Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ravager, Razorwing, Voidraven Bomber... OH MY!

Excuse after excuse about not posting, but I have been really busy.  I moved last weekend and have been trying to paint with all of my extra time.  I still have a lot to go, but I have been churning out miniatures for the upcoming BAO.   

Alright onto the article:

All 3 of these units have a great place in any Dark Eldar list.  With the immergence of fliers in 6th, the two planes are more commonplace and needed than ever.  Back in 5th, you could have gotten away with running 3 Lance Ravagers and calling it a day.  I know plenty of people that still do!  Some people would run an occasional Razorwing here or ther in 5th, but i never saw anyone run a Voidraven... ever.

With Dark Eldar, there isn't much competition in the Heavy Support Slot.  Talos and Chronos are very lackluser and really have no place in a competitive environment.  So that leaves us with the Ravager, the Razorwing, and the Voidraven Bomber.  All 3 I believe have a place in DE list and bring something each of the other doesn't.

First up: The Ravager.  For 105 points you get a 11/11/10 Fast Skimmer with Aerial Assault (shoot all 3 weapon at normal BS).  You get all of the various upgrades for the Ravager as you would the Raider or Venom.  it comes stock with 3 Dark Lances (Str 8 AP 2, Lance, Heavy 1) or you can switch them out for Desinigrators (Str 5 AP 2, Heavy 3) for free.  I tend to run mine with Night Shields and Dark Lances.  Back in 5th it was a Flicker Field  because there was no Jink.  With 6th, because of Jink I switch to Night Shields.

 I know I am in the minority with running them like this as most believe a naked Ravager is best.  However, I could not disagree more.  I know most good AT weapons have 42''-72'' range, so the Night Shields won't make a difference.  But against those armies like Necrons, Grey Knights, Orks, hell even all Marines who tote Meltas or Palsma, the 6'' reduction in range is such a killer to them.  The look on opponents faces when they move their 6'' and find they are just within the 24'' range of their Multi-Melta and coem to find out it is truly out of range is great.  I remind them every time that the Ravager has it and I often even highlight it on my army sheet just incase.  I think it is invaluable against armies liek Necrons and Grey Knights you only have 24'' range guns.  Yes, it is situational, but in the situations that it helps, it helps... ALOT.

Second up: The Razorwing.  For 145 points you get a 10/10/10 flier.  It comes stock with 2 Dark Lances, a TL-Splinter Rifle, and 4 Monoscythe Missiles (Str 6 AP 5,Large Blast).  The missiles are nice to have and not have to pay for them.  The Dark lances are nice as well as it gives some diversity in what you can fire at.  The TL-Rifle can be upgraded to a Splinter Cannon for 10 points, which is what most people do.  You can buy Shatterfield missiles (Str 7, AP-, reroll to wound) or Necrotoxin Missiles (Str X, AP 5, Poison 2+) each for 10 points a pop.  (I think there is one more, I cannot think of it at the moment as I am at work!)

When I have ran the Razorwing (which I admit, I do not anymore, but have before in early 6th) I just threw a Flickfield on it and called it a day.  My biggest gripe is that its AV 10.  Bolters can bring this thing down and I dont like that.  Is it unlikely?  Yes... But 1 Hull Point here, 1 Hullpoint there adds up and leads to a dead flier.  Most people I know run them because they are cheaper than the Voidraven and come with stock missiles which the Voidraven has to pay for.

Third up:  The Voidraven Bomber.  For 145 points, you get an AV 11/11/10 flier.  It comes stock with 2 Voidlances (Str. 9 AP 2, Lance Heavy 1), and a Void Bomb (Str. 9, AP 2, Small blast--- One time use, and only scatters D6, but the full D6).  So VRBs are the same price as Razorwings starting out. 

I prefer to load mine with 3 Shatterfield Missiles (Str 7, AP-, reroll to Wound) and a Flicker Field.  I think this gives them the best utility as I believe the Shatterfield Missiles are the best missiles and a Flicker so I do not have to Jink.  Void ravens have access to Implosion Missiles for 30pts a pop!  These babies force Woudn tests... Yes Wound tests!  But they allow Cover and Invulns to happen well.  That is the draw back.  If they could ignore cover they might be worth it... Might.  My load out above is 185 points.  Lets see what you get though.

AV 11 vs AV 10-- VRB wins
Str 9 Lances vs Str 8 Lances-- VRB wins
3 Str 7 missiles vs 4 Str 6 missiles-- Wash to me... I get the extra Str and reroll, you get an extra missile
Bomb vs no bomb or TL-Rifle-- VRB wins
185 pts vs 155pts--- Razorwing wins
Not Bolter bait vs Bolter Bait--- VRB wins

I think the Voidraven Bomber is just plain better.  I will pay 30 pts for str7 missiles, AV11, Str 9 Lances, and a Str 9 Bomb.  To me it is a no brainer.  To others they think the opposite.

Overall, I prefer a mix of the Heavy slots.  I go for 2 Voidraven Bombers and 1 Ravager.  So I spend 485 points on average for the Heavy support slot in my DE army.  It is not much at all when considering you get great firepower and great utility from the units.  I like the lone Ravager so I can pop a tank Turn 1 and have some AT on the field for Turn 1.  I also think fliers work best in pairs.  Someone can dedicate all of their shots at one and bring it down.  With two, you have a whole nother threat to key on and their smashign through your army together.  3 Fliers gets cluttered I feel and doesnt give you a big AT presence on Turn 1.  Plus, it is a heavy point investment and if they come in piecmeal, they will be destroyed as such.

What Heavy support do you guys run for your DE army?  Do you agree with the analysis given?  State your case!



  1. Lately I am running 2 Voidravens or 3 Ravagers.

    One ravager is just not good enough to get first blood. Good enough at giving it away after trying. At 1750 I rarely have enough Dark Lances and bring everything else I think I need to make sure I get First blood without 3 ravagers.

    Leaving home without at least 2 Voidravens has been becoming more and more horrible on the competitive side of things as its pretty hard to dominate AND ignore 2+ Helldrakes or 1+ Stormravens just tearing everything up. Warriors on skyfire objectives just not enough by any means.

  2. Roll with 1 Ravager and take Vect and the Dias and you theoretically have 2 Ravagers and 2 Voidravens enough AT on turn 1 and if you take an aegis defense line...even better. expensive but it packs a punch.

    1. If the Dais wasn't the worst vehicle or unit in the game, I would potentially do that. However, 200 points for a unit that can't take any upgrades, is just bad.

      Can you explain how taking the Aegis Line is "even better?" I am confused by the statement and what you mean.