Monday, June 17, 2013

List I Am Using At The Moment

I will finish my Bugeater write ups in the next couple of days. I  need to dig out the army lists of the final players.

Right now, thel ist below is one I have played a few games with.  Overall I am happy with how it plays.  I have won all of the games except 1 and that was to Tau on Hammer and Anvil Deployment with Kill Points and me going 2nd.  Not a good combo, but alas, I lost by a single Kill Point! 

So here we go:

Baron- 105

x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100

Beasts, Claw Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Ravager w/ nightshields- 115
Voidraven. x2 Shatterfield, Flickfield- 175
Voidraven. x2 Shatterfield, Flickfield- 175

Farseer w/ Bike, Shard of WhatHisName- 155

x6 Bikes, x2 Cannons- 122
x6 Bikes, x2 Cannons- 122

x10 Warp Spiders- 190

x2 War Walkers, ScatterLaser/Bright Lance on each- 140

TOTAL 1999

I have kept my core the same for my Dark Eldar.  Still have the Baron, some Warriors, and the Beasts.  Ravager is a staple and the Voidravens (minus a missile each) are as well. 

The Eldar are a bit different.  I still have a Seer on the bike.  Now however, he has the Shard which gives him +2 Strength, Rending, and in Challenges he has Instant Death and Fleshbane.  He's base Lvl 3 so he can roll 3 times on the Runes of Fate table in hopes of getting Fortune, Doom, Guide, or Mind War.  The other powers I think are shit.  Making the Beasts Fearless is insane!  Theyre greatest weakness of losing combat because of IDing the Flocks or not getting Rends is mitigated.  Also, failing that LD 10 check on the first turn is gone as well!  Plus Fortune works for the whole squad now can be very frustrating for an opponent! (In the five games however, I have not gotten Fortune yet!)  The Farseer is beast mode and am glad he contributes to CC now as well.

As an aside, I see people that keep rolling on both the Eldar Disciplines and the BRB.  I don't think you can do this.  I have seen arguments for both sides and still think you cannot.

Can psychic powers be mixed and matched from the

and those found in the Codexes? (p418)
A: No. You may select from the psychic powers listed in the
Codex as normal or swap them for a number of rolls on the
psychic disciplines tables.

I realize the Eldar powers are Psychic Disciplines and you roll on them.  But, are they not the codex powers?  Are they not the "psychic powers listed in the codex?"  I believe they are.  I can see the argument for the double dipping, I just dont agree with it and don't think it is intended to be that way.  I read it as you can pick the powers in the Codex or you can pick the powers from the BRB.  I know Daemons and CSM have special rules, but their codex has a rule that they HAVE to roll on the God chart and then can CHOOSE to roll on the BRB.  But the Codex rules make them different from what the FAQ states. 

*** In the Eldar Codex (pg 70? or the page it desrbices the powers in the Codex) it gives you permission to roll on any chart available to the psykers.  So this is useless and doesnt need to be read.  I will keep it up as it is an initial thought and evidence i did think this way***
Ok done ranting, completing the list review now.

I have switched to Bikes in stead of the static Guardians.  Though Guardians got a huge boost, I have 2 static troops in the Warriors.  The Bikes work as excellent support units and last turn Denial units if needed.  They are durable and can put a hurt on units be in MEQ, TEQ, GEQ, or light vehicles.  They aren't bad in CC with Hammer of Wrath and the T4.  They can finish off small squads in need be.  Plus their mobility is great and I am now able to work down the field.

Warp Spiders were a favorite unit of mine last codex and 6th Ed. and they are even better in the new codex.  They put out a ridiculous number of shots and can hurt any number of targets outside of AV 14.  I like them for Anti-Flier, Anti- Vehicle, and Anti-Infantry.  They are extremely fast and can easily be placed on the board or DS in.  They are used to support the Beasts and Bikes and used to draw fire.  With a 3+ Armor Save they are resilient as marines barring the T3 and they boas a LD of 9.  They are a solid solid unit.

I round out the Eldar with War Walkers.  This spot has been reserved for the Night Spinner since 6th Ed dropped.  However, I think the Spinner got much worse even with the Strength increase.  I miss the long range Barrage at times, but with the pressure I can put on with the Bikes, and the Spiders, I dont miss it as much as I thought.  I think the Walkers with this set up are the most versatile and can damage anything needed to damage.  They can do damage to infantry of any kind, they can hurt light transports or heavy.  Plus, against fliers, the Str 6 lasers are nice to have and they can Twin Link the Lance if one of the Lasers hit.  They can be quite good against fliers.  Plus, without the Quad-Gun, I need some other potential flier-busting things in the list.

Overall the list I feel is pretty solid.  6 Troops with 42 scoring bodies.  I have a good amount of Tank Busting, Infantry killing and with all the parts together, I can kill some fliers with the Bombers, Walkers, and the Spiders.  The Beasts got a big boost with the Fearless from the Farseer.  I think I have plenty of threats and target priority can be difficult.  In my games, people shoot alot at the Beasts (for good reason) and the War Walkers.  Rarely are the Beasts totally wiped first two turns, and the Walkers take away someo f the big guns that would otherwise go towards the Venoms or the Ravager. 

What do you all think of this list?  Solid?  Critiques?  Let me know



  1. G'Day from Oz. I've played DE for a long time (10 years), but hardly at all in the last year, and especially since 6 th hit. I just cant get my head around how to make them work. That said, i really like your list, and you are clearly getting results, so well done!
    Some questions, would you swap out a raven for the CHExarch, lose the spiders and gain another ravager? or do u find the spiders just too good? the list has a surprising lack of lances, are u just not needing them anymore, or are they a bit of a trap to fall into?
    DE have pretty much dissapeared around here, so i have little to inspire me, and De list online are usually all the same, venom spam and blasters which just dont cut it.
    So nice looking, kudos on staying competitive!

  2. Thanks for the post!

    6th Edition has definately changed how I have played my Dark Eldar. I played Webway Portal DE since the new codex dropped during 5th Ed. Unfortunately that cannot happen now with the fail assault rules out of Reserve and the Portals themselves.

    I have tried tons ofl ists to try and find a balance I like. The above is something I have had a good bag of results with, but unsure how it will do against the highly competitive lists out there. (Necron fliers, Chaos Helldrakes, Necron AV 13 spam, now Eldar Serpent Spam) I have been floating other ideas around to see how things work and will be posting up another such idea i have.

    In response to your questions. I like the Crimson Huinter, just not more than the Spiders. I think the Spiders (with Guide) can be rather good at killing fliers. Str 7 is good against any of the fliers out there, not reliable but good enough. Plus the Spiders can go after more targets than the Crimson Hunter. The CH is very good at kiling fliers and tanks. Teh spiders are adequate at killing fliers and veyr good tank killers and infantry killers. I like the diversity they give me.

    My list does not have a lot of lances, you are correct. I haven't found wanting alot more than what I have because they arent needed I feel. The Ravager, Voidravens, Walkers, and Spiders are all good at killing tanks. The Beasts can wreck tanks in CC very reliably and I have no problem splitting off the Farseer, the Baron, and Beasts from eachother to attack 3 separate targets.

    I dont think "OMG NEED MORE LANCES OMG!!!" is a trap, but I think it is limiting. Too much Lances limits your ability to do other things. I find Eldar fill in the gaps of DE very well with their medium strength weaponry and can kill vehicles reliably along with the Lances from DE.

    I agree with you on online DE lists. Everyone runs the same thing... Venom Spam, Trueborn with Blasters (a unit I have never ran and never will as I feel it is not good), and a huge Beast unit relying on psychic powers. Not my style. I liek to think my lists are good while being balanced. I know some people think the foot Warrior squads are shit and should be Venoms. Those squad work great for me and enable me to put more bodies on the table while providing good supporting fire.

    Appreciate the comment and let mek now if you have any other questions!