Thursday, December 20, 2012

BAO Test Game #2 vs Blackrage

I am still waiting on finishing up a couple models, so I have not done pictures or a video batrep yet.  They are coming I swear!  Also, this weekend I will post pictures of the Baron conversion I am almost done with and the models I am using for my Beastmaster's and the Beasts.

Last night I played Blackrage in a BAO practice game.  His list is as follows:

CCS w/ Officer of the Fleet, Astropath, Master of Ordance, Autocannon, Chimera w/ Hvy Flamer
Lord Comissar
x30 Platoon Squad w/ x4 Lascannons, x4-5 Power Axes
x10 Vets, x2 Plasma, x1 Melta, Chimera
x10 Vets, x2 Plasma, x1 Melta, Chimera
x10 Vets, x2 Plasma, x1 Melta, Demo Charge
Basilisk, Closed Top
Leman Russ
Leman Russ
Defense Line, Quad Gun

Mission: Purge the Alien and Scouring
Deployment:Vanguard Strike

Blackrage has first turn and there is Nightfighting (My warlord Trait).

Turn 1
Black rage hits some of my beasts with a couple blasts and Chimeras.  He blows a Venom up and is awarded First Blood.  They pass Morale but fail Pinning.  The damage I took was pretty minimal.

I move the Beasts along his left flank and right at his Blob Squad behind his defense Line.  My shooting saw me take a Hull Point off of one Leman Russ.  I shot and killed a few Guardsmen with the Venoms.  I Flat Out! my Wych Venom right next to his Leman Russ.

Rage- 1  Yeeman- 0

I have taken little damage but done even less to Blackrage.  The second turn will determine how this game will go.  If my beasts go bye bye, I must play defensively and hug cover and play a ranged game that I can't hope to win.  My Wyches are primed to hit his vehicle line and cause some havoc if they live.  If my beasts do live, they will run rampant through his Guardsmen and his vehicles.

Turn 2
Vendetta fails to come in.  Shuffles some vehicles around. 1st Rank, 2nd Rank is cast on his Blob.  He unloads on my Beasts.  60 total shots and he kills 3 bases I believe.  He shoots 3 Chimnera, their contents, and a Leman Russ at my Wych Venom.  Finally it goes boom, taking 3 Wches with it.  They pass Pinning.  I pass LD on my Beasts.

Doom is cast on the Blob squad and a Voidraven comes in behind the Bastions in the middle.  My turn sees me move up the Warrior squad that got shot out up toward the middle Scouring Objective worth 2pts.  I unload my Blaster Warriors on an objective out of LOS and that's worth 1pt.  Other vehicles shuffle around to aim.  Beasts move in base contact with the Defense Line  to give me a 3+ Cover from Overwatch I will be getting.

Shooting sees no real damage other than the Quad Gun dying.  I strip some  Hull Points off multiple Chimeras.  Voidraven whiffs on the Rear armor of the CCS Chimera.  (It got turned by Eldritch Storm)  A Haywire Grenade strips a Hullpoint off the Russ.  I charge and absorb his Overwatch and take zero wounds from the Blob Squad and his CCS Chimera.  I kill 18 Guardsmen and so many died that he cannot consolidate into CC with me.  The Baron takes care of the chimera.  Wyches charge Leman Russ and blow it.

Rage- 2  Yeeman- 2

Well my Beasts survived, and I am now in his lines.  He needs to make target priority matter as the Guardsmen will be swept in CC.  My Wyches can hopefully go and take off the last HP off the Chimera near them.  Hopefully my Voidraven comes in and i can start blowing thins up.  I'd like his Vendetta to come in and have me blow that up.  I just needto keep on the offensive.

Turn 3
Vendetta comes in.  Flies on my right flank, right in front of my Guardians.  Vets stay in Vendetta.  Surviving Russ moves to take on my Ravager.  Chimeras shuffle around.

His shooting sees his Leman Russ take down my Ravager.  His Vendetta shoots my Voidraven.  Strips only 1 HP off after I Flicker his Penetrating hit away.  A Chimera shoots and kills the 2 Wyches that remained.  CC sees my Beasts run rampant and take out his Lord Commisar and the rest of the  Blob.  I consolidate towards his PCS and his Basilisk.

I dont get my other Voidraven in.  I forget to Doom!  My Voidraven flies off the field but drops his Bomb on a Chimera and 4 of the CCS.  Kills the Officer, the Standard, and the Master of Ordinance.  it also blows the Chimera it hit.  They pass Pinning.  My Gunboat Raider moves up, as does my other Venom to get a good shot on the squad from the exploded Chimera.  beasts get an inch away from the Basilisk, Vets from Chimera and the PCS.

Shooting sees the Venom kill a couple Vets from the Chimera.  The Gunboat Raider shoots and kill the CCS.  I multicharge the Basilisk, the PCS, and the Vets with the Beasts.  Basilisk goes boom, PCS is wiped and the Vets are riddled.  Vets fail morale and run off the board.

Rage- 4  Yeeman- 8

I am now in the driver seat after picking up 6 Killpoints this turn, and just need the game to end sooner than later.  That leman Russ can still hurt my Beasts who are in the open.  Also, the lone Chimera with Vets is still a threat.  The Vendetta  doesnt have a lot of otpions but can still something.

Turn 4
Rage dumps his Vets out by my 1pt objective holding Warriors.  Vendetta goes to Hover and eyes my Raider.  Leman Russ backs off and prepares to fire at the Beasts.

Shooting sees his Vets kill the Warriors.  Vendetta shoots the Beasts instead and kills a base because they had cover from a Ruin.  Leman Russ unloads and kills more Beasts.  Chimera shoots and downs the last of the Beasts.  Only the Baron and the Farseer remain!

Nothing to Doom this turn.  Both Voidravens come in and eye the Vendetta as prey.Farseer and Baron move up to blow the Russ.  Gunboat unloads its contents into the 3pt objective in the ruin on his side.
Shootign sees the Guardians, Night Spinner, and a couple stray missilsg kill all but 3 Vets.  Voidravens strip only 2 HPs off the Vendetta.  Vets pass morale.  Baron and Farseer charge and blow the Leman Russ.

Rage- 5  Yeeman- 9

I didn't do anything really this turn.  The Vendetta still lives, Vets are still alive but only have 2.  The Baron and Farseer can go mop up the Chimera and the contents.

Turn 5
At this time, Rage concedes the game.  I am up 4 Killpoints and  I have 8pts in Scouring objectives.  I have Walord and Line Breaker.

The game ends with a Yeeman victory 9-1.

After Game Thoughts:
The Beasts are INSANE!  People need to kill that unit in the first 2 turns.  If they don't they will literally run rampant and kill everything in their path.  once they get into CC, they can't be stopped.  I can pick and choose to stay in CC with Hit and Run.

Also, my shooting is a lot better than I give myself credit for.  I like that my Warriors havea tool for every job.  The one Wych Squad I have is money.  Glad I brough them with me.

My Voidravens need to come to the fight!  They whiffed on too many missiles and Void Lances.  Everything else did pretty much what I needed when I shot.  I didn't shoot the Blob Squad with the Night Spinner because I wanted to be stuck in CC with the Blob for 2 turns.  He stripped some HPs off Chimeras and Immobilized another!

I think Rage needs to get a little better target priority.  He didn't shot my Beasts enough.  He needed to kill that squad in hopes of picking off the rest of my army.  Also, he was too worried about my Venoms.  They couldn't do anythign because he was meched up. 

I like his list, but I think a little better tactics would have made it more of a game.

Overall, I am very happy with how the list played.  The Beasts can take such a punishment and still live to talk about it.  I love it.  I am lookign forward to more of the practice ames that will be happening soon.

We have the Punisher Potluck on New Year's Day and will have many practice games in that day.  So far I am 2-0 and loving the list and how it plays.  it can adapt to multiple situations and is really well balanced.
I look forward to playing Lizz's Daemons or a Necron Airforce.  Even Big Tex's 50 Marines will be tough just because of the sheer amount of bodies he has in the list. 



  1. Haha! I love Beasts, and Raider Gunboats, and wych teams in venoms.

    I hate voidravens that come in late or wiff (because they can be ravagers shooting shit)

    I think I hate doomseer, I never get much out of him, and protecting vs nid buffs is a waste of 200pts methinks.

  2. The Doomseer is money. Having mobile Doom so Venoms and the Gunboat and everything else can reroll to Wound is SO good. He's mobile so I can Doom almost anyone on the field.

    I agree on the Voidravens, but just can't live without them. Too good not to take.

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    1. Having been able to watch a good portion of the this game I can say without a doubt that Rage totally misfired with his target priority. When you took on my Necron's (prior to your game against Rage) your Doomseer and Nightspinner earned every point you spent on them playing a major role in your wining our game. It took everything in my army durning the first turn to trim down that beast unit. Although I hate allies and what has become "Hero Hammer" in 6th edition you played very well in both games. I think this is a really strong list