Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Game #1 BAO Dark Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

So I will put up one or two battle reports a day from the Bay Area Open.  I will list out their army and a turn by turn analysis.  I will try and incorporate any pictures I have into the Bat Rep.

The first day started off slow as registration brought us to 90 mins over the start time.  Frontline Gaming was understaffed for the event and just couldn ot handle the influz of people.  If they could have had 4 stations to register I think it would have been fine.  Also, the Fairgrounds it was held at decided to close the front gates so no one knew where to go.  Logistics were bad, but we got through it and Reece even gave us a beer to make up for it!  This is the last year at this location for the Bay Area Open, so I look forward to next year and where it will be.

First up was Mike Bass.  Mike is from a rival gaming group called the Wolf Brothers who play in Sparks, Nevada.  the Punishers and Wolf Brothers have a nice rivalry going between each other at the moment, so a victory either way would mean bragging rights.

Just as a refresher, here is my list i brought to the BAO:

The Baron- 105

x5 Wyches, Haywires, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Shredder, Venom- 115
x5 Warriors, Blaster,  Venom- 125
x10 Warriors, Cannon, Raider, Racks, Dessie- 170

x5 beast masters, x1 Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Ravager, Nightshields- 115
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfields, Flicker- 185
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfields, Flicker- 185

Farseer, Bike, Rune, Stones, Doom, Eldritch Storm- 165
x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser- 95
Nightspinner- 115

A picture of my army below:

Mike's Chaos Space Marine List


x5 Terminators, MoN

x10 Zombies
x11 Zombies
x7 Plague Marines, Melta, Flamer, Rhino
x7 Plague Marines, Melta, Flamer, Rhino

Helldrake, Flamer
Helldrake, Flamer

x3 Oblits, MoN
x5 Havocs, Votlw, x4 Autocannons
x5 Havocs, Votlw, x4 Autocannons

I am trying to find a picture still of his painted army.

Mission:  Emperor's Will (Primary- 4points)
              Crusade (Secondary- 3 points)
              First Blood, Warlord, Line Breaker (Tertiary- 1 pt each)

Deployment:  Dawn of War

Warlord Traits:  Nothing of importance

First Turn:  Yeeman

Mr. Bass puts his Emperor's Will objective in a corner under a ruin.  I place my objective in the same side of the table just in my deployment zone.  So 36'' separates the primary obejective.  The Crusade objectives were placed all in a line outside of our deployment zones, 12'' apart (this was part of the mission rules).

Preliminary Thoughts:  It is HUGE I got first turn as his Havocs and Oblits could utterly destroy my entire army first turn if need be.  I need to cripple him badly before the Helldrakes come in and roast my army.

Deployment:  I deploy my Guardians in a ruin with my EW objective.  Line my Beasts up on my deployment edge and ready to pounce on his EW objective.  Venoms, Raider, and Ravager spread out behind in case of being seized.  Nightfghting is a go!  he deploys his Zombies in the ruin on his EW objective protected by the Plague Marines in their Rhinos.  One Havoc squad on top of the ruin with the EW objective.  His other Havoc squad and oblits sit in a crater ready to shoot the shit otu of me.  Typhus and Termies are in Reserve.

He rolls to Seize..... Fails!  *sigh*

Top of First:  I run my Beasts straight ahead to launch an assault next turn on his Zombies.  Vehicles shuffle to get LoS on things. 
Shooting leads to one Havoc squad being destroyed totally.  The other Havoc squad ,llosing all 4 Autocannons (couldnt see his sergeant) and him losing 2 of his 3 Oblits and them failing Morale, but staying on the board.  Nightspinner blows a Rhino.

So a pretty damn good turn.  Mike's saves were very bad.  I rolled average, his saves just were not there.

Bottom of First:  He rallies his Oblit.  Moves his Rhino up and moves the busted Plague Marine Squad forward to try and block the Zombies.  He doesnt get far enough.  Shooting sees 1 Beastmaster go down.  His Oblit Snap Shots (from rallying) at my  Raider and strips two Hullpoints off from the Ass Can.

So I have lost nothing thus far, and the hurt is about to occur for Mr. Bass.  Voidravens can possibly come in and this game will basically be over after this turn provided I do what i need to do.

Top of Two:  1 Voidraven comes in.  It Zooms straight ahead in preparation of dropping missiles.  I Doom the front Zombie unit.  Beasts move within 1'' of the Zombie in preparation of charging.  Vehicles shuffle.
Shooting sees the Oblit go down.  The Rhino blows from the Voidlances on the Voidraven and a couple Plagues and Zombies die from missiles.  Posion shoots at the Plague Marines and leaves about 3-4 left in 1 squad.
Assaults see the Beasts crash into both sets of Zombies.  I kill so many at Int. 6 I cannot consolidate in at Int. 5 to kill them all (which is what I wanted so I can avoid the helldrakes next turn).  He can push up his 3'' and swing but does nothing.

So Mike is down to 2 Zombies, 3-4 Plague Marines on the table.  The Helldrakes are coming in and so is Typhus.  I am worried he can roast my vehicles and Typhus can backfield disrupt as well.  We will see!

Bottom of Two:  1 Helldrake and Typhus comes in.  Typhus scatter into my Guardians and goes back into Reserve.  His Helldrake comes on and looks to take aim at my Raider and 2 of my Venoms.  (I grouped them up!) 
Shooting sees his Bale Flamer shoot all 3 of the vehicles.  He does absolutely zero to all 3 of them.  No Glances or Pens.
At this point, he decides to call the game.  He says his dice weren't there (They weren't at all!) and this way we can go around and see how our buddies are doing.  I dont think it would have matter playing it out so, I agree.

10-0 victory for Yeeman!

Aftergame Thoughts:  I know Mike is a good player so I figured it would be a tough game.  His dice screwed him over and getting a great first turn turned out to be the tipping point.  He had no shooting left to do anything with and it would be an uphill battle from there on out.  I think he probably should have placed Typhus and the termies to try and deter the Beasts or draw fire away from everythign else.  I wouldnt have shot at them as they are not a threat to me first turn.  I would have kept the same targets, bu screening the Zombies ith them would have left them intact and havign to get through some termies and Typhus would not be an easy task.

Again, great opponent and great guy.  Mike would gather his dice in the later games and finished 15th overall!  So that is great!

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