Monday, April 14, 2014

Bugeater Thoughts and List

The Bugeater GT is coming up fast!  The Primer Pack can be found HERE.  The short of it is, an 1850pt tournament from June 6th-8th in Omaha, Nebraska.  Imperial Knights will be allowed, Dataslate characters are allowed, and ONLY Tyranid Formations will be allowed.  The reason for Nid Formations is because they cannot ally.  The funny thing about it is, the winner of the previous two Bugeater GTs has been Matt Root and his Nids. 

As I have said in the past, of all of the tournaments I have been to, Bugeater last year was the best.  Granted I haven't been to very many and not knocking any of the other tournaments I have been to.  Tim Royers runs the Bugeater GT as a fund raiser for his Nationally acclaimed Debate Team.  Last year I believe he rose over $5,000!  It is refreshing to see someone run a successful tournament for a great cause!  The tournament itself feels like an RTT as the environment is very laid back but very competitive.  Being in a large gymnasium lends more than enough space and having air flowing in and out of the building limits the "funk" that is normally present when you get 150+ bodies in a space.  Also, the prize support is fantastic!  TONS of raffle prizes, plaques for winners, medals for winners, and just great support from the Omaha and surrounding community.

Ok onto my initial thoughts for a list.  Because Knights are allowed and Nid Formations will be present, I took them into account when making this.  I honestly think Nids will be running rampant as will the usual suspects.  For here is the list:

Dark Eldar Primary


x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom

x5 Masters, Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock

Ravager, Nightshields
Ravager, Nightshields

Eldar Allies

Farseer, Bike, Shard, Stone

x7 Fire Dragons, Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Cannon

x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Cannon
x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Cannon

As I said, with Nids allowed formations, I imagine lots of people with take the Gargoyle one that includes 3 FMCs and 3 squads of Gargoyles that can keep coming back to life and capture objectives without them being contested.  A pretty damn powerful formation.  Also, with the new IG book out, I think tanks will be prevalent in their lists. 

For FMCs I have 3 Venoms and the Guardians to force grounding checks.  Also, the Guardians wound on 5's against the Crones and Harpies they will have.  Also with Daemon Flying Circus winning Adepticon I am sure some posers will be out.  But I have never had a problem with Daemons and their FMCs as they simply do not have the numbers to take everything down.

I can afford to be more aggressive with the Guardians and push them forward to throw out 20 shots on small bugs and killing tons of them.  I chose the Guardians rather than cheap Dire Avengers for the number of bodies, the Lance platform, the firepower, and the ability to sit on objectives if need be and grab points every turn because Bugeater is running the Alternate Mission Packet where you can capture objectives at the end of the game or earn points every turn after Turn 1.  So I like the options they give me.

For Knights, I have the 2 Ravagers and the Fire Dragons.  In a pinch the Guardians could go in and take a stray HP off.  I am just scared if someone brings 3 of them as a primary detachment.  I don't think I have the guns to kill 3 of them.  Plus they score?  Yeah it will be tough for sure.  Not to mention they trump my Beasts in CC and put out some Battle Cannon shots that are capable of killing everything in my army.  But, if someone brings 3 Knights, the rest of their army will be small.  So I will have to kill them.  Hopefully I can kill 1 of them in the backfield and have it go Apocalyptic on them.  Though it would take some very good luck.  If someone brings 1 Knight for their Ally, I am not too worried because they don't score and 1 doesn't put out enough firepower to have me worry.

Against most other armies, I feel I have enough to punish them and win the games.  I haven't played against the Nid Formations, an Imperial Knight, or the new IG book.  So I am hoping that what I have here will be able to handle it.

The Fire Dragons help with Knights and the IG tanks.  They aren't too bad at shooting FMCs and killing them either.  They also put another Wave Serpent on the board which is never a bad thing.  However, dropping the Voidraven and the Guardians down to Dire Avengers may be too much to lose for them.  But, 7 Melta Guns, Melta Bombs, and now a 3+ Armor Save, they are capable of doing a lot of damage.

My major concern is whether the Guardians and their platform is worth it.  I could drop them both down to Dire Avengers and add in some Swooping Hawks but I feel I lose some big guns and healthier troops that could last on an objective.  Avengers put out half the shots Guardians do and can only damage infantry.  Guardians have more bodies, the Lance and twice the shots to kill infantry and such with.  But Hawks could be useful with their Ignore Cover bomb and lots of Str. 3 shooting and able to deny objectives fairly easily.  Thoughts?

Well let me know what you think.  I will be trying this list out this week.


  1. I think your list is solid, I'd keep the Guardians rather then taking the Dire Avengers. Imperial Knights and formations are going to change how we all play in very general terms. Your Ravagers and Fire dragons should be able to handle 1-2, but I agree that three of them are going to cause you (and everyone else) a bit of trouble.

    Reading this blog entry is forcing me to rethink my own possible Necron list I was planing on bringing to Bugeater this year. The random shots from the lance platforms could do nothing or, be game changers if they manage to do work at the right time against the right target.

  2. I will be testing hardcore from here on until the tournament. I need to paint ALOT for this list to be ready to play. I am hoping I can get it all done in time and not have to take something I have used in the past.

    I do think Knights will be there and towards the top tables where I plan to be, so I think they will have a big impact. The Nid formations literally make them top tier and will be seriously tough match up for anyone out there.

    I hope my concept works and has the tools to take everything down.

  3. Interesting list, I think it'll work pretty well! I agree that there will definitely be both Nids and Knights there (a friend of mine is bringing 3!) though I'm not sure if Knights will be very good. One game I played against them, they were pretty um... subpar. Should be interesting to see what happens though, looking forward to the Bugeater for the 4th year in a row!

    1. I do think 1 or 2 Knights wont be effective. 3 Knights though will score and with their D Weapon in CC could erase some of the deathstars and other units that could run rampant. With no Wraithknight in the list, I feel less confident dealing with 3. 1 or 2 I can handle I think.

      Nids is the thing I am most worried about. They can have something stupid like 8-9 FMCs around with regenerating Gargoyles you literally steal objectives from you. They will be rough to play against.