Monday, June 10, 2013

The Bugeater GT Review

10 days ago I went to the Bugeater GT and am still recovering from the two 22 hour drives we did in 4 days!  I first want to say it was a great tournament!  Tim and the gang ran a very good tournament that was ontime and very well maintained.  Below I will rate the different aspects of the tournament.
Bugeater Reviews:

Venue: A
Millard West High School is HUGE!  Great place to hold an event and the gymnasium had ample space for both the Fantasy and 40k tournaments.  It wasn't hot and musty like other GTs and remained at a great temperature.  It was clean and the bathrooms were tidy. A coupel times they ran out of paper towels, but all is well.  I would enjoy an extra stall or two, as they only had one, but it still worked out just fine.  The space between table was great as well.  There wasnt a line of 20 tables which would make it difficult to move around.  They had round tables between the gaming tables for people to put armies and display boards on which made things very easy.

Organization: A
We ran 5 minutes late on the first day as some people had to trickle in, but other than the most minor hiccup at any tournament I have seen everything else ran ontime and how it was supposed to.  Great job!

Terrain:  A
Best terrain I have seen at a tournament.  I like to brag that Great Escape Games has the best terrain, but the Bugeater GT rivals it.  Every table had ample terrain.  There were diagrams of how the terrain should be on a rond table, so if things got moved (which they tend to do) you can move the terrain back! 

Missions:  C+
They were simple and straightforward.  However, they were a bit boring.  All the missions seemed the same with Objectives/Kill Points/ and Table Quarters.  I like themed missions and missions with some flare.  They are simple and not confusing at all however.  Some people complained about the Kill Points and how you needed 3 KPs to win the mission.  I happen to like this.  It does favor low KP armies, but they dont have much of an army anyway, so the other 2 mission parameters hinders them.  I have a high KP army (16) and it didnt bother me.  Table Quarters seemed weird in the fact that units holding objectives didnt count for Quarters.  Talking with Tim and Roland (Head Judge) they said they would liekly be changing that for next year.  I was hesitant on how Table Quarters were scored (total points in the Quarter) at first, but after playing it, I like that my fliers arent useless and can contribute to the victory conditions.

Food:  N/A
I didnt eat any of the food so I dont want to rate it.  However they did have debate kids running around, taking orders and selling baked treats.  That was awesome and I took advantage.  Some people grumbled about prices and the food, but as I didnt have any I will not rate it.

Prize Support:  A++
Holy crap they gave out a lot of stuff!  KR Multicases (8 I believe), Fantasy Flight RPG books, Dice bags, Bitz bags, gift certificates.... All of of it was amazing.  I love the Best Army Medals and the plaques!  I liek the fact you can bring something back with you to show people and keep rather than having some money to a game store.  For such a small tournament size, they gave out more prize support than the BAO who had more than 2 1/2 time the people!  Plus, all the prize support wasn't just gift certificates to their store.

Swag Bag:  A+
I will put this in its own category.  The swag I though was awesome.  We got a DV model or models.  I happen to get a Chaos Lord, my buddy got 5 Cultists, and my otherb uddy got 3 Chosen, so pretty sweet!  We also got 12 BGT red/white dice made by Chessex!  We received 5 Poker Chip Objective Markers with the BGT III logo on them.  And my favorite thing, we got a BGT III patch.  That will be going on my Sac City Punisher Jersey.  Awesome swag!  They know how to do it here!

Contact:  B
My only gripe comes from the primer packets.  They had some misinformation in the initial packets and I found some of the information confusing.  I wish they could have came out with them earlier, but it is what it is.  I thought the emails helped with things and they answered questions promptly.

Friday Night Events:  C+
The only thing they had was a Combat Patrol and it wasnt bad.  They raffled off some prizes which was great!  I would like to see a narrative or Team Tournament or something.  High rating for raffle prizes and the Combat patrol was fun.

Opponents:  B
Most of my opponents were polite and fun to play against.  I had 2 opponents who insisted on arguing rules and checking over every little detail of everything.  It slows the game down and arguing rules like Look Out Sir! is very annoying.  That is a basic game mechanic and people who don't know how to properly play it makes for a LOOOOONG game.  My other 4 opponents were all pretty fun to play. 

Overall:  A
My experience was great.  From the organization, to the prizes to the tournament overall.  It was a great tournament overall and I will definately be in attendance next year!

I will be reviewing my games in a future post.  I will try and post the pics I have of the vent as well.


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  1. Sounds like a great event. I am going to have to lookfor events like this.