Friday, January 11, 2013

Revving up for the 1250 CoC!

First off, sorry for the delay in posts and material.  I have been very busy and trying to clamp down on a permanent job.  Hopefully I can stay where I am teaching now for the rest of the year, but that decision is not up to me!  Also, I have actually done some painting, I will finish up more models this weekend, and HOPEFULLY be able to post up some pics.  Just dont expect any Picasso or anything.

The first Contest of Champions is around the corner folks!  Big changes have happened from last year.  The biggest would be NO COMP!  for as long as the CoC has been running, their has been Comp.  However, Gary (the owner of Great Escape Games) has decided to get rid of it. 

This is not up for debate and however you feel is how you feel.  I personally did not mind Comp and I don't mind it really much at all anywhere.  I feel it is the conscious decision of whoever is running the tournament to do what they want with their tournament.  I am sure there are a great many who are very happy to see No Comp at the CoC and I know there is a great many that are sad, mad, or whatever to see it go.  I for one don't care either way.  Douchers will still be present, if not in bigger numbers.  The strong players will still be contenders each and every tournament.

Comp is supposably addressed in the Sportsmanship score where you give a score based on "how fun" it was to play your opponent and their list.  This is where it can get hairy and people will get tanked.  i for one will never and have never marked anyone down on their Sportmanship score because of their list.  I like the challenge of playing someone who is bringing the "BEST OMGAWESOME" list.  I particularly like seeing the new Net Lists that come to play.

Other changes include Sirus Chappell being able to play in the CoC now that Gary and Anonda are running the tournament.  I look forward to beating him up a little bit and making fun of hs 45 year old mohawk he rocks.

I still expect at the first tournament to be around 100 people.  I am sure Reece and Frankie from Frontline Gaming will be there if only to promote the Bay Area Open.  Doug and Mike from Wofl Brother will show up in force and be ready to lay some MURDER AND BLOOD on the tabletops.  And of course, the Sac City Punishers will be in full force to claim and hold our homefield.

This is the list I am thinking about bringing.  It is a mini version of my potential BAO list, and a list of models I currently have almost fully painted.  I think it lacks, but no worries.  I still think I will fare well at the tournament.  So here ya go:

The Baron

x5 Warriors, Shredder, Venom- 115
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x10 Warriors, Cannon, Raider, Racks, Dessie- 170

x5 BMs, x1 Clawed Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Razorwing Flock- 250

Ravager, Nightshields, 115
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield Missiles, Flickerfield- 185
Voidraven, x3 Shatterfield Missiles, Flickerfield- 185

As I said, I think it lacks, especially in troops, but i think I can make up for it depending on the mission.  I look forward to this upcoming CoC and I look forward to the new faces and lists that No Comp brings to the CoC.



  1. Its looks like some younger Wolfbrothers will make it over, I wont, and I dont know about General Oadius.

    Happy Murder!

  2. Well that sucks man. I guess I will have to just cause some more MURDER for us DE kin!