Monday, December 24, 2012

this was passing about on FB. hope you like

'Twas the night before Kristmas, when all through the Rok,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Snot;
The sluggas were stacked by the chimney with care,
In the hopes that Orky Klaws soon would be there;

The Gretchin were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Killa-Kans danced in their heads;
Da boss with his blasta, and me with my axe,
Had just settled down for some wintery snacks,

When out on the battlements there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my crate to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the blast shield and threw up the sash.

The glare of the searchlights on new-fallen snow,
Gave a lustre of midday to objects below,
When what to my beady red eyes did emerge,
But a roaring great sleigh and five snarling boars,

With a hulking green driver with huge meaty paws,
I knew in a moment he was Orky Klaws.
More rapid than red Trukks his coursers they came,
And he grunted, and snarled, and bellowed their names:

"Now, Snorta! now, Grunta! now Maimer and Glutton!
On, Tuskgob! your nose is a go fasta button!
To the top of the bastion! to the top of the wall!
Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!

As leaves that before the Dakkajets fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
So up to the fortress the jet-pigs they flew
With the sleigh full of gubbinz, and Orky Klaws too-

And then, with a crash, I heard on the roof
The crash of the boars and their dirty great hooves.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney Orky Klaws fell with a bound.

He was dressed all in armour, from his head to his foot,
And his kit was all tarnished with ashes and soot;
A bundle of shootas he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a Big Mek about to attack.

His teef - how they glistened! his choppa, how rusty!
His bionics were crude, he smelt a bit musty.
The drool from his mouth was slimy and wet;
And his bionic eye was evil and red;

A super krak stikkbomb was held tight in his teef,
And the smoke from his burna looked just like a wreath;
He had a broad face, and big metal arm
That hissed with hydraulics when he wanted to harm.

His Grots were all tangled all up in themselves,
And I grunted with laughter, in spite of myself;
A huge wooden crate down the chimney did smash
And the Grots set to work, with hammers they thrashed;

Klaws spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Kustomized the sluggas; then turned with a jerk,
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
Ignited his jump pack, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his sleigh, to his pigs gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like a badly aimed missile.
But I heard him exclaim, 'ere he flew out of sight-
“'Appy Kristmas to all, and to all a good fight!"

hope you all have a good Holidays .

Thursday, December 20, 2012

BAO Test Game #2 vs Blackrage

I am still waiting on finishing up a couple models, so I have not done pictures or a video batrep yet.  They are coming I swear!  Also, this weekend I will post pictures of the Baron conversion I am almost done with and the models I am using for my Beastmaster's and the Beasts.

Last night I played Blackrage in a BAO practice game.  His list is as follows:

CCS w/ Officer of the Fleet, Astropath, Master of Ordance, Autocannon, Chimera w/ Hvy Flamer
Lord Comissar
x30 Platoon Squad w/ x4 Lascannons, x4-5 Power Axes
x10 Vets, x2 Plasma, x1 Melta, Chimera
x10 Vets, x2 Plasma, x1 Melta, Chimera
x10 Vets, x2 Plasma, x1 Melta, Demo Charge
Basilisk, Closed Top
Leman Russ
Leman Russ
Defense Line, Quad Gun

Mission: Purge the Alien and Scouring
Deployment:Vanguard Strike

Blackrage has first turn and there is Nightfighting (My warlord Trait).

Turn 1
Black rage hits some of my beasts with a couple blasts and Chimeras.  He blows a Venom up and is awarded First Blood.  They pass Morale but fail Pinning.  The damage I took was pretty minimal.

I move the Beasts along his left flank and right at his Blob Squad behind his defense Line.  My shooting saw me take a Hull Point off of one Leman Russ.  I shot and killed a few Guardsmen with the Venoms.  I Flat Out! my Wych Venom right next to his Leman Russ.

Rage- 1  Yeeman- 0

I have taken little damage but done even less to Blackrage.  The second turn will determine how this game will go.  If my beasts go bye bye, I must play defensively and hug cover and play a ranged game that I can't hope to win.  My Wyches are primed to hit his vehicle line and cause some havoc if they live.  If my beasts do live, they will run rampant through his Guardsmen and his vehicles.

Turn 2
Vendetta fails to come in.  Shuffles some vehicles around. 1st Rank, 2nd Rank is cast on his Blob.  He unloads on my Beasts.  60 total shots and he kills 3 bases I believe.  He shoots 3 Chimnera, their contents, and a Leman Russ at my Wych Venom.  Finally it goes boom, taking 3 Wches with it.  They pass Pinning.  I pass LD on my Beasts.

Doom is cast on the Blob squad and a Voidraven comes in behind the Bastions in the middle.  My turn sees me move up the Warrior squad that got shot out up toward the middle Scouring Objective worth 2pts.  I unload my Blaster Warriors on an objective out of LOS and that's worth 1pt.  Other vehicles shuffle around to aim.  Beasts move in base contact with the Defense Line  to give me a 3+ Cover from Overwatch I will be getting.

Shooting sees no real damage other than the Quad Gun dying.  I strip some  Hull Points off multiple Chimeras.  Voidraven whiffs on the Rear armor of the CCS Chimera.  (It got turned by Eldritch Storm)  A Haywire Grenade strips a Hullpoint off the Russ.  I charge and absorb his Overwatch and take zero wounds from the Blob Squad and his CCS Chimera.  I kill 18 Guardsmen and so many died that he cannot consolidate into CC with me.  The Baron takes care of the chimera.  Wyches charge Leman Russ and blow it.

Rage- 2  Yeeman- 2

Well my Beasts survived, and I am now in his lines.  He needs to make target priority matter as the Guardsmen will be swept in CC.  My Wyches can hopefully go and take off the last HP off the Chimera near them.  Hopefully my Voidraven comes in and i can start blowing thins up.  I'd like his Vendetta to come in and have me blow that up.  I just needto keep on the offensive.

Turn 3
Vendetta comes in.  Flies on my right flank, right in front of my Guardians.  Vets stay in Vendetta.  Surviving Russ moves to take on my Ravager.  Chimeras shuffle around.

His shooting sees his Leman Russ take down my Ravager.  His Vendetta shoots my Voidraven.  Strips only 1 HP off after I Flicker his Penetrating hit away.  A Chimera shoots and kills the 2 Wyches that remained.  CC sees my Beasts run rampant and take out his Lord Commisar and the rest of the  Blob.  I consolidate towards his PCS and his Basilisk.

I dont get my other Voidraven in.  I forget to Doom!  My Voidraven flies off the field but drops his Bomb on a Chimera and 4 of the CCS.  Kills the Officer, the Standard, and the Master of Ordinance.  it also blows the Chimera it hit.  They pass Pinning.  My Gunboat Raider moves up, as does my other Venom to get a good shot on the squad from the exploded Chimera.  beasts get an inch away from the Basilisk, Vets from Chimera and the PCS.

Shooting sees the Venom kill a couple Vets from the Chimera.  The Gunboat Raider shoots and kill the CCS.  I multicharge the Basilisk, the PCS, and the Vets with the Beasts.  Basilisk goes boom, PCS is wiped and the Vets are riddled.  Vets fail morale and run off the board.

Rage- 4  Yeeman- 8

I am now in the driver seat after picking up 6 Killpoints this turn, and just need the game to end sooner than later.  That leman Russ can still hurt my Beasts who are in the open.  Also, the lone Chimera with Vets is still a threat.  The Vendetta  doesnt have a lot of otpions but can still something.

Turn 4
Rage dumps his Vets out by my 1pt objective holding Warriors.  Vendetta goes to Hover and eyes my Raider.  Leman Russ backs off and prepares to fire at the Beasts.

Shooting sees his Vets kill the Warriors.  Vendetta shoots the Beasts instead and kills a base because they had cover from a Ruin.  Leman Russ unloads and kills more Beasts.  Chimera shoots and downs the last of the Beasts.  Only the Baron and the Farseer remain!

Nothing to Doom this turn.  Both Voidravens come in and eye the Vendetta as prey.Farseer and Baron move up to blow the Russ.  Gunboat unloads its contents into the 3pt objective in the ruin on his side.
Shootign sees the Guardians, Night Spinner, and a couple stray missilsg kill all but 3 Vets.  Voidravens strip only 2 HPs off the Vendetta.  Vets pass morale.  Baron and Farseer charge and blow the Leman Russ.

Rage- 5  Yeeman- 9

I didn't do anything really this turn.  The Vendetta still lives, Vets are still alive but only have 2.  The Baron and Farseer can go mop up the Chimera and the contents.

Turn 5
At this time, Rage concedes the game.  I am up 4 Killpoints and  I have 8pts in Scouring objectives.  I have Walord and Line Breaker.

The game ends with a Yeeman victory 9-1.

After Game Thoughts:
The Beasts are INSANE!  People need to kill that unit in the first 2 turns.  If they don't they will literally run rampant and kill everything in their path.  once they get into CC, they can't be stopped.  I can pick and choose to stay in CC with Hit and Run.

Also, my shooting is a lot better than I give myself credit for.  I like that my Warriors havea tool for every job.  The one Wych Squad I have is money.  Glad I brough them with me.

My Voidravens need to come to the fight!  They whiffed on too many missiles and Void Lances.  Everything else did pretty much what I needed when I shot.  I didn't shoot the Blob Squad with the Night Spinner because I wanted to be stuck in CC with the Blob for 2 turns.  He stripped some HPs off Chimeras and Immobilized another!

I think Rage needs to get a little better target priority.  He didn't shot my Beasts enough.  He needed to kill that squad in hopes of picking off the rest of my army.  Also, he was too worried about my Venoms.  They couldn't do anythign because he was meched up. 

I like his list, but I think a little better tactics would have made it more of a game.

Overall, I am very happy with how the list played.  The Beasts can take such a punishment and still live to talk about it.  I love it.  I am lookign forward to more of the practice ames that will be happening soon.

We have the Punisher Potluck on New Year's Day and will have many practice games in that day.  So far I am 2-0 and loving the list and how it plays.  it can adapt to multiple situations and is really well balanced.
I look forward to playing Lizz's Daemons or a Necron Airforce.  Even Big Tex's 50 Marines will be tough just because of the sheer amount of bodies he has in the list. 


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stormboyz ability

Madfjohn here lets talk about the ork storm boyz.

Some players think these boyz are terrible and others think they are the cats meow.  To be honest they are good  for what they do. Now under the 6th rules they have become something to watch out for. They come with a speshal rules that makes them relay good for getting to the assault. So lets look in to the speshal rules of the rocket packs for the orks.

So all jump pack units get to move 12" and jump over objects and enemy units. You can also deep strike the units. The newest one they add to jump troops is if they use the jump pack in the charge they get to re-roll the dice for charge distance.  Then theirs the bonus attack they get if the use the jump packs to get to the assault.

Now the Ork rockets also get a extra D6 " when they use the pack. If you roll a 1 you lose one of them. Now this is ware some players get things crossed. They think the ork  jump pack does not get this for the assault. Well they are wrong. The ork codex states it in the beginning under there description " Every time the stormboyz unit utilizes its rokkit packs to move or fall back" . You notes it did not say movement phase. This bonus is only when you use them so you can walk them in the movement phase and get the bonus in the assault move phase. So this can be a assault move of 18"  Remember if you deep strike you have used them to get on the board so no bonus that turn.

I hope you found this use full and add some fun to the games with this zany ability.

I will catch you on the next Waaaaagh !!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Off Topic: Real Life and sick people

I wanted to make a separate post to send my condolences to all of the families in today's Connecticut shooting.  Reading the story over at MSN has really shook me.  Being a father myself I cannot even begin to feel how they do.  My heart goes out to everyone that is effected by this strategy.

There truely are some sick people in this world.  Who goes to an Elementary School with Kindergarten - 4th graders and shoots them?  Just terrible. 

Again my heart goes out to all of the families and loved ones.  Just sick.

News, Miniatures, Painting, and Upcoming things

I know it has been awhile since I posted on here.  I have been busy with Christmas, work, and the whole family thing.  I have also been playing with numbers and refining my list for the BAO.  I have purchased some new models and am awaiting for them to arrive in the mail.  My list has changed a bit and I think it adds a lot more punch and is very balanced, which makes me happy.

There is some good news and bad news however. 

Good News: 

I love my list.  It is solid and I am goign to be using a unit I have not used yet for DE, ever.  Beasts will be included into my list and will be playtested heavily to ensure I can use them effectively.  Again, thanks to Mr. ShotDownMind for the suggestion and helpful hitns he has given me for their uses.

Also, I have been painting!  Thank God!  I will post some pics up of some of the models I have done by this weekend.  The Voidravens should be done and painted by this Sudnay, and I will post the pics up of them, the Venoms, the Raider, and the Ravager I have completed painting.  My hopes are to complete all of the vehicles and batch paint up all of thei nfantry at one time to help the stress of me not likign to paint. 

My bases are also ordered for my Beasts as well via Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I am awaiting for those in the mail as well.  I was suprised to see that teh Beasts had to be on 40mm bases, but oh well.   I feel like the substitute beast I am using will feel small on the 40mm, but i don't want any complaints from people at BAO and that is the size base GW provides for them.

I will head down to Lodi to pick up my 1st place prize for the Escalation League I won 2 weeks ago.  reason I couldn't pick it up then was because they are still finalizing placements of 2nd and 3rd place.

Last thing, I only have 1 week of school left before I go on my Christmas Break!  A break from all of my kids will be a welcoming experience.  For all of you that have a X-Mas break, enjoy it!

Bad News:

So I ordered my Razorwing Flock substitute from SplinteredLightMinis.  I thought the birds would actually be a bit bigger.  However, glancedown at your pinkie fingernail.  Yeah, they're that small.  And there's about 16461649423 of them!!!  So I will need some way to pose them and put them on the base.  The posts that were supplied with them are less than adequate and will not do a good job to hold them up.  I am thinking about using some old 3rd Edition Tree Tops and planting them on top of the tress as if their nesting.  But I will need to sit down and really think about this.

On the flipside, those birds will be very very VERY easy to paint and take no time at all.\

Last set of bad news... I have not played a game of 40k in 2 weeks!  Yikes!  I have a serious itch right now, especially when my Beasts come in!  I am hoping to get in about 3-4 games this week and post up a Bat Rep or two via Video Camera.  This will be a weekly staple on here.

Well that's about it.  I will check back with you guys on Sunday with pics of painted models, and of the beasts I plan on using.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Ork Pill Box

Hello there this is Madfjohn . I am going to talk about a simple set up for the orks that can be vary deadly to most players to take on.

What you need for the Ork Pill Box to start is :
Aegis Defense line
1 unit of Grots
1 Battle wagon
1 unit of Lootas with 3 mec boyz

This set up is a base set one with many add on's and set ups that can help  how it performs but this is the base of it.
So you have the lootas in the Battle Wagon then you have a ring of grots surrounding the Battle wagon and then you have the Aegis set up around all of it. It does not look like much but it can relay hold out relay well.

( if you cant see it go here

Most will say  just kill the Battle wagon but with armor 14 on the front it will be hard to do . With a 4+ cover save  thanks to the Aegis  and that front armor it relay makes it hard. Now if your opponent does not kill it. you can have the mech boyz  fix it with there tools and still fire the lootas.

Now why the grots? Well they are there to keep your bunker from bying assaulted. To give you a beater idea on what i mean. Lets set up a unit of boyz in front of this .( if you cant see it go here
Ok now lets go threw this . Your opponent  want to charge the grots. Well he cant for he can not see them to charge.( if you cant see it go here

Well now your opponent will want to charge the Battle wagon instead well he cant if you keep your grots  in between then and less than 1" apart.( if you cant see it go here )

So you get a free over watch shots at him . do not forget you can still shoot the mec boys also and with kuston mega blastas it can relay some damage if you roll good.

So this is the basic set up of the Ork Pill Box. You can add a second battle wagon to this with lootas and add a Big mec also to relay give it some staying power. you will have to watch out for  jump troops  , any thing that gets to close with a melta, and flankers. So far the Ork Pill Box has held up threw every battle i used it in . The draw back is its a giant point sink to set up and you hope to by playing a defensive game.

Hope you like the idea and you know you can set up something similar in most army's.

will be chatting with you later.
Madfjohn seining off

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Beast Squad in the Making

So after some thoughts and talks with people I respect, I have come to the conclusion that a beast master squad should be added to my lists.  Mr. ShotDownMind has convinced me just how good they can be and the utility they can bring.

First off they are fast.  I don't need to worry about them being left in the dust or not getting to where they need to go.
They are durable.  So many wounds to go through is ridiculous!  Clawed Fiend in the front to suck up shots and Khymera to eat Str 6.  The Baron can provide them with Stealth and Hit Run.
They hit like a Son of a Bitch!  Str 5 attacks from the Fiend (if he gets there), Khymera add in some str 4, and the Razorwing Rend!  Plus Grenades!!!!
They protect me from Daemons and Drop Pods.  I can literally surround my entire army with this unit and prvent people from doing what they want to do!

The set up I am thinking of doing is this:

x5 Beatmasters
x1 Clawed Fiend
x5 Khymera
x6 Razorwing

All for the bargain price of 247

The Baron will be escorting.  I am thinking of putting my Farseer on a bike to accompany them as well and Doom everyone around.  The unit does not fear anything but AV13 walkers or Paladins.  This unit should sweep through almost any combat.  And if Doom is added, Rends will be a plenty!  Hit and Run durign their turn just to Charge back in just incase I dont fully kill what I was in CC to begin with.

I can't afford the expensive GW models so I have found alternatives I wanted to share.

Here is what I am usign for Khymera:

Here is what I am using for my Razorwing, I am adding bits to make them look better:

Here is what I am using for a Clawed Fiend:

I will just buy Hellions for now, but I plan on putting Haemonculi on Skyboards so they fit the theme I want for the units.  If you look at the Khymera they have tubes and such that make them look Coven-y. 

Let me know what you guys think.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend in Review

So I had a HUGE 40k weekend.  It started with the 40k Escalation League in Lodi California run by the Central Valley Commanders at The Launchpad.  I was pitted against my long term buddy Ray Barrera.  He happens to be my partner in the Twin-Linked tournament tha happened on Sunday.

My previous post showed the list I ran at the tournament so I'll save the time from posting it back up.  I would also give a Bat rep on the fight, but it wasn't much of one.  It did last all 5 turns, but Ray just couldnt handle the shots I was putting out nor the number of troops I had for his objectives.  Also, the Nightspinner was golden, love that thing!  I ended up taking the game and the tournament. 

Because there is a couple makeup games that could influence placing, I will have to grab my prize for the tournament next week after all of the games have been played.  I will probably get around $70 so that will be a Helldrake or Forgefiend to add to my collection of CSM.  But, if it turns out to be cash, I might want to spend that money on a Forgeworld order.  I am really likeing the Warp Hunter that Eldar has put out, but I am waitign on my brother to get the two Forgeworld books he ordered so I can get the stats and low down on all of the new stuff! 

On Sunday, the conclusion of the Doubles Tournament at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA.  Mr. Omegprime himself ran it.  Me and my buddy Ray or the Blumpkings as we're called came in down 1 point for the season.  To determine the winner, you take the top 3 scores of the season.  We needed to score a 137 to overtake one of the scores of the leader.

We opened up the first game against a couple, who played Nids and Grey Knights.  Their list included Coteaz,a Vindicaire, a Landraider, and a couple Strike Squads.  Te Nids ran a Flyrant, a Tervigon, 1 large stabbygaunt squads, a large Devilgaunt in a pod squad, and a Carnifex in a pod.

This team was doomed at deployment.  They deployed poorly and could have easily refused flanked us.  Instead they deployed and matched us and had a balanced deployment.  They were tabled turn 4.  High points included the Warp Spiders DSing and killing the Vindicaire, doubling out Coteaz, having the Exarch kill the Tervigon in CC, and overwatching and kill 6 Stabbys before they failed a charge!  We got a perfect, 20-5 victory.

Second game pitted us against Grey Knights and Space Wolves.  The Grey Knight player had Coteaz, 9 purifiers, a landraider, a rhino with 10 man Strikesquad, and an Acolyte squad with a Psyback.  The Puppy player had a Rune Priest with 30 grey Hunters, a Long Fang Pack with 4 lascannons, and a Defense Line.

Two good players and very smart.  The grey Knigt player wanted to sweep us up on side while the Wolves would hold off the Wraithguard and the shooting put down by my DE.  Poor shooting on my part and the most unlikely of circumstances lead to our defeat. 

It was the last round, and we held a 2 pt objective and had a denial unit on top of a 3 point objective.  We blow a Puppy squad off an objective and they fall back 9''.  They auto re-group (ATSKNF FTW!!!!!) 3'', then move through cover 6'' and run 5'' to be within 3'' of the objective we were denying with the Warp Spiders.  The Warp Spiders took 1 casualty from a couple stray Bolter shots and fled, giving the Puppies the objective.  We pull a 17-6 loss on the game.

Round 3 pitted us against a Chaos and another grey Knight player.  The Grey Knight player again had Coteaz, a Storm Raven, 5 man Strike Squad, a psyker battle squad with a Monkey, 5 man Termie unit and a tooled out Dreadknight.  The Chaos player had a beefed up Prince, 10 marines in a Rhino, 5 Termies in a Landraider.

Our opponents were awesome.  Had a great time playing them.  They didn't stand a chance however.  Left and right we were blowing things up.  We stunned their Stormraven from Intercept and it failed its Fortitude roll which caused it to Crash and Burn.  It went downhill from there.  the highlght of the game was, to table them I charged 3 Trueborn in on the last 2 Termies.  Caused 2 wounds and he rolled Snake Eyes.  he laughed about it and was very good hearted about it all and even encouraged it!  Awesome game and had tons of fun!  We won 20-5.

Overall we finished 6th  out of 18 teams.  Unfortunately we did not win the tournament for the season but took home 2nd place.  We got a $45 giftcard for our effort!   Next year will be the year of the Blumpkings!

Next up is painting for BAO.  Need to assemble some Warriors and my Night Spinner and then begi nthe arduous process known as painting!