Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crusade of Fire Update

So in my last post I mentioned I was going to be playing in a Crusade of Fire Campaign.  I posted my list in my previous post so you can get an idea of what I am running.  Not the most competitive, but can pack a serious punch against some armies while being very resilient.  Much more of a fun list and a list of models I can paint and take a break from painting and building for all of the tournaments out there.

For starters, there was 18 players who showed up to play!  WOW!  As we did flag placement, I was stuck placing last because on the 3D6 roll off, I got 4!  Yes 4 on 3D6.  So I was left with no territories that had anything on them.  However, Dave the organizer allowed me to challenge first and I challenged an Ork player who was in control of the 1 Hive City on all of the 4 planets.

His name was Barry and he brought this list:

Warboss, Bike, Claw
Old Zogwort

10 Mega Nobs w/ assorted equipment
10 Nob Bikers w/ assorted equipment
15 Gretchin

15 Tankbustas
5 Koptas w/ TL-Rokkits

Bastion w/ Icarus

At first I was worried because those Nob Bikers and Mega Nobs could just tear me up.  But I had first turn and allowed him to come to me.  He did and simply got obliterated.  Nob Bikers got a charge off on a 5 man Wraithguard squad and wiped them and then proceeded to be assaculted by another 5 man squad, 2 Wraithlords, and my Wraithknight and got wiped.  The 10 Wraithguard and 3 Seers shot and then assaulted and wiped the Nobs out.  My Swooping Hawks leveled the Tank Bustas as well and my Wraithseer kill the Koptas. 

I was fortunate because in the next game Barry brought 120+ Boyz and I don't know how I would have faired against that! 

Next game was against Amy and her Chaos Space Marines.  She is new to Chaos but definitely not new to 40k.  She brought:

Lvl 3 Sorc w/ TA, Familiar

5 Termies, Reaper, x2 Combi melta

9 Zerks
10 Thousand Son, Rhino
10 Cultists
10 Cultists

3 Oblits
5 Havocs, x4 Autocannons

So another army that wants to get close.  She came straight forward with the Raider and I killed in Turn 1 along with all of the Zerks and Kharn.  Her T-Sons would kill a couple Guard but then be bogged down with a Wraithlord for the game.  Her Termies and Sorc dropped and I dropped a D-Cannon on them kill 4/6 in the blast.  She called it early as the shop was going to close and there wasn't much hope to come back.  I gained a Manufactorum for beating her!

I am looking forward to the coming weeks and hope I can continue streaking (lol) and taking some more territories!

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