Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1850 RTT at Shieldbreakers last weekend!

So this past weekend the local store I have been going to for weeks, Shieldbreakers in Aurora, CO and played in a tournament.  Though the turnout was small (9 players), everything was allowed at this tournament!  Forgeworld, Escalation, Stronghold, Dataslates, Formations, you name it, you could bring it as long as it has 40k rules.  The turnout would have been bigger, but talking with the owner, a lot of people bailed last minute something me and him weren't happy about.  But, the show went on!

My list is the one I won the Guardian Cup with as it was the models I had painted and wanted to see if they would have a Paint score (they didn't) and didn't want to bring unpainted models to my tournament at this store.

Here is the list:

x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Masters, Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock
Ravager, Nightshields
Ravager, Nightshields

Farseer, Bike, Stone, Shard
x5 Avengers, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
x5 Avengers, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
x7 Warp Spiders

Here are a couple pictures of the new Avengers and Spiders for my army.

My first opponent's name was Chris and he brought Blood Angels.

His List:

Captain w/ Power Axe, Jump Pack

x3 Sanguinary Priests, Corbulo, 2 Jump Packs, 2 Powers Weapons

x10 Assault Marines, Thunder Hammer
x10 Tactical, Missile, Flamer, Power Weapon
x10 Tactical, Missile, Plasma Gun, Power Weapon

Stormraven, Typhoons, Hurricane Bolters

Aegis Line w/ Quad Gun.

He list had a lot of heroes in it.  But a very small and compact army.  I wasn't scared.  I actually even took some pictures.  They will tell you how the game went.  Unfortunately, they were the only ones I took as the other games I was watching Psychic Powers and such and did not get around to it.

Deployment Game 1
Start of Turn 2 after Reserves.

Chris moving his last few units.  Assault Marines and Corbulo broke towards his edge.

Turn 2, Beasts in CC, Quad Gun dead
End of my Turn 2.  Spider came in and killed Stormraven.  He killed a Serpent in his turn.

End of game.  His last 3 models Krak Grenaded my other Serpent.  Beasts ran down his Tacticals and Corbulos and Assault Marines.

Game 2 vs Noah's Daemons

His List:

Greater Unclean One, Greater Reward

x10 Horrors
x12 Horrors
Nurgle Prince, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Exalted Reward, Lesser Reward
Nurgle Prince, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Greater Reward x2
Nurgle Prince, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Greater Reward x2

Bastion, Icarus Cannon

The mission was Kill Points but there was also an objective that we could each place that counted as an AV 12 vehicle with 3 HPs.  If destroyed you netter 5 Killpoints!  A little unfair, but whatever.

First Turn saw me blow up the Bastion, and kill the Grimoire Nurgle Prince.  He flew up and doom Bolted a Serpent to death and turned my Seer into a Herald.

Second Turn, the Wraithknight ID's another Prince, I ground Fatey and kill him, and the Beasts take care of the Prince.  He Deepstrikes down with his other Horros and fails to do anything.  The GUO is literally on top of the objective so I can't see it.

My Turn 3 I kill all his Horrors and the GUO is down to a couple wounds.  For good measure I kill the objective, even though I had the game in hand.  Noah was a cool guy and knew he had lost when the Grimoire was lost first turn.  We continue to play for another turn, but the game was pretty much over.

Game #3 vs Mat's Seer Council.

Awesome, I get to play Seer Council in the 3rd round.  He had just dominated his other opponents but I was ready for the challenge.

His list:

Seer, Bike
Seer, Bike, Shard

x8 Warlocks, x5 Spears

x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Holofields
x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Holofields
x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Holofields
x10 Guardians, Lance, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Holofields

x5 Spiders
Mission was Scouring with 5 Objectives al worth 3 VPs with Hammer and Anvil Deployment.
So not as tooled up as it could be, but nonetheless still solid.  He did get Fortune and Protect.  I had first turn, but he Seized on me.  And that was when I thought the game was over.  I had deployed on my Deployment line and was just going to let loose into the Council.  But alas, I could not.
Turn 1 saw him cast his powers and get them all off and he Turbo'd around his DZ.  He blew a Ravager up and glanced the other twice, and glanced a Serpent twice.  Not that bad of a turn.  I move the Beasts up and cast Fortune on them.  One Serpent and Ravager combine to blow a Serpent up.  My other Serpent blows another one of his Serpents up, and my Wraithknight follows suit and blows one up as well.  Holofields couldn't save him.  I then Venom down a bunch of Guardians.  One squad runs off the board.
Turn 2 he moves up and Fortunes, Protects, and Dooms me.  His other Serpent blows a Venom up.  His Lances are of no effect.  He shoots and kills some Beasts and then charges.  He causes 17 Wounds and kills 1 Flock and deals 4 wounds to another.  I kill Lock due to Rending, then fail my Hit and Run.  My Turn 2, I kill more Guardians and his other Serpent.  He has around 15 Guardians left on the board.  I do nothing to him in CC.  He kills a couple Khymera and a Flock.
His Turn 3 the Spiders show up and do nothing.  He fails Fortune but get Protect.  His shooting does nothing.  In CC I challenge with my Shardseer and he accepts with his.  I kill him in the Challenge.  I then proceed to wipe 6 Locks and hurt the Seer.  He fails LD but I cant catch him.  My Turn 3 I wipe out the Guardians and the Council. I cant get to his Spiders as they are behind a wall that blocks LOS.
Turn 4 he gives in.
So I go 3-0 with playing no more than 3 rounds in any game for the most part.
I end up winning $50 and grabbing some Secret Weapon bases and some paints.  One person brought a Stompa and an Ork Mekka Dread.  Another brought a Necron FW unit that looks like a super Annhilation Barge.  Other than that, no other weird things.  I was really hoping to play one of them to see how I could cope with it.  But none of those people showed up.
Thanks to my opponents and Nate for a fun tournament.  There is a 1750pt tournament this weekend at Genghis Con that I hope to attend.  Need to iron out a list and paint a couple things if I want to go.  Also, a Crusade of Fire Campaign is going to start at the end of the month and I am looking forward to it.  I will be playing Eldar so I can paint up some models.  I think I will be playing more of a fun list with Wraithguard and Wraithlords and Striking Scorpions.  I think it will be fun.  I will post in a couple days about the list I am thinking of bringing for Genghis Con.


  1. Great report and congratulations on winning! its always good to see some pictures. I was surprised you beat the seer council so easily, i was sure it would be a major pain in your ass.

  2. I got lucky it was so easy. Failing Fortune was the key for him. Otherwise we would have stayed lock In CC for the game and I would have won anyway. If he had the Baron it would've been a different story.

  3. Nice one, my friend! That Seer Council isn't that good without the Baron - they just don't do enough damage in CC to avoid tarpits like your Beasts. Congrats on the win though, a very similar list ended up winning the LVO, albeit that he had the Baron :)