Friday, March 8, 2013

BAO Game #3 vs Eldar

So I am sitting pretty right now at 2-0 and defeated two very good opponents.  My next opponent is a quarky looking guy named Mike Entropo.  My buddy Ray tells me that he won best Eldar player the year before.  I am thinking I will be in for a good game against another tough opponent.

His List:


x9 Fire Dragons,Exarch, Flamer Serpent, TL-Cannon
x10 Fire Dragons, Serpent, Exarch, Pike TL-Cannon
x10 Fire Dragons, Serpent, Exarch, Pike TL-Cannon

x6 Dire Avengers, Serpent, TL-Cannon
x6 Dire Avengers, Serpent, TL-Cannon
x6 Dire Avengers, Serpent, TL-Cannon
x6 Dire Avengers
x6 Dire Avengers
x6 Dire Avengers

So a very unconventional list, but one that scares me.  Fire Dragons get saves against my Venoms and can absolitely dominate my Beast pack with the flamers and meltas.  Plus knowing he won best Eldar Player the year before makes me think he is a very good player.

Mission: Relic (Primary- 4pts)
              Big Gunz (Secondary- 3pts)
              Warlord, Line Breaker, First Blood (Tertiary- 1pt each)

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Nightfighting: Off

Warlord Traits:  Won't matter

First Turn: Yeeman

So I deploy with my typical set up with the Beasts in the front and the vehicles behind, all spread out. 

Mike deploys 3 Serpents touching eachother (2 Dragons, 1 Avenger), and 3 Serpents trying to all receive cover from behind a tall LOS blocking pole.  He deploys Eldrad and the Avatar in the middle of the board... in the open... ready to be shot.

Seize: Unsuccessful

So I shuffle everythign around and advance my Beasts into the center area terrain piece. 

Shooting occurs.  I shoot the Spinner at the grouped up Serpents.  I do not hurt to of them but on the 3rd one I rend and explode it killing 4 Dragons and Pinning them.  My Ravager takes ain and blows another Serpent out of the sky.  My 3 Venoms and Raider then take aim at the Avatar and Eldrad.  They go bye bye very easily with no Fortune up whatsoever.  Turn ends.

I have no idea what my opponent was thinking deploying like he did but he felt the force of my army turn 1.  I have Warlord, First Blood and have wrecked two Serpents.  I am feelign very confident.

His turn sees him move the Dragon Serpent behind the LOS pole forward and unload the Dragons in front of my Beasts.  The other Serpent that is alive by the pole moves forward as well but doesnt unload.  The Spinnered Serpent each attempt to move.  The Dire Avenger one is ok.  The Fire Dragon one immobilizes itself (thank you Night Spinner!). 
Shooting for Mike sees the Dragon unload into my Beasts, as well as the two nearby Serpents.  When the dust settles, I have lost 3 Beast Masters, 2 Flock, and 2 Khymera.  LD is passed.

Still feeling very good about the game.  he needed to cripple the Beasts this turn but now I will get a nice multicharge off and hopefully destroy him completely.

Reserves are rolled and 1 Voidraven comes in.  I Doom the Dragons that were Pinned last turn so my Venoms can eat them up.  My Voidraven comes on and has a nice place to shoot at with the Serpent, Dragons and Dragon Serpent all group up and asking for some missiles to be shot their way.  Everythign else shuffles around.
Shooting.  The Voidraven aims at the Dragons with two Missiles that catch both serpents and all 10 Dragons and the Void Lances.  The missiles blow the Dire Avenger Serpent and the combined shooting kills 8 Dragons.  My Raider gunboat squad kills off the Avengers inside.  The Dessie on the Raider kills the last 2 Dragons.  My Venoms kill the previously Pinned Dragons.  Night Spinner shoots and causes an Avenger squad to fail LD and fall off the board.  Beasts Multicharge and destory both the empty Dragon Serpent and the other Avenger-full Serpent nearby.  Turn Ends.

So my opponent has 9 Dragons in an immobilized Serpent, and 3 squads of 6 Avengers left on the board.

He looks at the board and begins laughing.  He tells me he has never been so utterly decimated in his life.  He then says that he sees how the game will end and he gives up.  Victory Yeeman, 10-0.

So after thoughts of the game are simple.  He lost this game in deployment.  Putting his Avatar and Eldrad in the open was ludicrous and just plain stupid.  I got lucky on the Nightspinner blowing up a Serpent and Immpbolizign another, but still.... Dont put 3 Serpent together touching front ends like that, again just stupid.  He was nice opponent and a good guy. 


  1. A very interesting eldar army. Bar the deployment mistakes that could have ended badly for you. Well done on seeing his mistake and ripping him a new one.

    I want to try 30 fire dragons now.

    1. i thought the same thing. he could have easily done the same to me given the opening. and Eldrad and the avatar would not have been fun to get through with their Fortune saves.

      I love me some Fire Dragons. I definately want to try a squad of 10 as allies. i think 20-30 is not only accessive but very very expensive. Plus, they NEVER score, a very big hinderance in 6th Ed.