Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Updates on my Army

So here is some pictures of my painted minis.  None of them are based, but they are painted fully.  I might go back and highlight if I have time before Bugeater.

They aren't anything special, but I am happy to have painted minis!  Let me know what you guys think.

 photo 02b3a217-8b42-4ea1-ab50-e0fb000a7cb5_zps5b3bde5f.jpg

My paint scheme for my Warriors

 photo 3ce86202-654a-492d-955e-94f976e03677_zps50b7aaa6.jpg

Backside of the Warriors

 photo 3f601ed6-25b6-4131-868d-2182ac0b4e64_zps91597a45.jpg

A Khymera finished

 photo f71574df-52df-4675-857d-8db41e1fffe0_zpsd7df5e9c.jpg

My Clawed Fiend model


  1. What models are they for the Khymera and clawed fiend?

  2. Clawed Fiend


    Khymera (2 different looks)



    I love the minis from this site. They do a great job and can fill in for some rather costly models you may have to buy. I picked those ones because I feel they work great. There are multiple models you could use for Clawed Fiend, I just like the one i picked. Plus, they are super cheap too!