guard:

1. Remove Scout from Valkeries and Vendettas

2. Camo Cloaks for vehicles add +1 to the vehicles Cover Save

3. Psyker Battle Squads are Mastery lvl 1.

4. 4+ Chenkov and Al'Raheem's abilities to see which goes first

Again, nothing huge here.


1. The Monolith can use its Dimensional Gate when is Deep Strikes

2. Obryon doesn't scatter if within 6'' of Zandrekh- I like this ruling. Glad they did this.

3. Imotekh can hit Zooming Fliers and Flying MCs with his Lightning attack- Oh great, Necrons get another boost. This is a great boost for Necrons. Not fair.

Some nice changes for Necrons. They got boosted... again.

Space Marines:

1. You can Intercept the Drop Pod and the contents with anything with Intercept- Nothing shocking here. I always play this like this.


1. Crisis Suits can take 3 of the same weapon- Big deal, but cool you can theme the suits out.


1. Deff Koptas center the hole over a unit it passes over when they drop their bomb.

2. Weirdboys can shoot anyone but FMCs or Zooming fliers with Frazzle or Zzap.

3. Zogwort can reroll his Frazzle or Zzap power but cannot re-roll again if his re-roll comes up as Frazzle or Zzap- Some benefit now, but he still isn't worth taking.

So this is everything. Some very good changes and boosts for some, while other got worse. DA is one of those that got worse. They aren't very good to begin with, so now they are worse off. Necrons got better, and they dont need to.

Overall, I think this was a good round of FAQs. We got some good answers. I like it overall.
Big Rule Book FAQs

1. Vehicles can get Invuln Saves- Obvious to me and glad they could clarify for dumb people who thought otherwise

2. Cannot modify any stats below 0. Int cannot be reduce below 1- Good for people when fighting Daemons as Fiends -5 to your Int and would make you unable to strike

3. Small and Large Blasts can allocate wounds to units outside of Line of Sight- HUGE change! Before you could only pile on wounds but could kill the units you could not see. Now you can.

4. Boring Blind rule... No one cares

5. Split Fire does not allow you to shoot a unit that you just blew up in a transport- Good, that's how it should be

6. Aerial Support- Does not let you take fliers out of Reserve and put them in play.. Duh!

7. Declare you are going to Hover before anythign else happens

8. The non-vehicle model in base with the Gun Emplacement counts as stationary- So people can stop arguing over Snap Shotting the Quad-Gun and no more Vehicles shooting the Quad Gun.

9. Allies of Convenience are considered enemy models but cannot be targetted with Blasts, Psychic Powers, shot at, or charged directly. However, you can have Blasts cover part of the unit. Allies of Convenience are "friendly" only when capturing or denying objectives or for Pile Ins- Ummm... Pretty huge change here. You can kill your own Allies because they are consider enemy units. I think this will effect AoC and it actually made them better I believe.

10. The Relic is dropped within 1'' of the holder if they die or begin to fallback. Still follow the same rules for vehicles.

11. Cannot move through your own models unless you are Jump Infantry or Jetbikes.

12. Removed from play= Casualty- So necrons can get back from things like Jaws.. Yay for Necrons

13. Instant Deathing Swarms with Blasts only remove 1 model and not two- I liek this change because I thought before it screwed over swarms and made them neigh unplayable.

14. If you're a Gunslinger you CANNOT fire two Witchfires- makes perfect sense

15. You can Turbo Boost or Flat Out if you DS in.

16. Things that Shake, Stun, Immobilize, or Destroy weapons on vehicles but do not roll on the Vehicle Damage Chart do not remove Hull Points- Good move here. Drop Pods do not lose Hull Points when Podding in. Matt your wish has come true and I owe you a win at the BAO.

17. You CANNOT Flat Out if the unit inside shot from the vehicle- There was ambiguity here, but glad they clarified.

18. Models can only repair Hull Points on fliers if they are embarked upon it

19. You CAN attack an enemy Chariot- Thank God! Chariot rules are so fricking confusing, glad they clarified SOMETHING!

20. If your a Heavy Vehicle and you DS, HEavy Vehicle takes precedense over DSing in.

21. No double dipping on Warlord Traits, only your actual Warlord gets to use his Warlord trait.

22. Attacks, wargear, and abilities that effect enemy units DO effect Allies of Convenience- They reference Imotekh, which is awesome!

23. Fortifications Emplaced Weapons fire at the closest target even if that means two targets will be shot at- So a Bastion can shoot at two different targets if one gun is closer to an enemy unit than another Gun on the Bastion itself.

24. if two events happen at the same time, you 4+ to see which takes precedence- HUUUUGE! Mind Shackle Scarabs and challenges now gets to be 4+ instead of "controlling player decides what occurs..." Instead of having a player decide, the dice gets to decide, I like this change.

25. Fortifications do not need to be killed for you to table your opponent- makes sense as Fortifications are Neutral units

Wow... Some big changes I feel for things. I will go into depth on the Codices here soon. I dont understand all of them, but I will do what I can.

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