Friday, May 17, 2013

List Review Friday #8

So as you guys know, in 2 weeks me and two others will be setting off to the Bugeater GT in Omaha, Nebraska.  I am very excited as I need a break from work, life, and just in general a vacation.

The list up for review this week is from one of the players who will be joining me on the trek.  He will be playing Eldar and is in need of finishing his paint like I am.

Here is the list:

Eldrad- 210

x5 Fire Dragons, Exarch w/ Tank Hunters, Crack Shot, Fire Pike- 120

x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser- 95
x10 Wraithguard, Conceal- 396

Nightspinner- 115
x3 Walkers, Cannnons- 120
x3 Walkers, Scatter Lasers- 180

Shadowsun- 135
x10 Firewarriors, Shas'El- 100
x20 Kroot, x1 Hound- 125
Hammerhead, Ion Cannon, Disruption Pod- 140

Defense Line, Quad-Gun- 100

Total: 1836

So he has some room with the left over points to throw some upgrades on

1.  This list has a TON of shooting!  Double Walkers, the Spinner, the Ion Head, the Quad Gun, The Fire Warriors.... It has a crap ton.  If you are footslogging across the field, good luck!

2.  Shadowsun + Concealed Wraithguard= Unkillable pretty much.  Wraithguard become Terminators with a 2+ Cover save rerollable (Fortune) and Toughness 6 still.  The main thing that kills them is the Helldrake, still.  But, that thing kills pretty much anythign anyway.  A dedicated CC unit with a bunch of High Strength Attacks  can kill it, but with Overwatch and Target Priority, that should be a problem.

3.  Balance.  This list has an answer for everything.  Fliers will meet the Fire Dragon Exarch who is just awesome sauce on the Gun.  Also, Wraithguard are legit as hell at killing fliers.  Both Walker units can strip Hullpoints off or with some Guide action, reliably kill one.

Hordes are killed with the IonHead and Spinner.  Kroot can knock hordes down to size as well.  Not to mention the Walkers.

Mech heavy armies will meet the doom as well from the Walkers, Quad-Gun, and Wraithguard.

Terminators can be torrented down from shooting or hopefully the Wraithguard will be there.

1.  No CC ability.  The Kroot are not CC and never will be.  They might hold someone up for a few rounds, but they are weak.  if any of these units get into CC, they will most likely die.  This list needs to torrent things down so the CC potential is mitigated.

2.  AV 14 spam could cause problems.  The Wraithguard are really the only answer to AV 14.  I see 5 Fire Dragons, but I dont see them doing anything as they should be targetted early if running 3+ AV 14 vehicles.  Also, most things in Landraiders or Battlewagons are good in CC, so the Wraithguard shouldnt be able to just shoot the AV 14 hull with no difficulty.

3.  Troops.  Though the Wraithguard are tough as shit to kill, Kroot, Fire Warriors and Guardians are not.  They can be kille rather easily through shooting or CC.  And only having 4, it reduces the chance of capturing objectives and relies on objective denial and blowing people off objectives rather than capturing them.

Overall I think the list is very good.  Kroot can Outflank with the Walkers to disrupt the backfield.  Plenty of shooting.  A nice hardy "brick" unit.  He has an answer for everything, which I like.   There arent many lists that make this list shudder.  Triple Drakes could hurt, but I am confident that the rest of the army can be taken care of in time to deal with the Drakes.

I give this list a 9/10.



  1. When the tau came out the first thing i though of was shadow sun + Wraithguard, so i'm very interested to see how that goes. But any ap3 combat could be an issue for them.

    Good luck dude.

  2. I played him, and I got first turn. I knocked off 2 Wraithguard, and he then made 80+ 2+ rerollable Cover saves from the game on. Unfortunately for him, that unit is the only thing he had left on the table. But the unit is insane! 2+ Cover Save with rerolls is just bad. Plus Shadowsun is pretty legit with her Fusion guns and stuff.

    I personally would like a Crisis Suit Commander with the Twin-Linked system, the Tank/Monster Hunter thing, the Hit and Run thing, and the Onager Gauntlet. He'd be T5 with a 2+ and 4 wounds. Still legit but stops you from being bogged down in combat and still have a 2+ reroll in the front. And if a Dread or something of the like makes it to CC, you have a Str 10 hit!

    I like him more because I think Shadowsun makes them TOO hard to kill. No one without Ignores Cover or a CC unit will shoot at them because they wont kill it. So they just concentrate on the rest of the army. Wraithguard are slow, so its not like they will be on you Turn 2. But, I think he is hoping people will shoot it at first and then realize they wasted the shots. 10 Wraithguard in range of anything is bad news bears for something.