Friday, December 14, 2012

News, Miniatures, Painting, and Upcoming things

I know it has been awhile since I posted on here.  I have been busy with Christmas, work, and the whole family thing.  I have also been playing with numbers and refining my list for the BAO.  I have purchased some new models and am awaiting for them to arrive in the mail.  My list has changed a bit and I think it adds a lot more punch and is very balanced, which makes me happy.

There is some good news and bad news however. 

Good News: 

I love my list.  It is solid and I am goign to be using a unit I have not used yet for DE, ever.  Beasts will be included into my list and will be playtested heavily to ensure I can use them effectively.  Again, thanks to Mr. ShotDownMind for the suggestion and helpful hitns he has given me for their uses.

Also, I have been painting!  Thank God!  I will post some pics up of some of the models I have done by this weekend.  The Voidravens should be done and painted by this Sudnay, and I will post the pics up of them, the Venoms, the Raider, and the Ravager I have completed painting.  My hopes are to complete all of the vehicles and batch paint up all of thei nfantry at one time to help the stress of me not likign to paint. 

My bases are also ordered for my Beasts as well via Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I am awaiting for those in the mail as well.  I was suprised to see that teh Beasts had to be on 40mm bases, but oh well.   I feel like the substitute beast I am using will feel small on the 40mm, but i don't want any complaints from people at BAO and that is the size base GW provides for them.

I will head down to Lodi to pick up my 1st place prize for the Escalation League I won 2 weeks ago.  reason I couldn't pick it up then was because they are still finalizing placements of 2nd and 3rd place.

Last thing, I only have 1 week of school left before I go on my Christmas Break!  A break from all of my kids will be a welcoming experience.  For all of you that have a X-Mas break, enjoy it!

Bad News:

So I ordered my Razorwing Flock substitute from SplinteredLightMinis.  I thought the birds would actually be a bit bigger.  However, glancedown at your pinkie fingernail.  Yeah, they're that small.  And there's about 16461649423 of them!!!  So I will need some way to pose them and put them on the base.  The posts that were supplied with them are less than adequate and will not do a good job to hold them up.  I am thinking about using some old 3rd Edition Tree Tops and planting them on top of the tress as if their nesting.  But I will need to sit down and really think about this.

On the flipside, those birds will be very very VERY easy to paint and take no time at all.\

Last set of bad news... I have not played a game of 40k in 2 weeks!  Yikes!  I have a serious itch right now, especially when my Beasts come in!  I am hoping to get in about 3-4 games this week and post up a Bat Rep or two via Video Camera.  This will be a weekly staple on here.

Well that's about it.  I will check back with you guys on Sunday with pics of painted models, and of the beasts I plan on using.


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  1. I suggest piano wire. A single piece for each bird, but wrapped around each other to form a single post. I was going to do that with Wedding Cake doves long ago for razorwing flocks...

    Merry Christmas! Happy HOWLIDAYS!