Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crusading Through the Fire

My Crusade of Fire Campaign continued on last night at Sheildbreakers Games in Aurora, CO.  I brought the same list as before, and the Walking Dead continued to dominate.  My first game was against Greg Vergoza and his Iron Hands with Inquisition allies.

He brought:

Chapter Master, Shield, Hammer, Bike
Libby, lvl 2, Bike
Command Squad w/ 4 Shields, 4 Grav, Apothecary

5 bikes, 2 Grav
5 Scouts, Bolters
5 Scouts Bolters
5 Scouts, Bolters, Storm w/ Heavy Flamer
5 Scouts, Bolters, Storm w/ Heavy Flamer

Storm Talon, Skyhammer
Storm Talon, Skyhammer


Inquisitor, lvl 1 Psyker, 3 Skulls

3 Henchmen, Razorback w/ Psybolt
3 Henchmen, Razorback w/ Psybolt

I was intimidated by the list because he had so many unit and lots of them were fast.  Plus Grav is scary for by big guys!  Unfortunately for Greg, we played the Planetstrike Mission with me being te attacker.  This meant all of my units had to DS in and those that already had DS could assault the turn they came in. 

I ended up getting quite a bit of my army in Turn 1 and decimated his entire Command Squad with my 10 Wraithguard and killed 1 Thunderfire with my D-Cannon Wraithseer.  He retaliated with an Orbital Bombardment that killed 7/10 Guard and a Spiritseer.  The rest of the game though would go downhill for Greg as I would kill the CM and Libby on the Turn 2 and kill units one at a time.  His Grav guns didn't do much and he couldn't harm my Lords or Knight. 

Second game was against Kris and his Dark Angels/ Grey Knights.  He brought:


10 Strikes, 2 Psycannons, Rhino
4 Henchmen


Dreadknight, Teleporter, Sword, Hvy Incinerator

Libby, T. Armor, lvl 2

x10 Deathwing, 2 Cyclone Missiles
x5 Ravenwings Bikers, x2 flamers
x10 Tactical Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Rhino

This game started off badly from the first turn.  I shot his Dreadknight with my Wraithknight and ID'd him.  Then I crawled forward.  He lunged all of his stuff forward and shot everything into my 10 man Wraithguard squad.  A few missile and such killed some, but wounding on 6's and getting a 4+ FnP (from the Wraithseer) meant I lost 3 guys total.  he then charged with Sammael.  We stalemated each killing zero.  Next turn I cast Jinx on him twice and Hallucinated his Deathwing.  Many Deathwing died to Powerfist attacks!  And I wiped the biked and Sammel with the help of the Wraithseer. 

My opponent would then complain that my army was unkillable because nothing in his army can hurt the Lords, Knight, or the Seer.  He tried saying that no army can kill this and I shouldn't play an army no one can kill.  When I tried to explain to him that all I had was 36 models and the majority of models aren't very good in CC, he insisted it didn't matter.  Oh well, sorry Kris for having an OP and unkillable army!

I believe this makes me the only undefeated player left that has played more than 1 or 2 games.  I have 8 territories with a Hive City and Manufactorum.  I will work on grabbing more Spaceports and having at least one space on each planet.

In a couple days I will post the new list I want to start trying out for tournaments.  I am not 100% sold on it as I missing some units I have played with for awhile and have gained confidence with.  But, as with anything tried and true, I am bored with it and want to give other units a try. 

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