Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Idea I Have

So I know that some people have done things like this in the past.  However, from what i've heard, it was either done poorly, or wasn't followed up by many of the players.

So what I am proposing is a 40k style Fantasy Draft.  For any of you who have played any of the Fantasy sports you will know the basics and how things are run.

The Basics

Players: 8-10
Cost: Free
Days: Wednesday Nights
Time: 6-10 (Game depending and player depending)

Things everyone would need to bring on Draft Day:

A paper with the following units (NOT THE ACTUAL MODELS....yet)

2 HQs
2 Elites
2-3 Troops (If your army has 3 different troops, but list each one out)
2 Fast Atack
2 Heavy Supports
1 Flex Option (This is an extra Slot from any of the above but must follow the rules listed below)

Rules for units:

1.  All units must be from ONE codex
2.  No named or upgraded characters allowed (Ex: Telion, Eldrad)
3.  You must own the models on the list
4.  No Forgeworld units or Imperial Armor units
5.  You CANNOT bring any duplicate choices (Ex: 2  Archons, 2 Librarians, etc.)
6.  You must be comfortable with other people playing with your models

A Sample List to bring:

Archon, Succubus
Incubi, Grotesques
Warriors, Wyches
Beasts, Reavers
Ravager, Talos

How the draft works:

1.  Players will choose a unit from the list that is brought from all of the players.  Once a units i chosen that unit can no longer be picked again.  However, Troop choices can be chosen twice before being erased.

2.  There is no order for your picking (i.e. You do not need to pick an HQ and 2 Troops first)

3.  Your FOC Chart is limited to:

1-1 HQ
1-1 Elite
4-4 Troops
1-1 Fast Attack
1-1 Heavy Support
1-1 Flex (A Flex pick is an extra choice of any of the following FOC slots up to a maximum of 2.  For Troops this is increased to 5)

4.  Players will draft according to dice off.  Highest roller goes first and so on and so forth.  The second round will then begin with the players who picked last and work its way back up to the person who picked first.  It looks like this:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- 1st Round
8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1- 2nd Round
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- 3rd Round

This will continue until all slots are filled by players.

5.  When you draft a unit, there are zero upgrades for it.  This is where your mastermind comes in.  If you want a dedicated transport, go ahead.  You want a lascannon, sure.  However, you must clear it with the person who owns the unit to make sure you have the models.

6.  Units that usually modify the FOC do NOT modify it for purposes of this League.  (Ex:  Haemonculi do not make Wracks Troops.  If you pick Wracks for your Elite, they stay as an Elite Choice)  However, this does not restrict models who make units scoring. (i.e. Grey Knight Grand Master)

Organizing your army:

1.  2000 point limit
2.  You are able to upgrade your units and models however you would like as long as the player who owns the models has the upgrades.  (Some leeway is allowed here, but not much)


1.  You will be allowed 1 Trade immediately after the Draft.  This DOES NOT need to be approved by me.
2.  You are allowed 1 trade a week, this must be approved by me.  (Lots of people like to trick people, I will not let this happen)


1.  Players will be using your models.  If you do not want them to, you have two options:  Dont bring the unit you dont want them to play with (Ex: I have a nicely converted squad of Grotesques, if I am afraid they will be broken, they will not be something I bring to Draft day as an option for people to choose) or just dont play.

2.  Bringing many powerful models from your army may seem cool, but fighting against them might not be!

3.  Please remember to contact the people who will using your models.  Remind them what you need.  i will have a sign up sheet for people to each have so they can have a copy of emails and phone numbers of all participating players.

4.  Players please remember to BRING the models that someone asks.  if you dont they can be up Shit Creek.

5.  Have Fun!

I am shooting for the beginning of May.  I am hopeful people will play as I know that Wednesdays are pretty dead at the shop.

If you have any questions or concerns or insights for the League let me know.  It will be my first event I will be running, I would like it to be well-run with little hiccups.  Dont be afraid to ask any questions on here.  Thanks!

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  1. That sounds like a crazy yet fun idea. Good luck and you better let us all know how it works out.