Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Picture Updates of Bugeater Army

So I have been painting quite a bit.  Still have a little to go, but should easily finish all the models I need painted for the tournament by week's end.  I'll throw up some pictures of finished models (outside of highlights) and then have a list of stuff to do at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Up close Fire Dragons

Whole 5 man squad

Side view of 1 Battery

Top view of Battery w/ Crew

New Wave Serpent on the right.  Did an inverse theme.   

To Do List:

1.  x10 Guardians- All are base coated, need final touch ups and wash.  Platform is done.

2.  Basing-  I need 26 25mm bases done, 3 60mm bases, and 1 40mm base.  Will probably do extra so I have them and this way I can batch them all up together and not have to go back and do them later.

3.  Display Board-  Me, Omegaprime, and Fat Ninja Hodor Matt Bess have started our display boards.  These will be rather large (24'' by 32'').  We also are constructing carts to push them around on so we don't have to carry them, the army, and our bags.  I will take some progress pictures of what we have so far and hopefully they will get done in 2 weeks time.  This is my main worry for my army as it is the most time consuming and I have the least amount of time to work on it.

4.  Touch Ups-  ON EVERYTHING!  My Beastpack looks shitty because its chipped so many damn times.  I need to throw some highlights on some vehicles.  I need to go unit by unit and make sure everything is legit and looks good.  Then spray them with sealer so they don't chip or anything.

It seems like a lot but I should be able to roll the Guardians out by week's end and I'll have my base template done so I can batch paint up all of them and get them finished.  Touch ups will be an on-going process, but I should have things done in time for the Bugeater. 

I have been contemplating a list change to throw in an Aegis Line with Quad Gun with Reapers on it to simply kill Bike Squads and FMCs.  But losing the Dragons, the Serpent, and the Batteries might be too much firepower.  Plus, it adds 6 more models I need to paint in the Reapers.  We will see though.

Let me know what you think of the new models and I will post some progress pictures up after this weekend of the display board.  I also will throw up my 1750 Contest of Champions list up as well.  Comp hits Eldar and Dark Eldar pretty damn hard, but I think I can make it work.


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