Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ready to Eat Me Some BUGS!

So this weekend is the 4th Annual Bugeater GT in Omaha, Nebraska.  This is probably the last 6th Edition GT and I am ready for it to go off with a bang!  Last year, I had the best overall tournament experience I could ask for.  I can only hope to have the same this year! 

New to the Bugeater GT this year is the Bugeater Cup.  A group can win 3 different cups.  One cup is for playing well (as a group) in he WHFB Tournament.  Another is to play well (again... as a group) in the 40k Tournament.  Then there is an Overall Cup for a group that does well in both.  You will forever have your group's name emblazoned on the trophy for glory and riches and all that jazz.  Seeing as how none of the people from Sac that are going play Fantasy, we were hoping to go for the 40k trophy.  However, talking with my buddy from Colorado, Adam Tricola from  he and some other buddies were willing to team up with us and some of them play Fantasy!  So we can now win any of the 3 cups!  Our team name?  Drum roll please.. Team C-State Domination.  Adam and his buddies reign from Colorado and my buddies and I reign from California.  Perfec name I think... We will dominate! (I hope...)

Next up, here are some pictures of finished models and my board.  Enjoy!

Up Close view of the corner piece... All glued and awaiting Drybrushing

Wood putty is painted grey... Awaiting the Wash

Washed!  First Coat

Up close of wash effect

Sanded, painted, and 1st coat of wash

Up close, needs another wash and drybrushing

Before I took it home to drybrush and add effects

1 finished spire

Finished Board!

My cart finished!  Wheels on the bottom, and two storage areas.  The bottom for my Army Transport Bags and the second level for Dice, Books, and extras.  Top is reserved for the display board.

 So obviously I missed some steps in there.  I will take some better lit pictures of my board, Omegaprime's, and Fat Ninja Hodor's.  They all look very impressive!

Finally, if you notice the models in the picture don't match my previous army connotations, you are right!   I made some changes.  No more Dragons or Batteries.  Going to to roll with the Wraithknight and the Defense Line.  I figure both fit rolls I need them to.  Defense Line kills that pesky Skyblight Formation and the Knight can dominate the Imperial Knight with shooting and CC.  Hopefully its a worthwhile change!

As an aside, me and Omegaprime will be playing in the Team Tournament they are holding on Friday.  Our team name for that will be The Walking Dead.  We will have over 60 models of Necrons with Orbs and either 29 Wraithguard with a Spiritseer or 18 Guard with a couple Wraithlords.  it will be a gametime decision what we run! 

Well wish us luck!  I will try and take pictures of all of my games!  We embark on the 22 hour drive to Omaha, Nebraska at 10:30pm tomorrow!

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  1. Awesome man! I'm jealous you get to play in the team tournament - I get to work on Friday until noon, when we leave.

    But it'll be great fun, I'm pumped to try and win the Cup, I think we have a shot at it at least! Just gotta hope that those 40k slouches will help to do their part to earn it ;-)

    Nah, Bugeater will be fun regardless of what happens - one of the best tournaments out there, if you ask me. See you there my friend, good luck at the TT.