Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Contest of Champions Results!

So this past Saturday the bi-monthly tournament called the Contest of Champions at Great Escape Games took place!  46 people were in attendance, much more than I expected to be there.  When the smoke cleared, Gordon Danke and his Grey Knights took the top spot.

I played Gordon in the 2nd round and was unfortunately defeated after he seized the Intiative on me and out of my 7 Reserves on turn 2, none came in.  The game was sealed pretty much at that point, but i would fight on and deny him full points!

Out of 46 I placed 4th.  I had a great time and Sirus the Virus Chappelle did a good job running the tournament.  Some of the missions even had some things in them ot make them interesting.

Next up, Nor Con 2013 in Redding, CA.  Six of us from Sacramento are heading up, possibly a 7th.  We are hoping to wreck some havoc up there and take home home the top prize. 

Wish us luck!

-YEE!   YEE!

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