Friday, February 22, 2013

List Review Friday #3

The list this Friday is going to be a 1500pt Tyranid List.  This is a good buddy of mine and he is newer to Tyranids and has only been playing them for a month or so.

First off I would like to give my impressions abotu ytranids as a whole.  I believe in the right hands, they can be a devastating armies for many to face.  For some (DE, Eldar, Daemons, some Tau) Nids can be lackluster and not pack enough punch.  I think Nids rely on Psychic powers to be good and if those powers go off, their opponent is in trouble.  They can constantly make troops via Tervigons and can flood the field with units.  They can put out a respectable amount of dakka in the way of Str 6 and their Venom Cannons, most of which are Twin-Linked. 

They have a couple excellent HQ choices with the Swarmlord and a Flying Hive Tyrant.  Some game changing units like the Doom of Malantai, who can single handedly win you games.  Overall, they are a solid army and have been upgraded ALOT from 5th Edition.

Alright onto the List:

Hive Tyrant, Wings, TL-Devourer, Lash Whip/Bonesword, Hive Commander- 270

Doom of Malantai, Spore Pod- 130

Tervigon, Catalyst- 175
Tervigon, Catalyst- 175
x10 Gaunts- 50
x10 Gaunts- 50

Trygon, Toxin Sacs- 210
Trygon, Toxin Sacs- 210
Carnifex, x2 TL-Devourers, Spore Pod- 230

TOTAL: 1500

Looking at it, I like the list on paper.  I think it has many things going for it. 

The Doom is solid and hsould be an autoinclude in every list.  Too good and game changing not to take.  The Flyrant is solid.  Has some Dakka and can help the reserves he has coem in more reliably.  The Troops are a typical Nid build and can generate at least 6 troops, unless a Tervigon goes down first turn.  The Heavies is hotly contested and I believe he has done a good job with the Trygons and the Fex.

The only contention my buddy (Devon), I will stop calling him "my buddy" has had is that he cannot kill people's really tough and durable units or their Deathstars.  So what could we change?  First lets see what Deathstars usually are.

Most Deathstars have great durability and a good amount of modelsi n the squad.  They usually have some nice rules and do CC very well or shoot rather awesomely.  Though CC monsters are usually the norm.

So his list has some nice CC ability in the Trygons and the Fex.  The Flyrant is nice as well, but usually excells at taking out weaker targets and opening some transports up with its gun.   All three of the heavy choices are AP with high strength, and the Trygons can even re-roll both To Hit and To Wound.  I have a coupel suggestions:

Drop a Trygon.
Add 9 Ymargls
The Ymargls can come in via reserve and assault.  They can deal loads of damage to Death Star units with their Rending attacks, High WS, and High Intiative.  I think they add a psychological element to the list.

Drop a Trygon
Add 2 squads of 2 Hive Guard
Hive guard have the ability to shoot things they cannot see.  They are Str 8 and can do some serious damage to vehicles or models out of LOS.  Their main weakness is their range and durability.  However, they are always hgih priority targets for opponents and will draw fire away from your big elements.  Also, it will give you the ability to pop tanks from range rather than relying on CC almost exclusively.  Plus, with two squads, you will be able to target more units and have a better chance of having one of the squads live past turn 1.

So what do you all think of this list?  Can this be competitive?  Are either of my changes better than what Devon is running now? 

Also, feel free to send me an email with your list and I will gladly throw it up here to be reviewed and offer my suggestions to it.  Send to:

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!  I know I will enjoy winning the Twin-Linked Tournament on Sunday!


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