Thursday, November 15, 2012


So this will be the first Blog Post here on Punisher's 40k.  I am Yeeman and I am part of the WH40k gaming group, The Sac City Punishers.  We are located in Sacramento, CA.  Our gaming store is Great Escape Games.

Our gaming group is dedicated to finding players who are interested in the game of 40k and helping them to become familar with the rules of 40k, possibly playing competitively, and of course, have FUN!  Sometimes the last one can be lost in the shuffle with players.  But isn't that why we play this game?  If you ask me, if you go to tournaments just for the prize support and to win, then you're playing the game for the wrong reasons.  This is a game.  Games are meant to be fun.  Is it fun to win? OF COURSE it is!  However, I think playing a challenging opponent and learning from your mistakes is much more fun than just curb stomping some newbie.

Alright alright alright, back on topic.  So I am hoping through this blog everyone that reads it will benefit from some of the commentary or tactics or army lists that are put out here.  I would much rather have this blog be about discussion rather than the "I am right, you are wrong and dumb and stupid and don't know anything."

Other SCP (Sac City Punishers) will post on here as well.... I hope. Battle reports will begin to stream in.  tactic articles will begin to arise.  I am hoping we can get some followers and start to drop some 40k knowledge on you!

So sit back and enjoy the ride!


-SCP Yeeman


  1. Cool, i can't wait to see what you have got to offer. IF its anything like the list you suggested to me, this should be good.

  2. Well hopefully I can contribute something! Hopefully we can get some followers and get this thing rolling!

  3. Aye we are a group that realy like to play for fun but no mistake thow we are a bunch of good players to. The bigest thing is we are here to help.

  4. Skari Here. I will be looking forward to this. Yet... were is skaredcast on your blogroll? :P we should to a link exchange.