Thursday, April 25, 2013

40k Draft Update!

So I had my meeting last night with the players that were interested in playing.  I have 8 players with a possible 2-3 more interested.  I will meet with them this week to gauge their level of interest.

Here is a list of players and their armies:

Devon Adams- Tyranids
Sirus Chappelle- Blood Angels
Lyzz Foster- Chaos Daemons
Asian Dan- Space Marines
Mark Broughton- Eldar
Ryan McCall- Necrons
Anthony Villa- Tau (New)
Jason Jiru- Space Marines
 (Me)- Dark Eldar

I normally wouldn't play, but I want to contribute my army, and be able to play if there is an odd number of people.  For example, if 7 people show up, I will play the odd man.  If all 8 show up, I will not play.  I guess you could call me the ringer.

I have 2 others itnerested in playing, one plays Orks and another plays Chaos Space Marines.  I like that we have a diverse group of armies and a wide array of player ablities.  I know several of the people playing do not get to play in tournaments because of family or work situations so it is a relief to them that they can play in a type of 40k League. 

I will post missions I plan on using for the event so they can be critiqued and remade.  I am hoping I can showcase my ability as an organizer and as a mission designer. 

I will keep giving updates as I know more.  Next Wednesday will be the Draft and I will let you know how my draft goes and what units get drafted first.  Also, what kind of combinations some players will be privvy to.

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