Thursday, March 21, 2013

BAO Games 5-7

Sorry for the long delay.  I have found out that my wife is 9 weeks preganant and we will be expecting another baby, so that took precedence over writing on the games I played tat he BAO.

I will recap the last 3 games of the tournament.

Game 5 vs Andrew Davis' Daemons

His list:
Herald of Nurgle
x9 Flamer
x7 Flamers
x6 Flamers
x9 Screamers
x9 Screamers
x3 Lascannon Sabre Platforms
Automated Hvy Bolters (Cannot remember the names)

Andrew had a very nicely painted Daemon army with a very nicely converted Vendetta he used.  Our mission was Kill Points with the Scouring.  The key to victory was avoiding his 3 Sabre Platforms he put in a corner.  I made his Daemons come to me and I shot them off the board and my Beasts absorbed tremendous firepower.  They actually triple-assaulted a unit of Screamers and two small Flamer squads.  They massacred them and that is what sealed the game for me pretty much.  I think I ended up winning by 4 KPs and had the Scouring.  I got a 9-1 victory.

He was a great opponent  and from the rival Wolf Brothers group in Reno/Sparks.  It is always nice to beat one of those guys!

Game 6 vs Lyzz Fosters' Daemons

So both 5-0 and I play a really good friend of mine, Lyzz Foster.  Reece comes by and tells us that whoever wins this game is playing for it all.... Oh thanks Reece appreciate the pressure!  he said two Zero Comp guys are doign the same, so no matter what, it will be a Punisher vs Zero Comp finale! 

Lyzz's List

Herald of Tz
Herald of Tz
x9 Horrors
x7 Horrors
x7 Horrors
x7 Horrors

I am glad one of us can make it to the final and am glad to be playing a very good friend.  We had played 3-4 practice games against each other and met at the Golden Throne GT last August as well as the CoC twice here in Sacramento.  She has never beaten me, nor came close in any of the games.  I felt confident, but I knew it would be tough.

We played Big Gunz and Relic mission.  She had no Heavies so I felt like I had the advantage with being able to score objectives.  I stupidly place my objectives on the ground, insead of on the hills deep in her deployment zone.  If I had done that, my Voidravens would have been able to capture.  Strike One.

Strike two is my Beasts kept getting stuck in combat and not killing Horrors or Screamers in one fell swoop.  They stayed locked in during her shooting and Assault phases makign my army take the brunt of hers.  Not a good move and one that would cost me.  The Beasts would kill things, but not fast enough.

Strike three would be turn 5.  Her Bloodthirster is in a corner, flying.  My Nightspinner is on one objective and my ravager on another.  Her Screamers are lying and waiting for one of those two to die so they can assault the other one.  My Beasts have the Thirster cornered and surrounded.  They are ready to pounce and eat up some Daemon goodness.  I shoot with everything I got at the Thirster.  My Ravager, beasts, Warriors, and Night Spinner all cause 4 different Grounding checks.  All are saved as well as the wounds i cause.  F***!!!  She proceeds to vector Strike my Spinner... BOOM!  The Screamers munch my Ravager.... BOOM!  Game, set, match... Lyzz wins and my chance at a GT final is gone.

Sad game, but very good.  It was very fun and laid back.  I was mad at myself for the game because I had several chances to do different things.  I honestly think I played too loose, but again, Lyzz played great and am glad that if I lose it is to someone in my own club!

Game 7 vs Douglas Johnson's IG/SW army

Doug is a member of Team Zero Comp and is currently rnked #1 on HQ Rankings.  I know he travels nationwide to events like Adepticon, NOVA, and he is on the ETC team.  I knew I would be in for a game. 

His List
Lord Commissar
Platoon with various weapons
x5 Lascannon Sabre Platforms
x2 Medusa Artillery Batteries (Forgeworld)
x2 Basilisk Artillery Batteries (Forgeworld)
        - Each had like 20 Crewmen
Vulture (Forgeworld)
RunePriest w/ Combi Melta
x9 Grey Hunters, melta, Pod
Defenseline w/ Comms Relay

A very Forgeworld heavy list with a lot of little guys.  His list relies heavily on those batteries to do damage.  To be honest, this game was over before it started.  i knew I could beat this list.  Once my Beasts make it into combat with the little guys, his guns are toast.

I had first turn and ran my Beasts right at him.  They are in a Ruin and receiving a nice 3+ cover save.  My Venoms and Raider knock off 4 Sabre Platforms for First Blood.  He realizes he cant do much now.  His batteries shoot, but scatter or I make my saves.  He kills minimal from my Beasts.  His Pod comes down in my backfield, and slags my Night Spinner.  Next turn will hurt for him ad his Wolves.

As the Venoms dont need to worry about his Sabres much, 2 of them come back to help with the Wolves.  No Voidravens come in.  The Guardians and venoms kill the wolves.  Beasts run up and assault the Basilisk Squad.  This is where the frustrating part began.  he didnt have his squads clearly marked, and spent abotu 15 mins discerning who from what squad.  I finally told him to take the closest 20 guys and to get moving.  To me, he was stalling, and I was not happy.  I dont slow play or stall and I hate people that do.  It was an obvious tactic and one I do not appreciate.  It was a sad attempt and one that made him look very bad.  Long story short, the Beasts munch through that squad and the Lord Commissar.  His Vulture comes on and targets a Raider! Umm... ok...  dont shoot my Beasts.  My Voidravens come on and kill the vulture and the infatry squad he had on his home base objective.  By Turn 4 (yes thats all we got through, and yes he did not move all game, so it was a sad endeavor) Doug had his CCS, and a squad of 7 Guardsmen on his homebase objective.  I had everything minus my Nightspinner, my entire Raider Squad, and some beasts.  Total domination. 

I knew I had to bring my A game to the match up because of the player I was playing.  What soured the water was him sitting there saying that my army was cheesy because of the Beasts and that its gimmick.  I dont like taking that shit from players, especially ones that cant lose graciously.  "My army is cheesy?  You had 2 giant Artillery squads from Forgeworld, 5 Sabre Platforms, and a Vulture.  Your army is plump full of it.  Be mad you lost, thats cool.  But dont call my army cheesy."  Thats what I said to him.  Dont discount my win because you think my army is cheesy (which I happen to think it isnt) and then pull some attitude shit with me. 

****This is taken out of context.  I had this feeling because I did not know Doug or how he actually plays people or talks with them.  I would like to say that I took the game too seriously to assume that he was being negative and slighting me.  After talkign with Doug online and seeing how he is with others, I took what he said the wrong way.****

I finish the BAO at 6-1.  I got 4th place out of 144!  I won best Dark Eldar General!  Lyzz won 1st!

It was an awesome tournament and I had a blast.  Winning was definately fun as well.  It was great to game with my huge gaming group and meet new people along the way.  Total fun and a great thanks out to Reece and Frankie for putting it on.  I will gladly be back next year!


  1. Hi Yeeman,
    I’m so sorry but I think you are misquoting me on this battle report. But the specifics of the battle itself are not why I’m writing this comment. It’s to apologize to you for our game as a whole.

    I would never call your army cheesy, not seriously. I was tired and maybe I came off being serious when I was being sarcastic. BAO is a ZeroComp event, BRING THE CHEESE I say, but I didn’t think your list was cheesy at all. I mean look at my list or all the other lists there. I specifically remember complimenting you on your Eldar Tank in your list. I knew it would be a hard game from me, the hardest of the tournament. Your poison is the kryptonite of my list for sure.

    I think it was a combo of my personal problems making me tired and spent at the end of a long weekend, my medical issues just don’t allow me to play 11 games in 3 days on a pavement floor anymore, and the fact that we didn’t know each other well at that time I’m sure played a part in it too. I sometime joke around the whole cheesy/ OP nonsense people cry about by making fun of it, calling everything cheesy or broken. “You ran Grots from reserve to cap an Objective? That’s Broken!” Stuff like that and I can understand how doing that with someone I don’t know very well might come over negative, especially when I’m not feeling well and seem grumpy. I’m truly sorry if it seemed like a personal attack. That’s not me at all and was not my intent, just ask around.

    I know I made some mistakes in my game/tactics and you had some earlier dice rolls that went your way and I had some that didn’t, but that is 40k and I am sorry if I seemed to discount your win that was also not my intention at all. I think 40k is 33% List, 33% Tactics, 33% Dice. If you have two strong Players with two strong lists playing it out the dice and mistakes the players make have a big role in the outcome of the game and I diffidently made more mistakes in our game.

    It really sucks that you came away from our game feeling I was your only bad opponent. I’m really sorry about that. I hope I get the chance to show you a funner game in the future. Let me just say again, your list was not “cheesy” and you earned that win, you were the better player in our game for sure.

    I hope what I said here will give you a better perspective on our game and I look forward to seeing you across the table again.


  2. To be honest, I probably should have amended the post. i actually did my research and saw how you write thigns and say things online to people and what not. I took it has a slight and that is from my lack of knowledge about you.

    So I apologize, but at the time I did take it as a shot at me. However, after seeing yu post else where and looking you up and what not, i see how you talk with others and it is in a playful manner. i have run up alot of players who have said things liek you did and they have meant it. I am not a combative person but I dont like being shot down or having the rug pulled out from under me. I took it that way, and again I am sorry.

    I think that the combination of the tournament and not knowing you really played a big part. i will amend this post and let my 11 followers know!

    And yes, when we get that rematch I am sure there will be blood.

    1. No problem at all. I just wanted to let you know where I'm coming from. I was SO spent by round 7 and I'm sorry again for not giving you a better game, both fun wise and competitive wise.