Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We're Talkin' About Practice

So today will mark the first day I will start the grueling process of testing out my list for the Bugeater GT coming up on June 7th.  Not only do I need to test out the list against a variety of opponents, but I also need to paint, making my problem two-fold. If I want to run the list I have posted, I will need to paint the following:

20 Guardians
2 Lance Platforms
7 Fire Dragons
Build/Paint 1 Wave Serpent
Build and Paint a rider for my Farseer on Bike
Bases for all

A tall order for one such as me as I do not paint very fast.  I obviously could borrow some of the models if need be, and I probably will to be honest.

Tonight I will be battling against Omega Prime's Necrons.  He said his usual Flier list will be different to account for the Imperial Knights and the Nid formations as well.  I look forward to this battle as we have not thrown dice against each other for 5 months.  Plus, I know his list will be strong so I look forward to the competition.

Also, this Sunday is the Twin-Linked Tournament at Great Escape Games.  Me and my buddy Big Ray Barrera will be together again to try and defend our regular season crown of Twin-Linked Champions.

I am hoping to have updates of models I have painted this week and will report on the Twin-Linked.

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  1. Awesome man, good luck at Twin-Linked! School is over for me now, so hopefully we can get some serious games in! I would be happy to play some random other armies against your Bugeater list! I actually came really close to registering for Fantasy instead of 40k, but decided that I would just get crushed and that I will have more fun with 40k. Let's hope I wasn't wrong :)