Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Beast Squad in the Making

So after some thoughts and talks with people I respect, I have come to the conclusion that a beast master squad should be added to my lists.  Mr. ShotDownMind has convinced me just how good they can be and the utility they can bring.

First off they are fast.  I don't need to worry about them being left in the dust or not getting to where they need to go.
They are durable.  So many wounds to go through is ridiculous!  Clawed Fiend in the front to suck up shots and Khymera to eat Str 6.  The Baron can provide them with Stealth and Hit Run.
They hit like a Son of a Bitch!  Str 5 attacks from the Fiend (if he gets there), Khymera add in some str 4, and the Razorwing Rend!  Plus Grenades!!!!
They protect me from Daemons and Drop Pods.  I can literally surround my entire army with this unit and prvent people from doing what they want to do!

The set up I am thinking of doing is this:

x5 Beatmasters
x1 Clawed Fiend
x5 Khymera
x6 Razorwing

All for the bargain price of 247

The Baron will be escorting.  I am thinking of putting my Farseer on a bike to accompany them as well and Doom everyone around.  The unit does not fear anything but AV13 walkers or Paladins.  This unit should sweep through almost any combat.  And if Doom is added, Rends will be a plenty!  Hit and Run durign their turn just to Charge back in just incase I dont fully kill what I was in CC to begin with.

I can't afford the expensive GW models so I have found alternatives I wanted to share.

Here is what I am usign for Khymera:

Here is what I am using for my Razorwing, I am adding bits to make them look better:

Here is what I am using for a Clawed Fiend:

I will just buy Hellions for now, but I plan on putting Haemonculi on Skyboards so they fit the theme I want for the units.  If you look at the Khymera they have tubes and such that make them look Coven-y. 

Let me know what you guys think.