Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Colorado Gaming and Pictures!

So I have been in Colorado for the last 2 weeks.  I have gotten my wish and been able to get some games in.  A couple against an experienced Tournament Veteran named Adam Tricola.  We split our games we played.  He played against a 1750 list to help him prep for the LVO coming up in 3 weeks which he won.  We then up'd the points to 1850 and I played against his tournament GK/Tau build with my Guardian Cup winning list.  I would win this game.

This last week, I traveled down to Denver to Shieldbreakers Games.  For a store in a strip mall, it is rather spacious.  It had room for many more tables than were set up.  They have 7 built table with a ton of terrain.  However, they have enough space to fit double or triple that number.  I played 2 games here against 2 of their veterans.  One game against Salamanders, which I one handily.  The second against a Tau list built for tournament play.  This included 6 Broadsides, 2 Riptides, Some Crisis Suits, and a buff Commander.  He was also using the Tau Dataslate.  It was a tough game, but I pulled it out pretty handily by turn 3 and won the game turn 5.  Both games were fun and I will be returning on Friday nights for their 40k night.

A blurry picture (sorry) of their tables and people playing.
Picture of Shieldbreakers from the back of the store.

This space is usually reserved for Magic.  In the back you can see their walls with product

Upcoming Events:

January 25th 1750pt Tournament at Gryphon Games

No Escalation/Stronghold
No Forgeworld
All Supplements allowed
All Character Dataslates allowed

I am looking forward to this tournament.  I am anxious to see what the people in Fort COllin deem competitive.

February 8th 1850pt Tournament

Everything is allowed.
Forgeworld, Stronghold, Escalation, Super Heavies, EVERYTHING!

I was hesitant at first to go to this tournament.  I saw some people playing with the Aquila Standpoint and a Revnant Titan with be used I heard. I also saw someone using some of the Dataslates and other Stronghold configurations. 

I want to play in this tournament so I can attempt to win with nothing but things from Codex Dark Eldar and Codex Eldar.  If I win some money, I think I might pick up the Stronghold book.  I liked what I saw in it, and if tournaments in these parts are going to continue to allow such things, I might want to use one of them.  I do own an Aegis and a couple Bastions so I am sure I can come up with something.

So overall, I am a little excited to see the Colorado community embracing the tournament scene.  I am reluctant to say I will not be going to the Las Vegas Open this year.  I know it is sold out at this point, but I do not have the funds to go on such an expensive trip.  I know a couple dozen people going and I know it would be a great trip.  I wish all of you luck and hope everyone does well!

Now I have been doing some hobbying while I have been here.  Here is a picture of the completed Wave Serpents I have done.  I will be working on some Dire Avengers and my Farseer model in the next week or so.  For now, here are the Serpents. 

First models I have ever highlighted.  I think they turned out ok.  Still need to do some engine work on them.

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  1. Dude, those look pretty awesome! Good to hear you've been able to get in some games. I wish you luck at the up coming tournament :-)