Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Army Pics and Display Board Progression

So it has been an eventful week of hobbying to get ready for the Bugeater GT.  Non-stop painting, building, and display board making... And the tournament hasn't even come yet!

With 7th Edition just dropping, there is plenty of hoopla on the Internet that people are claiming.  I love that the book hasn't even been out for 1 week yet and people are proclaiming how broken the game is or how the new edition sucks or how nothing much changed.  I'm sure all the naysayers and Expert Hatters out there have done their own extensive play testing to ensure that everything is BROKEN  and Daemons are OMFG OP!

Anyways... Here are some updated pictures of my army and some progress pictures of my display board!

Single Guardian w/ my Eldar scheme

5 Guardians upclose
10 Guardians w/ Platform

Re-done Wraithknight... No more Buzz Lightyear!


Naked board, but with some carved terrain pieces

Close up pic of the big corner piece

Up close pic of the fallen away cliff face

One example of a hill  or rocky spire.  This one fits a Serpent and 10 guys.

Another example of hill or spire.  This one was made for a Serpent and 5 guys.

This is underneath the big corner piece.  I hollowed it out on two ends to make a cave.  In the process of getting some LEDs to put in there.  Also, would look great having some Coven units, Mandrakes (lol) or even some Striking Scorpions in there!

So there is some progress pics of my army.  Still have a bunch to do for my display board, but it is getting there! Wood putty will be coated all over the base of the board (the brown part) to give it texture and so i can paint it to reflect my Dark Eldar bases.  The Styrofoam pieces will need some wood putty and then be coated with some Elmer's Glue then have fine grained sand on them to give some texture to them as well.  I chose fine grained sand because it will give the definition to my pieces and match what I hope my Eldar bases will look like.  I then of course need to paint, wash, and drybrush the entire thing.  UGHHHH!  It will be a looooong week and weekend!  

I am looking to put some LEDs in the cave, but dont think I will have the in time, so i may get some cheap little light to throw in there right now.  The cave was not meant to be so extensive, but creative thinking on my part and Omega Prime's got me to where I am.  I know it looks like nothing now, but I think I will be able to turn this thing into something epic! 

Things to do this week:

Touch ups on models
Highlight Grey Serpent
Display Board
All my Eldar bases

Still a bunch to do, but it all has to get done, so it will, one way or the other.  Leave for Bugeater in 1 week!  Feeling very excited!  Stay tuned for updates!



  1. Looking good, my friend! Can't wait for Bugeater - definitely my favorite low-key event of the year! Hope you win something awesome at Bugeater, and that team "C-state Domination" will crush all opposition :)

  2. We will definitely take it home. Just need those pesky Fantasy players to pull their weight!

  3. Haha, well good news: I'll get my 4th through 6th games of Fantasy in the past year (we could say 9th through 12th games in the past 2.5 years) in this weekend! So, I should be good :-|