Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting Linked.... Twin-Linked!

All 6 of us from Sacramento went up to Nor Con and wrecked some face. Mark Broughton won the entire tournament with his flying Necron airforce!  He won this super cool gun that he gets to keep and can equip it to an Independent Character and use the stats for it in any of the tournaments the guys from Nor Con run.  the gun is AWESOME!   Big Ray Barrera won best Order General and Sirus the Virus Chapelle won best Disorder General.  I went 3-0 as well but finished 2 points behind Big Ray for the Award.  I however, did not leave empty handed!  I won a raffle prize Firestorm Redoubt.  I ended up trading it for a Wraithknight because the person which won it did not care for it!  I think I came up pretty big!  Thanks again to Matt and the gang for a fun event and I look forward to attending next year!

Coming up on August 25th is next installment of Great Escape Games’ Twin-Linked 40k Tournament.  Check here for the rules, Comp regulations, and the tournament info.  My buddy Ray is back in the saddle as my partner and we have a good set of lists to bring to the tournament.  I am the reigning champ, along with Big Matt Bess, so I would not mind at all keeping my 2 tournament-winning streak alive! 
So our lists!

Big Ray’s Eldar

Farseer, Jetbike, Shard of Anaris- 155
Warlock, Jetbike- 50

x9 Jetbikes, x3 Cannons- 183
x5 Dire Avengers, Serpent w/ Bright Lance-185
x5 Dire Avengers, Serpent w/ Bright Lance-185

Wraithknight w/ Wraithcannons- 240

My Dark Eldar

Baron- 105

x5 Warriors, Venom- 110
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom- 125

x5 Beastmasters, Fiend, x5 Khymera, x6 Flock- 250

Ravager w/ Nightshields- 115

Vengeance Battery w/ Battle Cannon- 85
Vengeance Battery w/ Battle Cannon- 85

So I like the Composition of our lists.  We have plenty of everything I believe in the list.  Anti-tank is covered with the Serpents, Knight, Beasts, Ravager, and the Battle Cannons.  AI with the Bikes, Venoms, Beasts, and Battle Cannons.  Fliers could give us trouble, but with the Comp rules at the tournament, our opponents are only allowed 2 fliers max.  I think the Serpents would be good against them or the Bikes could be Guided by the Seer and 9 Str 6 shots is nothing to sneeze at.

I am also happy to announce that at the end of the year, the Twin-Linked Tournament will be holding a 2 day event in place of their normal December tournament, called the Twin-Linked GT.  The GT will be essentially a 2 day Twin-Linked tournament.  However, swag bags, extreme prize support, Painting competitions and 40k Jeopardy will be taking place on December 6th, 7th, and 8th!  It looks to be a great event and I personally cannot wait for it!  50 spots are available for the event and tickets are going quick! 

The cost of the GT is $80.00.  Now this seems high when you first read it, but remember, it is a Team Tournament and the cost should be split among you and your partner!  $40 for a 2 Day GT style event is actually very cheap!  I will not lie, the swag and the prize support that is being given out is some of the best I have seen or heard of for such an event.  This is an event you will not want to miss.  If you attend the Twin-Linked Tournament next Sunday August the 25th, the cost will be reduced to $70.  Get your tickets!  You can call Great Escape Games at (916) 927-0810 to reserve your spot now!  Remember only 50 spots are available and 12 have already been filled!  You will not want to miss out!  Check Here to check out the rules for GT.  Hope to see you there!


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