Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Ork Pill Box

Hello there this is Madfjohn . I am going to talk about a simple set up for the orks that can be vary deadly to most players to take on.

What you need for the Ork Pill Box to start is :
Aegis Defense line
1 unit of Grots
1 Battle wagon
1 unit of Lootas with 3 mec boyz

This set up is a base set one with many add on's and set ups that can help  how it performs but this is the base of it.
So you have the lootas in the Battle Wagon then you have a ring of grots surrounding the Battle wagon and then you have the Aegis set up around all of it. It does not look like much but it can relay hold out relay well.

( if you cant see it go here

Most will say  just kill the Battle wagon but with armor 14 on the front it will be hard to do . With a 4+ cover save  thanks to the Aegis  and that front armor it relay makes it hard. Now if your opponent does not kill it. you can have the mech boyz  fix it with there tools and still fire the lootas.

Now why the grots? Well they are there to keep your bunker from bying assaulted. To give you a beater idea on what i mean. Lets set up a unit of boyz in front of this .( if you cant see it go here
Ok now lets go threw this . Your opponent  want to charge the grots. Well he cant for he can not see them to charge.( if you cant see it go here

Well now your opponent will want to charge the Battle wagon instead well he cant if you keep your grots  in between then and less than 1" apart.( if you cant see it go here )

So you get a free over watch shots at him . do not forget you can still shoot the mec boys also and with kuston mega blastas it can relay some damage if you roll good.

So this is the basic set up of the Ork Pill Box. You can add a second battle wagon to this with lootas and add a Big mec also to relay give it some staying power. you will have to watch out for  jump troops  , any thing that gets to close with a melta, and flankers. So far the Ork Pill Box has held up threw every battle i used it in . The draw back is its a giant point sink to set up and you hope to by playing a defensive game.

Hope you like the idea and you know you can set up something similar in most army's.

will be chatting with you later.
Madfjohn seining off