Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stormboyz ability

Madfjohn here lets talk about the ork storm boyz.

Some players think these boyz are terrible and others think they are the cats meow.  To be honest they are good  for what they do. Now under the 6th rules they have become something to watch out for. They come with a speshal rules that makes them relay good for getting to the assault. So lets look in to the speshal rules of the rocket packs for the orks.

So all jump pack units get to move 12" and jump over objects and enemy units. You can also deep strike the units. The newest one they add to jump troops is if they use the jump pack in the charge they get to re-roll the dice for charge distance.  Then theirs the bonus attack they get if the use the jump packs to get to the assault.

Now the Ork rockets also get a extra D6 " when they use the pack. If you roll a 1 you lose one of them. Now this is ware some players get things crossed. They think the ork  jump pack does not get this for the assault. Well they are wrong. The ork codex states it in the beginning under there description " Every time the stormboyz unit utilizes its rokkit packs to move or fall back" . You notes it did not say movement phase. This bonus is only when you use them so you can walk them in the movement phase and get the bonus in the assault move phase. So this can be a assault move of 18"  Remember if you deep strike you have used them to get on the board so no bonus that turn.

I hope you found this use full and add some fun to the games with this zany ability.

I will catch you on the next Waaaaagh !!!!

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