Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What are the ODDS? Games 4-6 at the TLGT and my overall impressions

WOW!  Way overdue to finish these reports.  I have already gone to another GT and need to report on that one!  I have been way too lazy to post the pictures and everything so I apologize to my buddy Omegaprime for not posting this sooner.

Alright onto the games!

Game 4 vs Nids/Tau

Our opponents Jon Dyer and his partner had some nasty Bug/Bluemen power! 

Tyrant, wing, devourers, grubs
Command Suit, the fixins

12 Genestealers
12 Genestealers
12 Genestealers
12 Fire Warriors, Devilfish
12 Fire Warriors

8 pathfinders
Hive Crone


3 Broadsides, missiles

First Turn to us and it starts with a bang!  Wraithknight on the Malanthrope and he goes bye bye!  We then wittle down the Flyrant and the tiny bugs!  HE had infiltrated a Stealer squad too close and we first turn charge it with some Beasts!  Shooting is minimal for them as they have different guns on their units then what is said in their lists and what is WYSIWYG, so very confusing!  Regardless, tons of shooting and not much happens from them.  We continue the onslaught and push them with the Knight, Grots, Beasts, and the Mandrakes!  Everything is going down of theirs and it doesn't look pretty.

We end the game with a major victory and a complete table!  Much earned and 1st turn helped a lot!  Able to put wounds and such on multiple MCs helped seal the deal for later!

10-0 Victory for us!  Our opponents rated that I did more damage with the Beasts, Grots and Mandrakes! I am now in the Lead for the extra Marker!

Game 5 vs Ben Vaughan/Gordon Danke

Our opponents ran a massive Drop Pod list with Sternguard, meltas, Thunderwolves, and a Sicaran Battle Tank!  I am not 100% sure on their list but everything was either in a pod or on a Thunderwolf! They had about 60 marines in their list!

The game starts with them cornering us and destroying a Serpent, our Knight, and 2 Venoms.  With respond almost no damage.  They continue to wreck our face for the next couple of turns.  We slowly just erase a unit here and a unit there.  My Grotesques flee from CC with the T-Wolves and run off the board! 

My partner Ray even leaves in the middle of the game for about half an hour because we are getting our asses kicked thoroughly chill with some Wolf Brothers!!! I kept my head down and kept gaming.  Even heard Mr. Oade say that "Cody can come back and win this, he never gives up."  The guy he was talking to said he highly doubted it.

Units kept getting smaller and our maneuverability was key.  By games end, we held 1 table 3rd with my 3 Mandrakes (36pts!) who had killed some Long Fangs and the middle 3rd with our Autarch and Bike unit.

We won the game!  And by games end, they had their Sicaran, some Drop Pods, and about 3-4 Marines left!  Money in the bank!  We also achieved all 3 bonus objectives and got the Secondary!

Major victory for us!

Our opponents rated we both did the same, but Ray graciously bowed his head in shame for leaving me in the game and gave me the nod for more damage.

Game 6 vs Team Zoom Zoom

So we sit 5-0 and in control of the tournament.  Really we think only a terrible Sportsmanship score can do us in.  But we feel confident in taking this thing!  But we want to go perfect!

Zoom Zoom boasts many bikes!

Space Marines have 66 bikes with  chapter master, 5 TH/SS Termies and a storm raven!
Eldar side has Hornets, 12 jetbikes, a wraithknight and some other things, just cannot remember!

This game was very one sided.  THough I hate to say it, our dice were not here.  And Zoom Zoom's dice were hot hot HOT!  We couldn't kill 3+ saves or have them fail any of them.  It was rough and not worth mentioning.  When they looked at something it died.

A thorough beat by Team Zoom Zoom!

I hate to lose the last game of a tournament but it was meant to be!  We had a great run.  So... How did it end up?

WE WON!!!! YEE!!!!

Frontside of our Dice Bag! 
Backside of our Dicebag!

Our lamenated Certificate!

Our winnings!  That's a lot of terrain!  Thanks!

SWAG!  12 Dice and that is the extra Objective I won!

AWESOME!!! Great SWAG and great prizes!  I love the Dice Bags and that Terrain and Fortifications will come in handy!  On top of this stuff, we got a $150 gift card to split!  WTF?!?!?!?! Tons of shit!
On top of al of this, a banner in our honor is going to be constructed to show we won the tournament!  Holy Shit!  So much cool shit!

So I will do my review of the tournament below:

Facility: B
I would give it an A but there was no bathroom in the room.  Also, it was a little tight for putting boards and armies.  So hard to place everything everywhere.  But still nice and carpeted.

Tables/Terrain: A+ 
Some of the best terrain I have seen at the tournament.  Great stuff everytime I use it!

Prize Support/SWAG: A+
The top 4 won prizes and significant amount of it!  I could not ask for more for winning the thing!  It would be cool to have an even number of objectives or having 3 each, but those things are cool as hell and we could have bought more of them if need be.  Plus I love my dice!

Amenities: A-
Solid food for solid prices.  Also, having the PA system helped with hearing Mark a lot!  Also being able to drink alcohol really helped with the atmosphere!

Missions: A-
Missions were great, and the added bonus of the objectives really added its own flare.  The deployments were a little wonky and tough to do.  Plus, being able to have a first turn charge on a couple of them poses some possible serious problems. 

Overall Thoughts: A
Great great great tournament! Really competitive, great tables, great terrain, great fun, and had a blast!  I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who wants to come to a FUN tournament that isn't out of the book and has its own flavor!  Great price for 2 people and you get a lot for it!

Mark, thanks for a great time!  You did an awesome job and made the experience really enjoyable!  See you next year!

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