Friday, February 8, 2013

List Review Friday!

So I am going to start a new segment for my blog.  Every Friday I will throw up a list and offer my review on it.  Most of the lists I will throw up will either be a friends or possibly the new Inet list everyone thinks is the most awesome.  Being as this is the first one, I will review TWO lists. 

The first list is a buddy of mien who plans on attending the Bay Area Open and is going to play Eldar with DE allies.  Here is his list:

Eldrad- 210

x10 Guardians, x2 Fusions, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Cannon- 217
x10 Guardians, x2 Fusions, Serpent w/ TL-Scatter Laser, Cannon- 217
x10 Wraithguard, Conceal- 396

Night Spinner- 115
Night Spinner- 115

The Baron- 105

x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125

Ravager, Nightshields- 115

Total 1740 (He is unsure what to do for now with the 10 points)

Looking at the list, it doesnt seem like anything special.  Eldrad, 5 Troops, and some barrage weapons.

Digging deeper I see there is more than meets the eye I believe.  For one, the Baron will be with te Wraithguard, creating a nice unit that can hold midfield and threaten anything that is put on the board.  The Guardians could act as a support for the Wraithguard, bustign tanks with their Fusion Guns or finishing off units the Guard or Spinners could not.

My buddy loves War Walkers and I was surprised not to see them make his list.  But again, lookign at it, there is basically a squad of War Walkers.  The two Serpents make a pseudo walker squad.  Together they put out 14 Str 6 shots, 8 of which are Twin Linked.  These can be used to take down fliers or light transports.  They make for a very decpetive flier defense that people may over look.

The Night Spinners just sit back and drop Barrage/Rending templates on anyone and everything.  Where one is good, two is better.  I love these things and this particular friend of mine is the one that got me hooked the Spinner to begin with.  BAO will be runnign rampant with Guard blobs and these will reduce these blobs to ashes within a turn or two.  Sniping characters and if Doom hits the blob from Mr. Ulthan than Rending will be very commonplace.

The DE side of things help shore up the short comings of the Eldar.  The Baron help the Wraithguard more survivable with his Stealth bonus and provides the squad with a measily 2++ rerollable.  The Venoms shoot high Toughness targets (Nids, Dreadknights, etc) or shoot the Long Fangs/Devvies/Havocs.  The Ravager helps kill those targets that maybe prove difficult for the Guardians to get to or the Str 6 can't hurt.

I think flier heavy armies or The Helldrake spam will give this list trouble.  Serpents can go down with relative ease and the Helldrakes can decimate the Guard if they fart on them and cath em grouped up.  If there are only 2-3 fliers, this list can manage.  4-5 fliers it would be tough.

Overall I give this army an 8/10.  I think it has a nice core of 5 troops with excellent support from the DE and the Spinners.  Having only 8 units could prove costly, but i think al the units are capable of doing work.

Ok, so that is the first list.  Now the second list comes from Dakka.  This list won a tournament called Templecon.  Looking at the list, i have to say I am less than impressed but a tourny win is a tourny win.  You can see a thread here that describes the list.

HQ: Baron Sathonyx - 105 [DE]
HQ: Asdrubael Vect - 240 [DE]
HQ: Eldrad - 210 [EL]

Elite: 3 True Born - 2 Splinter Cannons - 56 [DE]
Elite: 3 True Born - 2 Splinter Cannons - 56 [DE]

Troop: 15 Wyches - Haywire, Hekatrix PGL - 200 [DE]
Troop: 15 Wyches - Haywire, Hekatrix PGL - 200 [DE]
Troop:20 Warriors - 2 Splinter Cannons, Sybarite - 210 [DE]
Troop: 3 Guardian Jetbikes - 66 [EL]
Troop: 3 Guardian jetbikes - 66 {EL]

FA: 5 Beast Masters - 5 Kymerra, 8 Razorwings - 240 [DE]

HS: 1 Cronos Parasite Engine - Spirit Vortex, Spirit Syphon - 100 [DE]

Aegis Defense Line - Quad Gun - 100


So from what I have gathered, Eldrad rolls on divination and hopes they get invisibilty or Foreboding and Prescience.  Eldrad join the Warriors behind the Defenseline to man the Quad Gun.  Vect and Baron go with the Beasts and the Wyches flank the two sides.  Jetbikes hang in reserve and the Cronos crawls upfield to distibute Pain Tokens.

First impressions... It is totally reliant on getting Inivisiblity or Foreboding.  Without those, the Beasts just crumble to shooting like always.  Also, Ledrad will be able to cast powers on the Beasts for maybe 2 turns after that their on their own.

Why Vect?  Fearless and Preferred Enemy?  How does he keep up with the Beasts?  This means you have to string the Beasts out in a long line so Vect can remain coherency.  If the Beasts make it to combat, vect wont get in for at least the first two rounds possibly three, not mention other Beasts as well.  The Beasts will stay in combat from being Fearless  but will take a beating the first two rounds.  You can feed the Beasts a unit or two so once you wipe out the rest of the army, you concentrate on the Beasts.

Walking Wyches I cant see making it past midfield.  They die to spit balls and should never make it anywhere.  Designate a Tactical Squad to each one, Rapid Fire the squad and watch them die. 

The Cronos and Trueborn are laughable First Blood and cant really contribute too much before they die. 

Any Barrage unit can kill the warriors and Eldrad along with it. 

I dont know how the army deals with fliers outside of the Quad Gun. 

Overall impressions of this is that it relies on getting Invisibility o negate fire from it first turn.  Without it, the Beasts crumble.  Helldrakes should just kill all of the Beasts.  Fliers can go basically untouched.  I dont liek this list.  I think too many factors come into play for it to be dominant.  I do think it could roll some horde armies on foot.  Some fully meched armies would give it trouble as the Wyches are needed to kill many tanks with the Beasts.  i think the Cronos is a waste and you do do more with the 100 points.

7/10 for this army.  i think it just needs to much for it to go right.  It it doesnt get the things it needs, it will crumble.

Let me know what you guys think of the lists and my impressions of them.



  1. Well that dark eldar allied force looks familier. You know my views on that yeeman, you suggested it to me more or less.

    The eldar part of it surprised me but I think it could work well. But is eldrad needed? If you reduced him to a farseer he could get a walock with singing spear. A bit extra anti tank.

    I dont like the dark eldar list. I agree with you about it being situational.

  2. Lol he is actually using my Baron model and my Wraithguard. He likes the combo and he rolls crazy good 3+ saves.

    He is most unsure about the Guardians because he hasn't had good luck with them in the past but they fit the versatility he needs.

    I thought that as well with Eldrad but there are multiple factors to consider.

    Eldrad can cast the same power (including if he miscasts) so fortune should go off for sure. Once that goes off, You could Doom 2 different units, which would help the Guardians or Guide the Guard if a flier is in the area. He adds versatility for any situation. He is T4 so Str 8 or higher to ID him instead of Str 6. And in CC his staff ignores Armor Saves. I think he just adds a lot more for his points opposed to a tooled out Farseer who can only cast two powers, and not the same one.

    1. You have a point about eldrad. Just a shame hes so expensive.