Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We're Talkin' About Practice

So today will mark the first day I will start the grueling process of testing out my list for the Bugeater GT coming up on June 7th.  Not only do I need to test out the list against a variety of opponents, but I also need to paint, making my problem two-fold. If I want to run the list I have posted, I will need to paint the following:

20 Guardians
2 Lance Platforms
7 Fire Dragons
Build/Paint 1 Wave Serpent
Build and Paint a rider for my Farseer on Bike
Bases for all

A tall order for one such as me as I do not paint very fast.  I obviously could borrow some of the models if need be, and I probably will to be honest.

Tonight I will be battling against Omega Prime's Necrons.  He said his usual Flier list will be different to account for the Imperial Knights and the Nid formations as well.  I look forward to this battle as we have not thrown dice against each other for 5 months.  Plus, I know his list will be strong so I look forward to the competition.

Also, this Sunday is the Twin-Linked Tournament at Great Escape Games.  Me and my buddy Big Ray Barrera will be together again to try and defend our regular season crown of Twin-Linked Champions.

I am hoping to have updates of models I have painted this week and will report on the Twin-Linked.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bugeater Thoughts and List

The Bugeater GT is coming up fast!  The Primer Pack can be found HERE.  The short of it is, an 1850pt tournament from June 6th-8th in Omaha, Nebraska.  Imperial Knights will be allowed, Dataslate characters are allowed, and ONLY Tyranid Formations will be allowed.  The reason for Nid Formations is because they cannot ally.  The funny thing about it is, the winner of the previous two Bugeater GTs has been Matt Root and his Nids. 

As I have said in the past, of all of the tournaments I have been to, Bugeater last year was the best.  Granted I haven't been to very many and not knocking any of the other tournaments I have been to.  Tim Royers runs the Bugeater GT as a fund raiser for his Nationally acclaimed Debate Team.  Last year I believe he rose over $5,000!  It is refreshing to see someone run a successful tournament for a great cause!  The tournament itself feels like an RTT as the environment is very laid back but very competitive.  Being in a large gymnasium lends more than enough space and having air flowing in and out of the building limits the "funk" that is normally present when you get 150+ bodies in a space.  Also, the prize support is fantastic!  TONS of raffle prizes, plaques for winners, medals for winners, and just great support from the Omaha and surrounding community.

Ok onto my initial thoughts for a list.  Because Knights are allowed and Nid Formations will be present, I took them into account when making this.  I honestly think Nids will be running rampant as will the usual suspects.  For here is the list:

Dark Eldar Primary


x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom

x5 Masters, Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock

Ravager, Nightshields
Ravager, Nightshields

Eldar Allies

Farseer, Bike, Shard, Stone

x7 Fire Dragons, Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Cannon

x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Cannon
x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Cannon

As I said, with Nids allowed formations, I imagine lots of people with take the Gargoyle one that includes 3 FMCs and 3 squads of Gargoyles that can keep coming back to life and capture objectives without them being contested.  A pretty damn powerful formation.  Also, with the new IG book out, I think tanks will be prevalent in their lists. 

For FMCs I have 3 Venoms and the Guardians to force grounding checks.  Also, the Guardians wound on 5's against the Crones and Harpies they will have.  Also with Daemon Flying Circus winning Adepticon I am sure some posers will be out.  But I have never had a problem with Daemons and their FMCs as they simply do not have the numbers to take everything down.

I can afford to be more aggressive with the Guardians and push them forward to throw out 20 shots on small bugs and killing tons of them.  I chose the Guardians rather than cheap Dire Avengers for the number of bodies, the Lance platform, the firepower, and the ability to sit on objectives if need be and grab points every turn because Bugeater is running the Alternate Mission Packet where you can capture objectives at the end of the game or earn points every turn after Turn 1.  So I like the options they give me.

For Knights, I have the 2 Ravagers and the Fire Dragons.  In a pinch the Guardians could go in and take a stray HP off.  I am just scared if someone brings 3 of them as a primary detachment.  I don't think I have the guns to kill 3 of them.  Plus they score?  Yeah it will be tough for sure.  Not to mention they trump my Beasts in CC and put out some Battle Cannon shots that are capable of killing everything in my army.  But, if someone brings 3 Knights, the rest of their army will be small.  So I will have to kill them.  Hopefully I can kill 1 of them in the backfield and have it go Apocalyptic on them.  Though it would take some very good luck.  If someone brings 1 Knight for their Ally, I am not too worried because they don't score and 1 doesn't put out enough firepower to have me worry.

Against most other armies, I feel I have enough to punish them and win the games.  I haven't played against the Nid Formations, an Imperial Knight, or the new IG book.  So I am hoping that what I have here will be able to handle it.

The Fire Dragons help with Knights and the IG tanks.  They aren't too bad at shooting FMCs and killing them either.  They also put another Wave Serpent on the board which is never a bad thing.  However, dropping the Voidraven and the Guardians down to Dire Avengers may be too much to lose for them.  But, 7 Melta Guns, Melta Bombs, and now a 3+ Armor Save, they are capable of doing a lot of damage.

My major concern is whether the Guardians and their platform is worth it.  I could drop them both down to Dire Avengers and add in some Swooping Hawks but I feel I lose some big guns and healthier troops that could last on an objective.  Avengers put out half the shots Guardians do and can only damage infantry.  Guardians have more bodies, the Lance and twice the shots to kill infantry and such with.  But Hawks could be useful with their Ignore Cover bomb and lots of Str. 3 shooting and able to deny objectives fairly easily.  Thoughts?

Well let me know what you think.  I will be trying this list out this week.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recent RTT and Some News

This past Saturday was a 1 day, 3 round Tournament at Shieldbreakers in Aurora, CO.  1850pts was the total and we had 12 people show up.  We would play 3 Adepticon missions for the Tournament.

I brought the list I had posted last time, but here it is again.

Farseer, Bike, Shard, Stone, Runes of Warding
Maugan Ra

x20 Guardians, x2 Lances
x5 Dire Avengers, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter, Shuri-Cannon
x5 Dire Avengers, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter, Shuri-Cannon

War Walker, x2 Lances
x3 Shadow Weavers


x5 Warriors, Venom, Trophies
x5 Warriors, Venom, Trophies

x5 Beastmasters, Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock

Aegis Line w/ Icarus

My first game was against Kevin McDermott from 11th Co. Podcast.  We played previously at Ass Con a couple months ago and he had brought Seer Council.  In this game, he would have Nids.  I always like facing Nids as their high Toughness means jack and they usually want to get close, which is even better for me.  He brought the Store Owner Nate's Nids as he wanted to try them out.  His list had a couple Tervigons, a Mawloc, 5 Warriors, some Gaunts, Prime, 2 Zoeys, 2 Venomthropes, 2 Fex, and 2 Crones. Nothing over the top and I could tell Nate prolly built the army more for looks than competitive play.

Kevin went first and proceeded to down a Venom.  This would be the only KP he would get off of me all game.  I then shot and kill both Crones and killed his Warriors with my Beasts.  Each turn I would pick a unit and destroy it and it went downhill fast for Kevin.

 Another rules dispute came up between us and him wanting to Deepstrike his Mawloc.  He claimed that because under the Mawloc's rule, he could place the Mawloc and DS him onto my Beasts who were in CC.  The wording says "place a Large Blast Marker..." and he argued that because it doesn't say target, he can "place" the Blast over.  I tried to explain to him that by placing you are targeting and you can never target a unit in CC unless a rule explicitly gives permission.  He responded with the classic and above all my favorite of rule arguments, "Well it doesn't say I can't."  LOL... I love the argument.  Well Kevin it doesn't say I can't just slap you across the table either, but I feel that would be against the rules.  Nate ruled in my favor and I went on decimating his army.

I would win 19-1 or a Crushing Victory

My second opponent was Noah.  I had played him in the 3rd round at the last tournament and he had brought  Seer Council.  He did bring it again this time but bumped up the effectiveness by bringing DE Allies.  He had 2 Seers, 10 Locks, 2 Serpents with Avengers, 3 Walkers with Scatters and Lances, Baron, 2 Venoms, and 2 squads of Spiders.

The only thing he missed was the Grisly Trophies on the Venoms and his list would have been set. 

I had first turn and Noah wisely held things in Reserve and stayed out of range of most of my shooting.  Unfortunately for him I was still able to Glance out a Serpent for First Blood.  He shot his Council away from my Beasts, and I thought he would just go and destroy my backfield and we would switch sides of the table.  But, he turned around and assaulted me instead.  Had he killed my backfield like he should have, he would have won easily.  He did kill my Beasts and the Baron (on his first roll) but I won the match handily.

Crushing Victory

My last opponent ran Mono-Khorne Daemons.  He had been annihilating his opponents and it had been fun to watch and see.  Skarbrand with Skulltaker, 2 Khorne Heralds, 3 20 man Bloodletter squads, Soul Grinder, Skull Cannon, some Hounds, and a good size Crusher squad lead the way.  It was a lot of bodies!

Hounds would assault my Beasts to which they would nearly die from.  Venom shooting took out the last Hound when I Hit and Ran away.  Beasts would then clear out a whole 20 man block by themselves but get multi-assaulted by Skarbrand, the Grinder, and another block.  This is the big mistake my opponent made.  By multi-assaulting with the Letters, I was able to kill Skarbrand and all the Letters through Daemonic Instability. 

His highlight was making a 10'' charge with his Crushers and last block of Letters into my Guardians.  His letters made 5 saves to prevent from being Overwatched out of range.  Maugan Ra went toe to toe with a Khorne Herald while all of his Guardians got trampled by the Crushers.  The Beasts would turn around and finish the job and at the end of turn 3, my opponent would call the game.

Crushing Victory.

I would win the tournament with Noah getting 2nd and my 3rd opponent getting 3rd.  It was sad to see so many people drop after the 2nd round.  I know someone who wanted to play a game couldn't because his opponent had left leaving him with no one to play.  Its sad, and I get that you paid your money to play, but see the tournament through.  I would think you pay the money to actually play the game, not leave because you don't think you can win the tournament anymore.  I just don't like it.

On another note, I will be heading out of state (Colorado) for a couple of months for work.  Luckily for me I will be in the Northern California area.  It will be sad to leave the family for the period of time, but I simply cannot pass up this opportunity for my family and I.  I don't leave for another couple of weeks though.

I will give updates on the Crusade of Fire Campaign after this Friday, and hopefully I can finish my Swooping Hawks this week.