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Bugeater GT 1st Day Game Reviews

So below I will review the games I had at the Bugeater GT.  I will add pictures to the post when I get home, as I am at work right now.  I will do brief synopsis with highlights of the game.

So lets go!

Game 1 vs David Arimond's Grey Knights

His list:

Inquisitor w/ Term. Armor, Psycannon

x7 Terminators, Psycannon
x10 Grey Knights, psybolt x2 Psycannons, Hammer, Razorback w/ Psybolt
x10 Grey Knights, psybolt x2 Psycannons, Hammer, Razorback w/ Psybolt
x10 Grey Knights, psybolt x2 Psycannons, Hammer, Razorback w/ Psybolt

Stormraven Gunship

Dreadnought w/ x2 Autocannons, Psybolt
Dreadnought w/ x2 Autocannons, Psybolt

My initial thought was that the list was very 5th Ed, but Grey Knights ALWAYS give me trouble.  They put out plenty of shots and with the choice to DS, they can be on me Turn 2.  If he places everything, I need to destroy the Backs and the Dreads quickly.  Everything in a GK list can be devastating to my armor and units so I can't assume victory.

The game was Dawn of War Deployment with objectives in each Table Quarter and 1 in the center of the table.  He won the roll off to go first and gave it to me, Nightfighting was not in effect.

The first turn was pretty lame.  I blew some arms off of one of his Dreads.  Unfortnately for him he got zero reserves in second turn.  I proceeded to blow the functional Dread up and 2 of his 3 Razorbacks. 

His 3rd turn, he would get in all of his reserves.  Not good for me. 2 of his 3 Strikes would scatter back into reserve and his Stormraven would get blown up by the Fire Dargon Exarch.  His guys would do minimal damage to my army and I would return the favor by killing most of his army.  He would call the game at the start of his Turn 4 as he wouldn't have enough units to contend with my army.

Crushing Victory for Dark Eldar!  25-0

I feel good after getting an easy win and am glad I could start the tournament off with a full victory!  David was a great opponent and took the loss with a great attitude.  It was really out of his control with the  Reserve rolls and it kept going downhill from there.  I would continue to talk wit David throughout the tournament and am glad to have met a great player.

Game 2 vs Chaos Daemons

His List:

Keeper of Secrets
Herald of Tzeentch, many goodies
Herald of Tzeentch, many goodies
Herald of Tzeentch, many goodies

x10 Plaguebearers
x20 Pink Horrors

Daemon Prince, wings Psyker lvl 3, other goodies
Daemon Prince, wings Psyker lvl 3, other goodies
Daemon Prince, wings Psyker lvl 3, other goodies

Aegis Defense Line

Going into the game I feel good about my win, and feel good about the matchup.  I haven't had trouble with new Daemons before and I dont intend to start now.  We were playing  KPs and he had a little more than half the number I did.  Unfortunately for him, T3 2W heralds are easy Kill Points and I have enough firepower to down his Princes.

The game was Kill Points with Vanguard Deployment.  Nightfighting was in effect.

He wins the roll off and again decides to give me first turn.  I deploy centrally because I want to be able to counter anything he throws at me.  He deploys in his far corner, bubblewrapping his Keep of Secrets with the 20 Horrors and 3 Heralds.  Princes will DS, along with the Bearers.  Not at all what I was expecting, but he pretty much handed me the game with this deployment.

My first two turns I move forward and blast away all of his Horrors and Heralds.  The Voidravens just did work on the Horrors. 3 Princes would come in, but 2 would scater into my Voidravens.  The 1 that would stay would cause a Glancing hit on a Voidraven.  I Torrent down the Prince and leave the keeper with 1 Wound.  (He had the FnP gift, It Will Not Die, and the increased Invuln, so super frickin' tough!)

He other Princes would arrive, but just kill a Venom.  I would table him Turn 4.

I would say my opponent took the loss well, but then I would be lying.  For starters, we got into a huge argument about Look Out Sir! and how to properly take the wounds.  Heres the situation:

My Voidraven shoots at his Horrors.  he has 3 Horrors before a Herald.  I cause something like 12 Wounds.  He rolled all 12 of his saves at the same time.  I told him politely he could not do that as he has a character.  However, if he doesnt care if his herald dies, then go ahead and roll all of them.  He argues that because they all have the same save, you roll them together.  We go back and forth and pull out the BRB and the FAQ regarding Look Out Sir! and show him and he still doesn't see the point in doing it "my way" which is also called the correct way. 

He wanted to Look Out Sir! after Wounds were calculated when you actually do it the opposite.  I told him because there was 3 Horrors before his Herald, he had to roll 3 dice at a time and then proceed from there before going to the Herald.  He pouted and finally agreed to do it my way but had a nice little attitude about it.  I tried explaining it to him that you can't do it that way for a nuber of reasons, the BRB beign the main one.  He pretty much just said whatever and continued to play.

Not a very good opponent, but a crushing victory for the Dark Eldar!  25-0!

So right now, I am sitting at a perfect 50-0 battle.  I feel good about getting 2 perfect scores and am looking forward to my 3rd round opponent.

Initially I get teamed up with my buddy Mark who I drove to Omaha with.  We talked with Tim and asked to pair us against someone else since we didn't drive 1600 miles to play each other.  Also, we were both 2-0 and we were promised we wouldnt play each other until the 2nd day.  Tim obliged and paired us up with different opponents.  Very cool thing to do and I appreciate it Tim!

Game 3 vs Grey Knights

His List:

Librarian w/ Psyker lvl 3, lot of other equipment
Brotherhood Champion

x10 Strike Squad, Psybolt, x2 Psycannons, Rhino
x10 Strike Squad, Psybolt, x2 Psycannons
x7 Terminators

Stormraven Gunship

Dreadknight, Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

A very small Grey Knight list and i was surprised it was 1850pts!  I am liking the matchup as the only big threat is the Dreadknight and I think I have enough firepower to kill it.

The mission was 4 Objectives we could place and Hammer and Anvil Deployment.  Nightfighting was not in effect.  I win this roll off and take first turn.

I deplyo centrally while my opponent DS a Strike Squad with the Libby and puts the Brotherhood Champ and Termies in the Stormraven.  He places the Strike Squad in the Rhino, combat Squaded and the Dradknight on the board.

I blow the Rhino, Pin one of the Squads and wipe the other 5 marines off the board.  I cause 3 Wounds to the Dreadknight  but could not finish him off first turn.  I wipe the board with him Turn 2 and await the arrival of Reserves.  Everything comes in. 

*I make an error in allowing his Stormraven to come in Hovering to avoid being Intercepted.  Mistakeo n my part and wasn't really thinking*

It made no difference as I tabled him Turn 4.  Funny part of the game was the Baron was locked in a challenge with the Brotherhood Champion (his last model) and we eneded up killing eachother as the Bro Champ used his ability to kill the Baron!  Great way to end it!

Crushing Victory Dark Eldar! 25-0

My opponent was great.  He took the loss in stride and didn't give up, which I like!  He was a light hearted guy and had a great attitude.  Glad we got to play!

So after 3 games I am sitting at a pretty 75-0.  i am hoping I can end the day with a 4-0 record and have a chance at winning it all!

Game 4 vs Zac's Necrons

His List:

Overlord, Scythe, Orb, Weave, Scarabs
Overlord, Scythe, Orb, Weave, Scarabs
Cryptek, Solar Pulse, Lance
Cryptek, Solar Pulse, Lance
Cryptek, Chronmenotron
Cryptek, Chronmenotron

x8 Warriors, Ghost Ark
x8 Warriors, Ghost Ark

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge


x11 Fire Warriors, Devilfish

Riptide w/ Ion Accelerator, TL-SMS

Whoa!  Pretty damn good list.  Lots of AV 13 to deal with, something my army with have trouble with.  If I can get into CC with them I can take them out, if not, it will be a long game.

Game was 3 Objectives in No Man's Land, with Vanguard Strike Deployment.  No Nightfighting, opponent takes first turn!  (Not good for me.  He almost gave me first turn too, but talked himself out of it!  DAMN!)

His first turn he blows my Ravager (dumb placement on my part) and kills some Warriors.  My first turn, I blow a Barge in CC with the Beasts who are sitting in a ruin.  My Quad Gun does no damage to the Devilfish.

His second turn he turns his whole army at the Beasts and kills all of them but the Farseer, the Baron, and 1 Flock.  I could not make a single 3+ cover save.  Literally, I might have made 3, but none on double out Wounds.  My second turn sees the Voidravens come in.  They each drop their bomb, 1 on a Barge and another on an Ark.  Both Pen, both Jinked away.  Both Voidravens then shoot at a Barge and the other Ark.  2 Hits, 2 Pens on each.... Both Jinked away on each!  WTF?!?!?!?  Quad Gun blows the Devilfish.  Blasters from the Venoms both hit but do no damage.  Farseer charges a barge and kills it.  Baron charges the other Barge, but does no damage.... Sad.

His 3rd turn hurts.  He blows both Venoms, and kills the Baron (first str 7 Wound I fail), the Farseer, the Flock, and a bunch of Warriors/Guardians.  My third turn sees a Voidraven fly off and the other take aim at an Ark.  Again, Jinks away both the Glance and Pen.

The rest of the game sees him shoot down my army and him sit on 2 of the 3 objectives.  He had his Warriors fully intact with the Teks and Lords.  He had only 1 Ark Left.  I could dislodge his Warriors from another objective as he made some obscene 10 saves on 4+ when 10 Warriors rapid fired his squad.  he woudl go on to hold 2 Objectives to my 1.  We would tie on Kill Points and Quarters.

Loss for the Dark Eldar 20-6!

A very tough loss.  A very tough game.  I can't control the Jink Saves he made and they made a world of difference.  Not making any 3+ Cover saves sucked.  It was a bad dice game for me and a good dice game for my opponent.  Not to take anything away from him, he played peerfectly.  I couldnt dilodge his troops nor get past his AV 13.  He made many 4+ saves at the end to not cause a LD check to potentially go off the objective.  Tough tough game.

At the moment I am sitting at 3-1 with 81 Victory Points at the end of Day 1.  Not too bad.  I wish I could replay the last game, but I can't and need to live with the loss.  It is a tough pill to swallow.

I will add the last 2 days of the tournament and the results in the next post!  I feel like this post is long enough... Hope you enjoyed!


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