Friday, May 16, 2014

Army Updates and List Change for Bugeater 2014

After playing some test games with the old list, I have decided to change a couple things.  nothing major, but I found myself lacking and wishing I had another unit on the field.  Especially one that could reach out and hurt units I couldn't see.  I decided to add in some Vaul Batteries from the Eldar book.  The new list is:

x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Beastmaster, Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock
Ravager w/ Nightshields
Ravager w/ Nightshields

Farseer, Bike, Stone, Shard
x5 Fire Dragons, Serpent w/ Scatter and Cannon
x5 Dire Avengers, Serpent w/ Scatter and Cannon
x10 Guardians w/ Lance Platform, Serpent w/ Scatter and Cannon
x3 Vaul Batters, Shadow Weavers

So I essentially took out 2 Dragons and swapped 1 of the Guardian units for Dire Avenger to grab some Shadow Weavers.  They have been money recently in games and have very nice damage output as well.

I have played some practice games where I intentionally handicapped myself (No Fortune, No First Turn or tying to Seize) to see how bad things could get for me and if I could handle it.

 I played against an 8 FMC list using Skyblight.  I didnt take Fortune, First Turn, and for shits I rolled to Seize which I would have, but decided just to let the Nid player go first.  Boy does that list have a nice alpha strike.  I would get my ass kicked but would take down 7 of the FMCs but couldnt handle the Gargoyles or the Tervigon that was pooping babies out.  My opponent just sat on objectives and buried me in FMCs.   I do think that if I went first, I could not only kill 2-4 FMCs but restrict the firts turn casualties.  Without being able to Vector Strike, Crones arent too mean, but the Haywire Missiles and the Flamer can still kill my vehicles, but not as easily as the Str. 8 Vector Strikes.

I also tested the list against 5 Space Wolf Drop Pods with a Thunderwolf Deathstar that included 3 Wolves, 2 Fenrisian Wolves, Lord on Wolf, Rune Priest on Bike, and White Scars Chapter Master.  Again I didnt take Fortune or First turn (both of which I rolled and won).  Allowing the pods to drop and to get his TWC Star close enough without hindering it with all of my shooting was tough.  Matt "Fat Ninja Hodor" Bess squeaked a victory out and won.  However, we both agree that without being able to Jink and allowing his Star to come up unscathed was game changing.  Had I had first turn, we both felt I would have won rather easily.

I played against Daemon w/ CSM Allies FMC spam as well.  This game wouldnt be very close as only having 5 FMCs with little to no shooting is quite an easy army for me to take to down.  The Helldrake proved difficult but it could only kill max 2 units a turn. 

I fought against a Tau w/ Space Marine allies list.  This game would go down to the wire with a loss for me as I couldnt dislodge his troops off of objectives who continually grabbed points for him every turn.

Lastly, I played against a 7 flier Necron list.  I chose to go first and to score points every round because if I kept First Turn (I didnt, Imotekh Seized for the win!) I would have been able to grab 3 points off the bat and forced my opponent to either kill my firepower (which he did 2nd turn... 2 Serpent, 2 Ravagers, and 2 Venoms) or my troops.  I would win because my Fire Dragons manned up and shot 2 fliers out of the sky (only 2 I killed) and I eliminated his troops.  I got up to 9 points and with only 2 troops remaining, my opponent couldnt win.  Also, the Baron was scoring via my Warlord trait, he would score with the Beasts for 4 rounds, giving me 4 points.  Tough game, but well fought and very fun.

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