Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Double Force Organization Madness!

This past weekend at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA the Contest of Champions took place.  This month had 2250pts allowed with Double Force Organization!  This is the first such tournament I have been involved in with DFO and the first games I have played a list with DFO.

My list:


x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x5 Warriors, Venom
x10 Warriors, Cannon

Beast Pack

Ravager, Shields
Ravager, Shields
Ravager, Shields w/ Desinigrators

Farseer on Bike, Shard of Anaris, Spirit Stone

x5 Dire Avengers, Serpent

x8 Warp Spiders

Defense Line, Quad-Gun

Not the best use of DFO but it is what I had painted and could use at the tournament.  In all, there was 38 participants at the tournament.  People from SoCal and the Bay Area came up to wreck some face in this month's Contest of Champions.

My first game was against Tim Trammel.  Tim is a great guy and we always happen to play each other in the Contest of Champions.  I believe this is our 3rd game out of 5 tournaments this year.  Tim brought a very fluffy Ravenwing and Deathwing combo list.  He ran two Command Squads (one of each), Azrael, some bikes and Termies, and a pair of Vindicators.  Tim is a great player and a great opponent.  He knows his rules and can really put a hurt on people with his tactical acumen.  Unfortunately, this game would not go Tim's way.  His army totalled 34 models while mine more than doubled his.  He was out-manned and out-gunned.  The game was over after turn 2.  Again, great guy and great player, it just was not his game.  Time would end up finishing 17th in the tournament however.

My second game was against one of the guys who came up from the Bay Area.  Anthony D'Amore brought Ravenguard with White Scars allies.  Unfortunately for Anthony, I seized on him at the beginning and his aggressive approach backfired.  I would kill both Thunderfire Cannons, a Rhino and all 10 guys, and limit his White Scars bikes down to the Captain and a couple lonely bikers.  A drop Pod of Tactical Marines would come in his Turn 1 but would not do anything.  I would clean up everything but the Captain (1 wound left) at my turn 2.  His Turn 2 saw 1 of his 2 Storm Talons come in but his other Pod and 10 Termies with Libby support stay out.  I would Intercept his Talon and kill his Captain.  He would call the game there and we would have a chance to walk around and see other games.  Anthony would finish 14th in the tournament!

My third game was against Grant from Zero Comp.  He brought up his mean Seer Council on bikes with 3 Farseers on Bikes, the Baron, 4 Venoms, and 3 Serpents.  Grant would win the roll off to go first and that would be all she wrote.  Once he had the powers up on his Warlocks, I had no answer for them.  I would go about trying to kill his troops and hope that we could draw if I could hold one objective.  At the end of Turn 5, the game would have drew with me holding an objective and he killing 3 of my heavies (Big Gunz).  Unfortunately it did not, and he would win the game.

There was some contention in the game regarding psychic powers and how he rolled them.  For all of his Warlocks, he grabbed 10 dice and rolled them all at the same time.  This is most definitely wrong as you have to roll them individually.  Rolling them all together lets you pick and choose which powers you need for the round and which ones you don't and would want to switch our for Conceal.  He did a multi-assault wrong where he consolidated in with the Baron which broke unit coherency.  It did not mater as the Baron was not needed to kill the Wave Serpent.  But, you can never willingly break coherency, whether it is to consolidate or not.  It is simply not allowed.  Again, not a big deal, but a rule thign people should know just incase.

Grant would go on to win the tournament and I would finish 5th.  Overall it was a great tournament and a lot of interesting armies made appearances.  Someone brought 6 Helldrakes.  It was awesome to see him not be able to kill the 2 Landraiders he fought first round.  15 Wraiths and 5 Barges made an appearance and finished 4th.  I would love to have played that army.  Definitely would be a fun army to face and see what it can really do.

All in all a great day of gaming at Great Escape Games.  Don't forget, the Twin-Linked GT still has tickets available!  Grab them while you can! Rules and Comp can be found here: http://www.greatescapegames.com/events/twin-linked-warhammer-40k-grand-team-tournament/  


  1. It's a very odd way for some one to interpret the rules for generating powers for a unit of warlocks, and defiantly wrong. Really that could have had a massive affect on the power of the unit. Not cool at all.

    Still well done on your 5th place, especially as you didn't seem to happy with your list. Keep up the good work dude.

  2. I was pulling for you to win that 3rd game but as we discussed before the game started, if Grant went first and managed to get his key powers off the game was pretty much going to be his. Still, you put up a solid fight.