Friday, February 28, 2014

Genghis Con and What's to Come!

Two weeks ago there was a Con in Denver called Genghis Con.  I was told by many that it was a competitive tournament and lots of fun.  Despite the $30 entry fee, ($10 for the tournament, $20 for the Con Badge) I decided to play.  It was 1850 Tournament and I brought the list I won Guardian Cup with.  I will give a quick run down of my games as it was two weeks ago.

First game was against Kevin from 11th Co. Podcast.  He brought Seer Council.  This game was frustrating because I had to tell him countless rules he was attempting to play wrong and he kept on looking up basic rules throughout the game.  He accused me of not keep tracking of the wound for my Wraithknight and thought he did more than he did, tried Turbo Boosting the Baron with Bikes, and overall was just not very much fun to play.  Regardless, I beat him 9-1 and moved onto Round 2.

Second game I played a Creed Blob with 3 Vendettas and 2 Russ.  He scouted 1 blob forward to which I first turn assaulted (my opponent didn't think you could) and my Beasts ran rampant and he was tabled turn 4. Win 10-0.

3rd game was against a nice Nid player.  I hadn't played against new Nids yet and it was an experience.  My opponent was very nice and helped me with all the rules.  His first turn was devastating as he killed a Serpent with 8 Glances from a Tyrant, killed a Ravager with a Crone, Destroyed a Venom with another Crone and another Venom with his Quad Gun.  Over the game, it was bloody.  When the dust cleared, I had a full Wound Wraithknight on a Bug Gun objective and some Beasts.  He had 1 Wound on a Tyrant and a full wound Crone.  I won with the Knight.  Very fun game and glad I got to play new Nids.

Ass Con is the nickname I will adopt I got from a friend here in Colorado for this tournament.  So me and two other went undefeated and all of us would be in the drawing for Best General and Best Overall.  However, at Ass Con they do an equal split between Battle, Sport, and Paint.  The winner of the tournament had 2 losses but full Paint and Sports.  I'm sure her Sport were helped by played 2 of her relatives.   What a joke.  On top of that, they hadn't out raffle prizes!  Yes!   BUT!  You couldn't only win one if you lost a game!  Guess what?  The WINNER of the tournament won a raffle prize!  Like I said, a joke.  Ass Con will never be attended by me again, simply not worth it and simply the worst tournament ever.

So what is to come?

At Shieldbreakers, there will be a Crusade of Fire Campaign starting this Friday and goes on for 9 weeks.  Dave Goldberg, the head of the local gaming group called The War College set this up and did a great job organizing it.  I believe we will have 10+ people participating, so I am excited to play some relaxed 40k in a nice and friendly environment.  I am excited as it costs nothing and should be more of a fun atmosphere.  I am going to use this opportunity to paint some models and play a more fun list.  Here it is:

Wraithseer, D-Cannon- 225
Spiritseer- 70
Spiritseer- 70
Spiritseer, Helmet of Xellthon, Wraithforge Stone- 115

x3 Bikes, Cannon- 61
x5 Wraithguard- 160
x5 Wraithguard- 160
x10 Wraithguard- 320

x6 Swooping Hawks- 96

Wraithlord, Scatter Laser, Bright Lance, Sword- 165
Wraithlord, Scatter Laser, Bright Lance, Sword- 165
Wraithknight- 240

Not the most competitive thing out there but I think it will be tons of fun to play.  I think it can handle a number of things, but a lot of the good armies will simply shoot it down.  I am in the works of getting a FW order ready to purchase a Wraithseer, but right now I am proxying an old metal Wraithlord.

And here is some pictures of a couple things I have been working on.  They will be based when my Special Order comes in from Shieldbreakers for my Secret Weapon bases.

I will be working on building some Guardians for a new list I want to run.  But, also, I will be painting my army slowly for the CoF Campaign going on.  I ma hoping Adam Tricola over at Delusions of Grandeur will want to get a game in this coming week to practice for Adepticon. 

No tournaments I know of are coming up that I know of, but I will be on the look out!  Hope all is well and congrats to all those who went to LVO and performed well.


  1. Sorry to hear about your experience at As-hem... Genghis! I got best sport there last time I played (a year ago). Just how it goes sometimes.

    List looks broken, sir. :-p

    The army keeps looking better and better though! New color scheme is really working out for you! :)

  2. Yeeman, considering how much the T.O. must of loved having a female not only win the ASSCON tournament going 1-2-0 but bending all the actual winners over the game tables as he gave all the awards to her. Awesome, and by awesome I mean bullshit.

  3. Thats funny, I heard about this on the last 11th company cast. I heard Cody, and beaststar and was wondering if it was you. He seemed to have nothing but good things to say about you and your rules knowledge.

  4. I was surprised at the comments as well. They were true, I am pretty knowledgeable about rules and I run an unorthodox Beastpack based on the Inet wisdom. Glad to hear he didn't hold a grudge.