Monday, April 29, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So yesterday was the Twin-Linked Team Tournament in Sacramento, CA.  My original partner, Big Ray unfotunately could not make it down.  So last minute I picked up a fellow gamign group buddy of mine, Matt Bess aka Fat Ninja.

Our list were as followed:

x5 Warriors, Blaster Venom
x5 Warriors, Blaster Venom
x10 Warriors, Cannon
Beast Squad

Thunderwolf Lord
Rune Priest
Melta Grey Hunters, Pod
Melta Grey Hunters, Pod
Melta Grey Hunters, Pod

Aegis Defense Line

So we had pretty solid lists.

First game we played against Blood angels and Necrons.  We pulled 17/20 because the Necron Overlord (Their Warlord) did come in until Turn 4 and if we would have killed him, we would have been awarded the other 3 points.  My Beasts assaulted his 15 man Warrior Squad and both times they made the LD tests to not get swept!  They wanted to argue that the Warlord Overlord could Outflank out of Ongoing reserves (we blew up the Nightscythe they were embarked in).  I went to Outflank and showed them where it says they cannot do that!  They still wanted to argue you could.  I also had to explain how multi-chargin and staying in unit coherency worked and how you cant place models wherever you want but you need to move closest to closest while still remianing in coherency.

Second game was a doozy!  We played agains Imp. Guard and Kroot Heavy Tau.   It started off with a bang as we Jaws'd the Riptide, 4 Guardsmen, and the Lord Commissar (their Warlord) out of existence!  There was debate on whether the line of Jaws could over the base or through the model.  I dont understand the debate and they wanted to continue to argue.  I wouldn't budge as the argument makes no sense!  We pulled a perfect 20/20 and beat them 18-11 in modified Kill Points!

3rd game came down to the wire!  Our opponents playeed Pague Marines heavy Chaos (26 marines!) and a Helldrake with Podding Space Wolves.  We seized on them and bought the fight to them before they could bring the fight to us!  When the dust cleared, we each had 1 Table Quarter but we won because we had killed more points than they did at the end of the game!  Great game and a great final opponent.  We managed to get a perfect 20/20!

We ended the tournament with 140/150 possible points!  We got 38/45 on Sportsmanship because our first and second opponents tanked us for being right on rules arguments.  Our second opponents marked us down for slow play because we got through 3 full game turns only.  They spend 15 mins before eahc round discussing what they were going to do.  The Riptide Jaws argument took abotu 20 minutes!  Rediculous.  Some people can't lose gracefully I feel. 

But we won the tournament and nabbed a $70 giftcard to split.  Much thanks to Mark for running the Twin-Linked and thank you to our last opponents for a great last game!  Thanks to my partner Matt too for playing very well!

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